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Traditionally most of us use the summer months in some way to recharge, regroup, and plan for the future.  Whether we take a traditional school-based summer holiday, or just a week or long weekend to travel and relax, most all of us build in time for relaxation and reflection at this point in the year.  At CTA we try to take a few weeks to evaluate our work and our training programs with the intention of bringing a fresh perspective to all aspects of our work. This summer we are updating elements of our web-based  NMT/NME Clinical Practice Tools.

With a new look and feel, the "app", as we refer to it, now offers our Certification and online training program participants the ability to track progress and make notes within the application.  We believe that this updated version enhances user experience and better supports our colleagues - so that they, in their brief or extended moments of summer reflection, can re-engage with training and clinical practice in a more efficient way.  
Inaugural NMT Symposium Overwhelming Success 

It's hard to believe that after a year and half of preparation, the 2014 Inaugural NMT Symposium, hosted by CTA and Hull Services of Calgary, has now come and gone - and we are thrilled to report that by all accounts, the event was a huge success!  We welcomed 450 delegates to beautiful Banff, Alberta for three days of training and community building. According to one attendee, "This was a top-notch, world-class conference... I attend lots of them and this was probably the best that I ever attended", and from another, "I haven't been to a better conference. The atmosphere was amazing, the information was thought provoking, I felt a part of the group, the food was fabulous. This was such an incredible effort. Thank you for the experience!" Perhaps the most meaningful compliment we received, though, was from one participant who remarked that the event "had a sense of simplicity I wish could continue - felt like a big family of folk who have been serving a population in such need...It was an emotional experience just being all under the same roof with people I may never see again but who provided me with the energy to keep going."  Our greatest hope was to bring our NMT community together and provide time and space for us to meet, face to face, to share ideas and to energize each other to continue doing what we all do - help children and families in need.  Thank you to everyone at Hull who spent so much of their time and energy in working with us to make this a great experience for all, and a very special thanks to Emily Perry & Jana Rosenfelt of the CTA and Cindy Daigle and Emily Wang at Hull for all of their leadership, creativity and hard work!  We are so thankful to each and every delegate for coming, and we look forward to continuing all the conversations that began and friendships that were formed for years to come. 

New ChildTrauma Academy Free Resources for Professionals and Caregivers                          
Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog Study Guide
The Boy Raised as a Dog by Dr. Bruce Perry has been the inspiring text for many schools and teachers who have begun CTA's Neurosequential Model in Education Trainings, and many of those participating in our NME Training programs are familiar with the Book Study Guide developed by NME Project Director Steve Graner for Dr. Perry's The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog.  This Study Guide is now available to download free from the ChildTrauma Academy website. Recognizing the consistent buy-in this book brings, we have created a
This Study Guide, written by teachers, for teachers, gives educators a chance to apply the stories and truths of Dr. Perry's work to the everyday classroom. The Study includes both questions and sample answers that are designed to stimulate discussion and provide an educational focus as staff members read and ponder the poignant stories Dr. Perry shares.  To download the free Study Guide, click here.  
Three CTA Press Articles Now Available in Spanish
Were pleased to announce that three of our most popular CTA Press articles are now available in both English and Spanish and are free to download from the Articles Library on our website.  Many thanks to our colleague Silvina Rearte for her Spanish translation work. Click on each title below to view the full article in Spanish.  

Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children: Consequences of Emotional Neglect in Childhood Perry, B.D. Bonding and attachment in maltreated children: Consequences of emotional neglect in childhood  CTA  Parent and Caregiver Education Series  Volume 1: Issue 3, ChildTrauma Academy Press  1999

Helping Traumatized Children - A Brief Overview for Caregivers Perry, B.D.  Helping traumatized children: A brief overview for caregivers  CTA Parent and Caregiver Education Series Volume 1:  Issue 5, ChildTrauma Academy Press, 1999


The Cost of Caring: Understanding and Preventing Secondary TraWeumatic Stress Perry, B.D.  The cost of caring: Understanding and preventing secondary traumatic stress when working with traumatized and maltreated children CTA Parent and Caregiver Education Series  Volume 2: Issue 7, ChildTrauma Academy Press, 2014.

The 2014 - 15 School Year is just around the corner!
For many children, this will be their first experience going to school... and for others, they will be attending a school new to them!  We all know that change typically brings with it anxiety!
CTA offers a wonderful transitional tool to help prepare children!  Our Photo Books are simple, hands-on activities that help to reduce children's anticipatory anxiety around new experiences and change. 
Children love assembling their Photo Books -- and in doing so, prepare themselves to transition to their new school, new home or new experience!
Based on neurodevelopmental principles, these photo albums give children a chance to become familiar with the new faces and places they will see BEFORE that first day. By the time that first day arrives (be it school, a new home or a new destination), new faces and settings will feel more familiar. Right from the start, children will feel calmer and more confident -- essentially ready to take full advantage of what's to come!
There are three types of Photo Books:  "My New School,"   "My New Home,"  and "My Trip"

Disposable cameras may also be added, and each keepsake photo album includes specific questions designed to get children talking about the experience as well as suggested activities to help ease their transition.  Order early as this tool is designed to be used IN ADVANCE of that big first day!

Want more NMT Online Case-based Training Series?
Consider enrolling in our Early Childhood Bundle!
Our NMT Case-Based Trainings are online, clinical case discussions led by Dr. Bruce Perry where he teaches NMT principles and utilizes our NMT Clinical Practice Tools.
     Our Early Childhood Bundle contains 7 recordings of live sessions: an introductory recording and 6 case sessions; each recording is approximately 90 minutes in length and can be stopped and started at your convenience. Recording links are accessible for one year from training onset. Materials including a case abstract and NMT Metric report are included for each of the 6 cases.

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