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Since its original configuration over 20 years ago, The ChildTrauma Academy has been a collaborative, multi-institutional organization.  Currently the CTA has dozens of institutional and hundreds of individual relationships across multiple countries, systems and professions.  The learning process is bi-directional.  Our partners teach us - and we continue to share those learnings across the wider CTA network.  This month our Inaugural NMT Symposium - co-sponsored by our Flagship Partner in Canada, Hull Services - will be an opportunity to continue to build and strengthen that learning network.  We feel fortunate to have so many wonderful partners and colleagues - and we are very proud of the innovations in treatment and service they are developing.  Thank all of you for your interest and ongong support. 
NMT Inaugural Symposium Preview


In just one week CTA and Hull Services will welcome 450 professionals from 9 countries, 24 States, and 6 Canadian Provinces for our first ever gathering dedicated specifically to learning and collaboration around the Neurosequential Model. The 2014 Inaugural Symposium agenda offers delegates daily keynotes by Dr. Perry, 9 workshops and 35 breakout sessions. We are also pleased to offer several options for delegates to connect informally - through experiential activities, Thought-Leader discussion groups, and dinner meetings.  It is our sincere hope that this symposium will help foster the strong relationships and communication necessary to truly better the lives of children and families through the shared vision and language of the neurosequential model.

NMT Partner Sites Receives Media Attention
Two of our NMT Partner Sites have received recent media attention for their work with children and families, largely based on their applications of the Neurosequential Model.    
     The Village Network in Smithville, OH was recently featured in an article by The Columbus Dispatch titled "Child-Welfare Agencies Offer Targeted Care to Troubled Kids
."  The article quotes The Village Network's Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Dave Paxton, saying 
" 'We're celebrating' " because the recorded number of restraints at their Knox County Children's Resource Center has dropped from a high of 217 in 2008 to just two so far in 2014. "Paxton said that much of the turnaround is rooted in neurobiology. Over the past few years, agency staff members have been trained to identify and zero in on ways in which the children's traumatic experiences - abuse, neglect, prenatal drug exposure and other horrors - might have altered their developing brains...Village Network is among a growing number of agencies nationwide using a trauma-based therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Bruce Perry and the ChildTrauma Academy in Houston."

     The Village Network just recently completed the full 2-year NMT Training Certification Process. We are very proud of the great work they are doing not only in their own programs but also in sharing NMT principles in their region and throughout Ohio.

     MSV LogoSimilarly, Mount Saint Vincent Home, an NMT Flagship Site in Denver, CO was recently highlighted in a Denver Post article "New Thinking on Brain-Science Could Help Foster Kids."  The article discusses the way in which Mount Saint Vincent is shifting away from prescribing psychotropic medications for children. "The treatment center transitioned to trauma-informed therapy based on brain science five years ago, moving away from a consequence-based model. And in recent years, therapists at Mount Saint Vincent are learning to resist the seduction of fast-acting pills - and push back against psychiatrists willing to prescribe them. 'It's the quick-fix idea,' said clinical director Kirk Ward. 'We think there is something magical about pills. We struggle with that even here.'  The article continues to describe MSV's current approach to treatment based on the Neurosequential Model: "At Mount Saint Vincent, children's treatment begins with an evaluation of their brains, based on a system developed by Houston-based ChildTrauma Academy."   


Recent Presentations by Dr. Perry Available on YouTube
In addition to the recent newspaper articles
media attention to the CTA's Neurosequential Model and the success our Partner Sites are having through it's application in their programs, two new videos of Dr. Perry have been added to YouTube in the past month.  One video, approximately 1-hour long, is taken from Dr. Perry's April visit to Franklin County, Ohio, where he spent three days talking to a variety of groups about the impact of adverse experiences on child development and the Neurosequential Model.  The YouTube post is taken specifically from Dr. Perry's April 21 address to the Columbus Metropolitan Club, a community group whose mission is to connect people and ideas through community conversation.
   The National Council of Behavioral Health, a 2000+ member organization that advocates for policies that ensure people with mental health and substance use problems can access comprehensive healthcare services,  has also posted a recent presentation by Dr. Perry from their National Conference in early May in Washington D.C.  In this 1-hour video, Dr. Perry discusses the ideas behind his most recent book Born for Love: Why Empathy is Essential - and Endangered.  CTA and Dr. Perry thank both of these groups for hosting him and for posting these videos on YouTube.  To view these videos, visit the CTA Facebook page here.

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Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
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