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Symposium Updates
UMCH Family Services Joins Site Certification Group
CTA Fellows Training Around the World
Our inaugural NMT Symposium in Banff is drawing ever near. 
Planning this event with our partners at Hull Services has been an exciting process. We are paying close attention to the delegate experience -- being careful to offer formal educational experiences that are engaging, structured, and informative as well as informal opportunities for delegates to connect. This Symposium will provide the NMT community with an incredible opportunity to meet face to face, share their knowledge and creativity with each other, and form new relationships that will flourish for years to come.  
We are fast approaching capacity -- so if you are planning to attend, please do register at this time.
Updates on the NMT Inaugural Symposium 


We are just two months away from the NMT Inaugural Symposium in Banff, Alberta!  The event is so-sponsored by The ChildTrauma Academy and Hull Services of Calgary and will take place at the Banff Centre June 10 - 12.  The response to this event has been outstanding, and at this time we have a very limited number of spaces still available.  

     We are very excited about the speakers who will be presenting.  Dr. Bruce Perry will provide daily keynotes and Featured Speakers including Dr. Kristie Brandt, Dr. Stuart Ablon, Dr. Chris Wilkes, Dr. Frank MacMaster, Dr. Gene Griffin, Dr. George Davis, Dr. Emily Wang, Annette Jackson, Steve Graner, Marti Smith, and Denise Manderson will provide concurrent workshops on a wide variety of NMT-related topics.  View Track Titles and Descriptions here.  

     Very soon delegates will be able to access a new interactive event website where they can register for Symposium sessions including Featured Workshops and Breakout Sessions as well communicate with other attendees.

      If you are interested in attending, visit the Symposium website to learn more today!  Space is limited, and we anticipate selling out in the coming weeks.  We hope you can join us for this amazing opportunity to further learning around the Neurosequential Model as well as meet and collaborate with our network of colleagues from around the world.   


UMCH Ohio Begins Phase I of Site Certification Training Program

The ChildTrauma Academy is very excited to welcome UMCH Family Services to our Site Training Certification Program.  They are a ministry of the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, committed to providing faith-based children's and family mental health treatment through a multidisciplinary approach that begins with a safe place, leading to a child's emotional safe space. UMCH Family Services, formerly United Methodist Children's Home, began in 1911 as an orphanage in Worthington, Ohio and has, ever since, been dedicated to caring for Ohio's children and their families. 

     UMCH serves children and families primarily through three programs: Treatment Foster Care, Adoption and Post Adoption and Family Mental Health Services. Their team of highly qualified and caring professionals are dedicated to providing every child they serve with the best possible opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

     According to Beth Gerber, Director of Wesley Family Services at UMCH, "Many of our clients have suffered adverse experiences in their lives.  To appropriately address the ramification of the presenting problems, the UMCH staff identified the goal to become trauma informed care specialists and agency. It was evident our clinical approach must incorporate appropriate assessments, interventions and the child's community.  UMCH Family Services believes this is best achieved with evidenced-based practices. When Sean Reilly, UMCH Family Services Executive Director, learned about the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, he immediately determined that this is the evidenced based practice [needed] for the staff to meet our goal. To achieve the goal we have committed to train and certify our staff in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics.  This unique and dynamic model provides the global training and capacity-building components for our agency to become a trauma-informed-care agency.  The intense and collaborative learning community is a rich environment leading to the certification of our staff to meet the client's individual needs."

Learn more about UMCH by exploring their full website here.  
CTA Fellows Providing Trainings Across the Globe Gene Griffin
This past month, CTA's Director of Research Dr. Gene Griffin traveled to Australia to provide presentations for one of our NMT Flagship Sites Berry Street Take Two and to speak at the Responsive Pathways for Vulnerable Children Conference sponsored by Criterion Conferences in Sydney, Australia.
      Dr. Griffin's trainings for Berry Street Take Two included four full-day events including days in Melbourne and Sydney that focused on Working with High Risk Adolescents, exploring implications from both theoretical neuroscience as well as actual practice.  While in Sydney, Dr. Griffin also spoke on Australian radio to 774 ABC Melbourne's Rafael Epstein about working with high risk adolescents. Dr Griffin spoke about his background, work and how researchers have made great strides in understanding brain development, particularly regarding adolescence.  Rafael and Gene took a number of talk back calls and text messages, and the interview was very accessible and well received.  It was fantastic coverage for the issues that many of our young people are struggling with.  To listen to the full interview, click here.  
Did You Know...?
CTA Fellows provide excellent trainings on a wide variety of topics related to child development, the impact of trauma, abuse, and neglect, The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, The Neurosequential Model in Education, attachment, play therapy, and domestic violence among others.  If you are interested in having a CTA Fellow speak at an upcoming event, please let us know.  You can view their biographies on our website by clicking here.  
Next month we will share information about our upcoming Fall 2014 NMT Case-based Training Series.  Stay tuned for updates on the schedule and how to register!
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