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                 March 2014 Newsletter



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New SevenSlideSeries Video
Buckeye Ranch Joins Site Certification Group
Hull Services Recognized as Best Practices Provider
Each month we are excited to bring you updates about our work including our expanding group of CTA Fellows and NMT Partner Sites. And indeed, we are very pleased in this issue to highlight one of our NMT Partner Sites, The Buckeye Ranch. This is a well-established organization doing fantastic work in central Ohio; take just a moment to learn more about their efforts to help improve the lives of the children and families they work with. We are also pleased to share the recent success and recognition of NMT Flagship Site Hull Services, recently named one of only three "Best Practice Sites" in Alberta.  We continue to expand the resources on our You Tube Channel.  This month we added our fourth installment to our SevenSlideSeries.  And finally, we'd be remiss to mention that we are all hard at work finalizing plans for the upcoming NMT Inaugural Symposium this June.  We are very excited about this event and hope that you are making plans to attend. See the closing remarks in this issue for more information and a link to learn more and register. We hope to see you there!
New Video in CTA's SevenSlideSeries Now Available on YouTube


The fourth installment in our SevenSlideSeries - State Dependent Functioning - is now available on The ChildTrauma Academy's YouTube Channel.  The SevenSlideSeries is produced by The ChildTrauma Academy and Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.


"State Dependent Functioning" is a brief video that highlights the importance of understanding how stress and distress influence the way we think, feel and act.

The SevenSlideSeries is comprised of free, brief clips (less than ten minutes each), focusing on a specific concept essential to understanding the brain, trauma and maltreatment, brain development and a host of topics useful for clinicians, educators, caregivers and parents.  



Ohio's Buckeye Ranch Working to Develop Trauma-Informed Workforce of 500+ Employees

The Buckeye Ranch, one of CTA's newest NMT Training Certification Partners, is a private, non-profit provider that has been serving children and families in central Ohio and beyond for over 50 years.  Initially a residential placement for 12 adolescent boys, their 90-bed residential facility currently provides treatment for both boys and girls up to age 18 in either secure Intensive Care or in the less-restrictive Open Campus. They have expanded their continuum of services to include home and office-based therapies, day treatment alternative school programs, foster care, and child welfare. Additionally, they have specialized programming such as transitional living housing and services for youth who have aged out of the child welfare system, outreach and treatment for Somali families, equestrian therapy, and supervised visitation and exchange program. The Buckeye Ranch serves over 2800 children annually with sites in seven locations and foster homes in almost half of all Ohio counties.


Among their Core Values is a commitment to family-centered treatment whenever possible. They take a strengths-based approach in their efforts to engage parents and caregivers and recognize that many parents have faced their own challenges with early childhood adversity. As they move forward with NMT Training Certificaiton, they are committed to increasing their ability to work successfully with families that have a history of multi-generational trauma and to support foster and adoptive families as they work to create a safe and loving family for the children in their care. 


Buckeye currently has 14 clinicians participating in Phase 1 training. Additionally, all of their direct service and clinical administrators throughout the agency are using CTA's training videos to develop a trauma-informed workforce. With almost 500 employees it seems a large undertaking, but they are committed to the goal of providing the highest quality care possible to the children and families they serve.

Hull Services Recognized as Best Practice Site in Alberta
We're proud to share that one of our NMT Flagship Sites, Hull Services in Calgary, was recently recognized for its outstanding work.  According to Emily Wang, Director of Trauma Informed Services at Hull - and a CTA Fellow - "The Preadolescent Treatment Program at Hull Services (one of our first NMT approach programs at Hull) has been identified by Alberta [government] as one of three best practice sites in Alberta, and the only one in the city of Calgary! 
From an official announcement by the Albertan government on February 3, 2013, "The Redford government is giving vulnerable children and families more mental health supports, and ensuring children in care have better access to mental health specialists.  The announcement follows a two-day roundtable that discussed best practices in the child intervention system and how to strike the right balance between transparency and privacy. Hundreds of Albertans participated in the forum, including a cross-section of experts, policy makers, aboriginal representatives and people with lived experience in the child intervention system."

Read the full article here.


Congratulations to Dr. Wang and her team at Hull Services!

Early Childhood Trauma and Economic Policy: CTA Work cited in World Economic Review
Over the last 20 years, Dr. Perry and his colleagues at the CTA, have been studying the impact of developmental adversity on children, youth and adults.  The implications of this work are far reaching - influencing policy in mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, education and early childhood.  This week an eminent Professor of Economics, John Tomer, has incorporated some of the work of the CTA in a paper in the World Economic Review.   To see the article, click here.  
(World Economic Review 3: 1-19, 2014).   


The importance of early childhood in shaping the health and welfare of our future has been well know for centuries;  it is the work of the CTA and others in the field of developmental neurosciences that are helping articulate some mechanisms that underlie this wisdom; and hopefully, can provide further evidence to help policy makers start to walk the walk and not just talk the talk of the importance of childhood. 
Space is filling very quickly for the NMT Inaugural Symposium in Banff, Alberta this coming June 10 - 12.  The symposium will offer daily keynotes by Dr. Perry, 9 tracks and 11 featured workshops, 36 breakout sessions, posters and experiential sessions as well as informal gatherings; there are extensive opportunities for learning and collaboration.  View complete details and register here. 

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Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
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