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          December 2013 Newsletter




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New GEOMap
Two New Flagship Sites
Advanced NMT Series
The NMT community continues to grow. This fall we are very pleased to welcome several new organizations to our group of partner sites, and plans continue to welcome others in early 2014 (stayed tuned in coming months for features on each of these partners and the work they are doing in their respective communities). And with our cadre of NMT-Trained professionals growing daily, we have posted a web-based interactive map on our site that can help locate NMT-Trained professionals in your area. Another way that CTA is continuing to connect our work with the world at large by is by co-hosting our inaugural NMT Symposium in partnership with Hull Services.  We hope you will join us in Banff, 2014 for the conference - but if you can't make it, know that you can now stream Dr. Perry's videos instantly as well as watch him on our new YouTube Channel!  Keep up to date with all of our progress through our newsletter and website - ChildTrauma.org.  Much more is yet to come!
New Interactive GEOMap Helps Locate NMT-trained Organizations and Private Professionals       
Be sure to explore our latest new feature on the CTA Website - an interactive GEOMap that plots NMT-Trained Organizations and Private Professionals across the world.  This tools is designed to help connect interested families with our network of professionals. Check it out!


St. Aemilian-Lakeside and Hull Services Named NMT Flagship Sites    
The ChildTrauma Academy is pleased to announce that two of our long term partners, St. Aemilian-Lakeside (soon to be renamed SaintA), based in Milwaukee, WI and Hull Services in Calgary, AB have been named NMT Flagship Sites. Among The ChildTrauma Academy's network of partner organizations certified in the use of the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, these sites have dedicated thousands of personnel hours to master core concepts and implement the NMT in their clinical settings.  St. Aemilian and Hull Services have both demonstrated exceptional creativity and excellence in various program activities and a willingness to share with, and learn from, colleagues and other programs.  In recognition of their ongoing relationship with CTA and their continuing dedication to extensive internal and external NMT-related training, supervision, consultation, and community engagement activities, the CTA is proud to offer St. Aemilian-Lakeside and Hull Services our Flagship Program designation.    
New Advanced NMT Case-based Training Series Begins January 31st
The NMT Case-based Training Series is a clinical case conference series led by Dr. Bruce Perry. The focus of each session is the presentation and discussion of a client during which the NMT model and NMT Clinical Practice Tools are used.

Our new Advanced Series will highlight the implementation of the Neurosequential Model by CTA Flagship Sites for five of the 10 sessions.  Sites will present clients who have entered their clinical system, been assessed using the NMT Metrics, and have been treated using an NMT-guided process.  This opportunity to see the actual course of treatment is a significant enhancement to our introductory NMT Case-based Series.  It will allow for more detailed discussion around the use of NMT Clinical Practice Tools in creating intake metric reports, recommendations, treatment plans, and in tracking progress and outcomes. 
As always, participants (sites or individuals) can join Live or via the convenience of Recorded Sessions! 

Participants must have completed at least one NMT Case-based Series to enroll in the Advanced Series.  If no pre-requisite course has been completed, please contact Jana Rosenfelt at 281-932-1375 to discuss your options.  

For more information, Series dates, pricing, and to enroll, CLICK HERE.
Will we see you at our NMT Inaugural Symposium in Banff, Alberta taking place June 10 - 12, 2014?  Review and register at our event website HERE - we'd love to have you join us for three days of learning, sharing, and community building!

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Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
The ChildTrauma Academy