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As our children head back to school this month, we are reminded of new beginnings.  This season is full of new endeavors for us at CTA; we have recently welcomed the first two Fancourt Scholars to our NMT Training Certification Program, have just published our first two e-books, Brief and A Child's Loss with more titles from the CTA Press coming soon, and are currently planning the first NMT Symposium with our partners at Hull Services - all of which is very exciting.  Most notable, though, is probably the announcement that our much anticipated NME Trainers Program and our 15 hour NME Case-based Training Series are now both open for enrollment. Designed specifically for teachers and educators, The Neurosequential Model in Education (NME) brings a neurodevelopmental and trauma-informed approach to the classroom and provides practical application of these key concepts that can be useful in every-day educational settings.  Learn more about these NME offerings and our other news in this month's edition or on our website.  
CTA Welcomes Inaugural Fancourt Scholars              
The ChildTrauma Academy recently established The Robin Fancourt Memorial Scholarship in honor and loving memory of the late Dr. Robin Fancourt whose work transformed early childhood practices in New Zealand and touched the lives of thousands of children and families. Dr. Fancourt was the founder of Brainwave Trust, author of Brainy Babies, and served as one of The ChildTrauma Academy's first Fellows. She demonstrated a long-standing and passionate interest in disadvantaged, abused, and neglected children, and through this memorial scholarship, we seek to identify those students among us who will passionately continue to seek out the latest advancements in brain research and strive to educate others about the importance of early experiences on infant and childhood brain development.   CTA is pleased to announce Natalie Prichard and Roland Verdouw as the first Fancourt Memorial Scholarship recipients.  

Natalie Prichard is currently a Ph.D. research student at the University of Roehampton, London, having received her B.A. in Occupational Therapy in 2000, a Masters in Counseling in 2005, and most recently a Masters in Play Therapy in 2012. In her Ph.D. program, she plans to conduct a case-based research project into the use of play therapy as an intervention for children with histories of developmental trauma. She hopes to use NMT as a framework for understanding each participating child's current functioning from a neurodevelopmental perspective and to utilize the Clinical Practice Tools (i.e. brain maps) to gain sense of the child's functioning pre and post play therapy intervention.

Roland Verdouw, M.D., is a 3rd year resident in child psychiatry at the Bascule, Academic Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Dr. Verdouw received his medical degree from the University of Amsterdam in 2006, his training and post-graduate work having focused heavily on child maltreatment and its long-term effects.  In October 2013, Dr. Verdouw will join a research project aimed at analyzing the pre and post-treatment effects on brain structure and functioning in children who have suffered PTSD.  He plans to combine and compare the data gathered with the application of the NMT in select children.  


CTA Publishes First E-Books 
The CTA is very pleased to announce the publication of its inaugural e-books, Brief: Reflections on Childhood, Trauma and Society and A Child's Loss: Helping Children Exposed to Traumatic Death
Brief: Reflections on Childhood, Trauma and Society is a collection of shorter pieces by the CTA Senior Fellow, Dr. Bruce D. Perry.  This multimedia book, with slides, images, video and text, is intended to stimulate 
reflection on some of the most challenging aspects of life 
in our modern world.  Brief is The ChildTrauma Academy's inaugural iBook available on iTunes and also on Kindle.
booklet that provides some practical advice for adults helping children deal with traumatic loss. Simple and clear recommendations for parents, caregivers and educators are provided. It is part of the CTA Press Caregiver Series and is available on iTunes and also on Kindle. 
TWO NEW TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES in The Neurosequential Model in Education
Beginning next month, we will offer two new training options in the Neurosequential Model in Education.  Read more about each below - and ENROLL TODAY!

2013 - 2014 NME Case-Based Training Series - Begins September 18th

The NME Case-Based Training Series is an educational, case conference series led by Dr. Bruce Perry and The ChildTrauma Academy's NME Team. This web-based seminar series uses everyday classroom challenges with real children to introduce emerging concepts related to brain functioning, brain development and traumatology in everyday educational settings.  This series provides educators and caregivers with knowledge to better understand children with attention, learning and behavioral problems as well as offering practical solutions and strategies.  The focus of each session is the presentation and discussion of a student during which the concepts of the NME are introduced and the NME Classroom Tools are used.

Choose from Live or Recordings Only Subscriptions for Groups or Individuals.  Learn More HERE.


NME Trainers Program

Similar to our NMT Training Certification Program, the NME Trainers Program brings the same neurodevelopmental and trauma-informed approach to the classroom, providing an introduction to important concepts about how the brain works, develops, changes and is impacted by developmental adversity including trauma.  Further, the NME provides practical application of these key concepts that can be useful in every-day educational settings. In summary, the primary capacity-building goals of NME are to educate faculty and students in basic concepts of neurosequential development and then teach them how to apply this knowledge to the teaching and learning process.

     The ChildTrauma Academy has developed a set of training elements (e.g., readings, multimedia content), supervised training experiences, and online NME Classroom Tools to help school counselors, administrators, and teachers use the NME with the children they serve.  The NME Trainers Program is available for select educators to provide a basic level of exposure to core concepts and key elements necessary to bring the NME and the NME Classroom Tools into their educational setting.  

View complete program details and Enrollment Form HERE.


Finally - Don't forget to SAVE THE DATE - Understanding and Working with Maltreated Children: The Neurosequential Model Inaugural Symposium - June 10-12, 2014.   The ChildTrauma Academy and Hull Services of Calgary, Alberta will be co-sponsoring a three-day conference focusing on advances in developmentally sensitive and trauma informed practices, programs and policy.  The conference will take place in Banff, Alberta.  More details to follow in the coming months, so stay tuned to our newsletter and website!

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