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                   June 2013 Newsletter



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Approximately one year ago we launched updated versions of our NMT Certification Programs - and the transition has gone well. Since May 2012 we have welcomed over 70 new participants to our Individual Certification Program.  When compared to the previous version of our IC program which enrolled approximately 25 people annually, our new model is allowing us to reach more people, largely due to the fact that training is now fully online and completely self-paced.  In helping us better support our Individual Certification participants, we are pleased to have CTA Fellow Diane Vines take on a new role as NMT Program Director; read more about Diane and her work below.  We are constantly evaluating our work and our training opportunities to make them the best experiences possible - and this month we are taking time to share a couple of ways that we are doing that with you.
Spirit Reins - Serving Children and Families through TF-EAP           Spirit Reins
Spirit Reins is clincal program  located on 125 acres in Liberty Hill, Texas - approximately 30 miles north of Austin. They offer a variety of professional counseling services, but they specialize in Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAP). TF-EAP utilizes the physiology and psychology of horses to help individuals process and heal from trauma, abuse, and neglect. 
Developed in complement to much of the work of Dr Perry and resonant with NMT, their approach is based on the neuroscience of brain development, how trauma affects the brain, and how trauma affects the ability to form healthy relationships. They provide "individual, family, and group sessions that promote healing, emotion regulation, impulse control, and relationship skills such as building trust, reciprocity, and taking responsibility."
     Spirit Reins recently presenting to CTA's NMT Partner Sites during their monthly meeting. Participants learned that the brains of
 "prey" animals, such as horses, are organized much like that of a traumatized and hypervigilant children who are constantly scanning the environment for threat. The horse, for one, senses a child's hypervigilance instinctively - and demands that the child learn to master internal regulation, but also the horse will not tolerate "bad behavior" in the same way that humans or dogs will.  However, unlike humans, horses remember past bad behavior but "forgive" it if the child is currently behaving better in the moment. By responding to and rewarding what a child is doing in the present, rather than remembering and responding to what he or she did in the past, the horse provides immediate feedback to the client that the new social skills the client is practicing are effective.  
     We want to thank Spirit Reins for all that they shared with our group.  Please read more about the work they do on their website - www.spiritreins.org.
CTA Welcomes Diane Vines as New NMT Program Coordinator
The CTA is very pleased to welcome long-time Fellow Diane Vines to our working group as the new NMT Program Coordinator.  In this role, Diane will be providing program support to Individual Certification and Site Certification participants.  Ms. Vines is currently a therapist at the Children's Assessment Center in Houston.  As a practicing, licensed therapist and counselor, registered play-therapist, CTA Fellow, and NMT Phase II-Trained professional, Diane is extremely well-poised to offer administrative and clinical support for our NMT participants. In the coming year, she also looks to develop an NMT Mentor program for our Individual Participants, allowing CTA to offer options for one-on-one connections among those in the IC program.  We are thrilled to have her joining us - please take a moment to read more about Diane on our website.  
Upcoming Training Opportunities

Registration is now open for the Fall 2013 NMT Case-Based Training Series.  For those not familiar, the NMT Case-based Training Series is a 10-week, clinical discussion series led by Dr. Perry. During each 90-minute session, Dr. Perry and the participants discuss the etiology, history, current functioning and treatment plans for actual clients using a neurodevelopmental lens to help address complex trauma and related issues. In each session there is a brief didactic presentation (see topics below) for additional capacity building.  We offer two participation options: join each session live, online - no travel required! - or elect to receive our recording package - links to recordings of all 10 sessions plus case-materials provided through an online account; access your account and links at any time, day or night, for 1 full year with the ability to pause and replay the recordings at any time.


Dates and topics for the Fall 2013 Series are as follows:


Session 1: September 6: Developmentally-informed Assessment for At-Risk Children

Session 2: September 13: Strengths and Limits of Diagnostic Labels in Mental Health

Session 3: September 20:  Principles of Effective Psychopharmacology in Dysregulated Children

Session 4: September 27: Animal Assisted Therapy with Maltreated and Traumatized Children

Session 5: October 4:  Introduction to the Cerebellum: Not just a Cauliflower

Session 6: October 18: Designing a Somatosensory Regulation Plan for Dysregulated Children

Session 7: October 25: The Power of Rhythm: Music, Movement & Language

Session 8: November 1:  Trauma-sensitive Intervention in Juvenile Justice Settings

Session 9: November 15: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Method and Mechanism

Session 10: November 22:  Review and Feedback


For more information and to enroll, click here.  



SAVE THE DATE - Understanding and Working with Maltreated Children: The Neurosequential Model Inaugural Symposium - June 10-12, 2014
We are very pleased to announce that The ChildTrauma Academy and Hull Services of Calgary, Alberta will be co-sponsoring a three-day conference focusing on advances in developmentally sensitive and trauma informed practices, programs and policy.  The conference will take place June 10-12, 2014 in Banff, Alberta.  More details to follow in the coming months, so stay tuned to our newsletter and website!


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