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August 2013
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Most of us in volunteer management support the observation that volunteering builds resumes, provides career exploration, and demonstrates each volunteer's abilities, but can we make the case - as several recent research studies try to do - that volunteering directly affects employability?  Read this month's Hot Topic 


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Volume XIII, Issue 4 of e-Volunteerism, our international, subscription-based journal for informing and challenging leaders of volunteers, launched in mid-July and will run through mid-October.


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The Sparking Controversy about Volunteer Internships, in which Susan Ellis and Rob Jackson examine the rapidly growing debate - around the world - about whether unpaid internships (particularly those that are full-time) exploit young people and sidestep labor laws. Become informed and follow the many links to current media stories provided (including ones in which unpaid interns have successfully sued for back pay).

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Thinking Differently about Volunteering: Words from the National Trust Learn about how the UK's venerable conservation charity is redefining its philosophy of volunteer engagement.

Creating a Strategic Volunteerism Plan: We Did It! - How the American Lung Association used a nationwide team approach to strategic planning for volunteers.

Help Us Create a Volunteer Word Cloud! Something different! Submit the words you think of the most to describe "volunteers" or "volunteering" and, collectively, we'll produce a "word cloud" to visualize the concept.

From An Organizational Issue to a Community Issue: Shifting Volunteer Management - Research to Practice Editor Laurie Mook explains and analyzes a new study by Jeff Brudney and Lucas Meijs published in the Nonprofit Policy Forum.

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Over the next months, readers will have new access to a Training Design helping organizations to identify legitimate intern position descriptions; a review of Web resources on volunteering, wellbeing and social capital; an article on how to find, use and promote new academic research; and more.


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Susan's Tip
of the Month


I've often said that volunteer "retention" is not a task, it's an outcome. Volunteers evolve commitment and remain enthusiastic in stages, as they progress through what might be called the "volunteer life cycle." At each stage, what you do and say - and how volunteers feel - matters a lot!


Here's a brief summary of how someone moves from being a stranger to your organization through becoming a volunteer and then from being a newbie to a seasoned veteran. Consider how the messages you send in word and deed create a welcoming environment (or not) at every stage.


Stranger → Possible Recruit

  • What your recruitment message says...and how
  • Whether you tell the truth about what you want and expect
  • If the invitation to serve seems to welcome individual talents

Candidate → Applicant

  • Speed of response to initial inquiry
  • Depth and tone of the interview

Accepted Volunteer → Being Oriented/Inducted

  • How you communicate the volunteer's acceptance into your organization
  • Reinforcing expectations during orientation

Placed in Assignment → Starting Out

  • Staff or volunteer supervisor/partner is prepared to coach and support the newcomer
  • Training useful to the role + good instructions
  • All volunteers seen as "trainees" at the start
  • The importance of the volunteer's first day
  • And also of day 2 (when questions still remain)

Novice → Knowing the Ropes

  • Good performance is reinforced
  • Problems get attention early
  • Importance/impact of the effort is reported
  • Recognition is genuine and ongoing
  • Communication is open, honest, and two-way

Experienced Volunteer

Are long-time volunteers happy? Getting bored? Getting burned out?  


Recognize that more volunteers leave because they are under-utilized than because they are overworked! At least being overworked means they are needed. 


Experienced volunteers can choose to:

  • Stay in place - but they might appreciate a change of pace, such as a short-term special project or even a leave of absence
  • Move on/up to a different assignment in the organization
  • Leave


Even someone who stops volunteering with you can still remain a supporter (if you offer that chance and keep in touch). Alumni volunteers can even come back to service or help out in short-term roles - again, if you keep communication open and ask.

This Quick Tip comes from
Susan J. Ellis, President of Energize, Inc. 


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