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June 2013
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Featured Title: What Counts: Social Accounting for Nonprofits and Cooperatives
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Excerpt: Volunteer Value Added
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How do we properly assess the impact and the important contributions of volunteers? The first step is making sure we are using the best accounting practices that will highlight the social impacts of your organization, including volunteer contributions. Use the resources below to learn how to gather the financial information needed for social accounting and for telling your organization's whole story more powerfully.


And while you're at it, make sure volunteers are supported with sufficient funding, in the right budget categories.

resource Featured Title
What Counts: Social Accounting for Nonprofits and Cooperatives
by Laurie Mook, Jack Quarter and Betty Jane Richmond
Exploring Volunteer Space

This book is for anyone seeking to analyze social capital and understand why traditional business accounting that focuses on money in and out is just not sufficient to value the nonprofit sector. What Counts is especially unique in adding the contribution of volunteers to the measurement of nonprofit resources.



Read an excerpt from this book below.


This e-book is available for download in PDF. (US$27.95)


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resource2 More Resources
Self-Help AccountingSelf-Help Accounting
by John Paul Dalsimer, CPA

A how-to guide to fulfilling the role of board treasurer, written in simple, clear language for the non-accountant. Feel confident about the basics of financial management and oversight, particularly for small organizations.  

This book is in e-book (PDF) format for immediate download (US $10.00). Order Self-Help Accounting.



From the Top Down
by Susan Ellis  

In this book, chapter 3 "Budgeting, Allocating, and Finding Resources", guides top decision makers on the real costs and budget line items involved in a successful volunteer involvement strategy. Author Susan Ellis combats the myth that volunteers are free labor.


This book is available in print(US $24.95) or in e-book (PDF) format for immediate download (US $18.00). Order From the Top Down .


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"Think Before You Leap: Buy Success with Your Budget"
Author Susanne Brunhart Wiggins says: "The best way to spend [money] might be to first spend none at all. Releasing the purse strings only after careful consideration takes patience and constraint; your reward is a greater return on your investment."


"Generating Funds for Your Volunteer Program: The Mindset and Methods"
Betty Stallings challenges the lack of sufficient funding for volunteer efforts, noting "we fund what we value." Learn some creative - and achievable - ways to get money for your program.


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ResourcesBook Excerpt

Volunteer Value Added

Excerpted from, What Counts: Social Accounting for Nonprofits and Cooperatives, Sigel Press, 2007.


...value added is a measure of wealth that an organization creates by "adding value" to externally purchased raw materials, products, and services through the use of labor and capital. In a conventional Value Added Statement, the only labor considered is that of paid employees. However, volunteers constitute a major portion of the workforce of a voluntary organization, and it seems absurd to report that they have zero impact on the value added by that organization simply because their service does not involve a monetary transaction. This study addresses this inequity by measuring the contributions given and received by volunteers and by including this value in the Expanded Value Added Statement. The strength of the EVAS lies in its ability to take a broader look at the organization and the role of volunteers within it and to put this in a larger socioeconomic perspective. (page 134)


Permission is granted for organizations to reprint this excerpt. Reprints must provide full acknowledgment of the source, as cited here:


Excerpted from What Counts: Social Accounting for Nonprofits and Cooperatives by Laurie Mook, Jack Quarter and Betty Jane Richmond, Sigel Press, 2007. Found in the Energize, Inc. Online Bookstore at


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