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February 2013
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Featured Title: Volunteer Management in Cultural Institutions: A Practical Handbook
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Excerpt: "Volunteer Benefits"
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With the release of our newest addition to the online bookstore, Volunteer Management in Cultural Institutions: A Practical Handbook, we are reminded that, though there are many universal issues that volunteer managers must deal with, there are also many questions that specific settings raise for us as leaders of volunteers.

resource Featured Title
Volunteer Management in Cultural Institutions: A Practical Handbook
Izabella Csordás

Volunteer Management in Cultural InstitutionsA great volunteer management guidebook from Hungary (in English)? Yes! Izabella Csordás, the founder and coordinator of the volunteer program in the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, spent time researching cultural arts volunteer initiatives in the UK, Ireland and Israel before bringing their successful practices back home. Then she realized colleagues in Eastern Europe could use some training, too.

When she finished this "Practical Handbook," everyone agreed she had provided wonderful information for any volunteer resources manager, anywhere. The book covers all the expected topics -- recruiting, selecting, training and recognizing volunteers - but also discusses the need to integrate volunteers into the structure of cultural institutions and additional questions arising in such settings. Filled with colorful illustrations, real-world sample forms, and a wealth of immediately applicable suggestions.


Read the an excerpt from this book below.


This book is available in e-book (PDF) format for immediate download. (US$15.50)


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resource2 Other Resources
What Can I Say?: A Guide to Visiting Friends and Family Who Are Ill
by Simon and Karen Fox

Keep Those Volunteers AroundA clear, concise guide on how to communicate with friends and family - and strangers - who are ill. This booklet shows what works (and doesn't) to ease the pain, lift the spirit, and help people feel supported. It tells how to approach emotional situations with confidence. What Can I Say? is a wonderful training tool for volunteer friendly visitors or buddies, whether interacting with patients in a hospital or care center, or at home.


This book is available in e-book (PDF) format for immediate download (US $4.95)


Order What Can I Say? today!
Church Puzzle Game
Susan J. Ellis

Church Puzzle GameA group activity/discussion starter for faith communities of any denomination who want to examine how their congregation works, who gets things done through what channels, how members are welcomed (or not) into volunteer roles, and possible obstacles to success.


Available as an e-book (US$7.00)with templates for assembling the materials needed to "play the Game."


Order Church Puzzle Game today!
Volunteer Management for Animal Care Organizations
Betsy McFarland

Volunteer Management for Animal Care Organizations

Volunteer management has gone to the dogs!...and cats...and other animals...Author Betsy McFarland of the Humane Society of the US offers a practical manual for building/improving a volunteer program in an animal care environment. McFarland includes sound volunteer management techniques such as building staff respect, creating rewarding volunteer assignments, practicing good risk management strategies, etc., all set in situations unique to animal care organizations.



This book is available as a free download in e-book (PDF) format.


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e-Volunteerism: The Electronic Journal of the Volunteer Community

"Volunteers in Arts and Culture"
Steve McCurley highlights varied online resources about how, why, and where volunteers are engaged in arts and cultural organizations, in order to "lend a bit of class to our otherwise pedestrian existence."

"Brisbane's Homeless Connect Initiative"
Carlton Meyn explains the ways in which Homeless Connect, a program developed by Brisbane City Council to put homeless people in contact with service providers, engages volunteers at every step of the process.

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Resources Book Excerpt

Volunteer Benefits

Excerpted from Volunteer Management in Cultural Institutions: A Practical Handbook by Izabella Csordás, Open World LLC, 2012.


I have met many colleagues in the cultural field who said to me "yeah, you are in an easy position, everyone knows the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and everyone wants to volunteer there, but why would volunteers come to my institution?"


If you cannot think of any reason why someone would like to volunteer at your institution, ask your friends or family members what they are most envious about your job. Please also look at all the benefits you have by being a staff member of your institution, and write these down.


Don't forget the discount you get in your museum shop and the free entrance you get every day to see the collections in your museum. It is well worth having a look at job advertisements, to get some inspiration. For example, here is a quote from a recent advertisement from The National Trust.


Incredibly Rewarding


Do great things for us and we'll do great things for you and your career. We'll give you all the training, support and continued professional development you need, and we appreciate that work/life balance is important. You can also look forward to free admission to all our incredible places, and a helpful 20% off at out shops, cafes and restaurants. But they're just the benefits we can tell you about here. There are lots more at


If you have a second look at [what you wrote down], you might realize that the "what others like about my job" ideas might easily be converted into what volunteers might want to receive when joining your organization. The "my staff benefits" column is an approximate definition of the benefits that your institution can provide you or your volunteers.


Permission is granted for organizations to reprint this excerpt. Reprints must provide full acknowledgment of the source, as cited here:

Excerpted from Volunteer Management in Cultural Institutions: A Practical Handbook by Izabella Csordás, Open World LLC, 2012. Found in the Energize, Inc. Online Bookstore at


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