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Automatic doors have an outstanding safety record, providing more than 50 billion safe openings and closings every year in the US alone.

 Source: American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM)


 All-purpose lubricants like WD-40 can attract dust and grit that interferes with smooth operation of your automatic doors. Prevent problems by letting us handle door lubrication for you. (It's all part of your twice-yearly maintenance checkup.)



More safety info from AAADM

Here's an easy-to-follow guide for performing daily safety checks on automatic doors.

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Time for a 360-degree check of your automatic doors


After all the punishment they took this winter, are your doors ready for the busy season ahead? Now's the time to find out.


Our experts recommend you take a walking tour of all entrances, using the 6 questions below to note how doors are performing. If you have a regular maintenance contract with us, we'll ask for this info when scheduling your semi-annual maintenance check.


As part of your checkup, our AAADM-certified technicians will review all door parts and systems, perform expert lubrication, identify any issues and arrange for quick repairs if needed.


Another service available upon request: a review of doors for compliance with ANSI A117.1 standards, which are updated every 5 years. Certain standards changed as recently as 2013, so if you're in doubt, please ask for a compliance check when we contact you.


Don't have a maintenance contract with us yet? No worries - we'll be glad to come out for seasonal checkup at your convenience. Just call or click for an appointment. 


6-point checklist


These are the questions we ask whenever you call us with service concerns.

  1. Are doors operating smoothly and quietly?
  2. Do they open when no one's there (ghosting)?
  3. Are push plates working?
  4. Are doors off their tracks?
  5. Any problems with belts?
  6. Other concerns - especially related to ANSI safety standards?
Acuity puts security first. 

For the past 9 years, Acuity Insurance has been rated among the top 5 mid-sized companies to work for nationwide. Maintaining a safe, secure workplace is a vital part of the company's commitment to its employees.


Recently, Acuity called on Wisconsin Automatic Door to install state-of-the art revolving doors at its Sheboygan headquarters. Our team fitted entrances with the Horton Automatics ControlFlow 2-Way Card Access Security Revolving Door, Series 9241. This door admits one employee or badged visitor at a time, but smoothly prevents a second individual from entering in the same compartment. Card scan information can be uploaded to security systems for consistent monitoring.


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