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How did you keep Old Man Winter outside your doors during the recent cold wave?


Email us your photos of snowy sidewalks and entrances ... we'll publish the best of the best in our next issue.  

The Open Door
News & tips for January 2014
Brrrrrrrrace yourself! 

Keep your automatic doors humming, even in wicked weather like this


When heavy snows and sub-zero temperatures swept across Wisconsin last week, many of our customers felt they were in the eye of an even bigger storm.


Call it the "winter maintenance vortex."


Keeping entrances clear and dry in times like these may seem all but impossible, but we know you won't give up. After all, the safety of visitors and employees depends on it -- and so does the health of your automatic doors.


Salt: friend or foe?


It's great at clearing ice from parking lots and walkways. But did you know that salt (and other sodium-based ice melt products) can do major damage to your automatic doors?


Chemical reactions begin as soon as salt comes in contact with door parts. It eats away at aluminum, causes steel to pit and rust, and makes the mechanical parts of your doors corrode.


Salt is especially harmful in the tracks of a sliding door, where it interferes with smooth door operation, allowing even MORE snow and ice to come inside.


Melting snow compounds the problem


Snow and slush in doorways can create issues, too. Melted snow can re-freeze, exerting undue force on frames and moving parts as it expands and contracts.


When doors labor to open and close, problems just get worse. A few days of neglect can cost you plenty - all the way up to the price of a brand new door.

Stop damage in its tracks


Follow these steps to prevent cold-weather trouble:

  • Sweep door tracks at least once daily to remove salt.
  • Mop slush and ice away quickly, keeping moving parts clean and dry.
  • Check weatherstripping for gaps.
  • Make sure pivots on swing doors are firmly in place to withstand high winds.
  • Perform frequent checks. Are doors opening and closing smoothly without added vibration or noise?

If you skipped your pre-winter inspection...


Don't kick yourself. Just call or e-mail us for a scheduled visit. We'll give each door a thorough check, make adjustments and repairs as needed and identify any special issues you need to address.     


Warm wishes for a prosperous New Year from everyone here at Wisconsin Automatic Door. For more tips and suggestions, visit our website. 
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