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A Personal Note from Susan

As many of you know, I recently enjoyed a two-week family vacation at our camp on the St. Lawrence River.  Here are a few of my favorite photos of this year's fun in the sun and cherished family memories. It's such a great feeling to watch your young adult children spread their wings and begin a life of their own.  I'll confess that I really do not experience any dis-ease in this area of my life, no empty nest fears, perhaps that is because I still have two teenagers at home that keep me busy.
What I wanted to share with you this month is that not 
everything is as it appears on the outside.  If you 
followed me on social media these last two weeks, you 
would have thought that my vacation was filled ONLY with fishing, eating, playing games, attending a local festival and all things R&R

Reality is often much different, and I wanted to share with those of you who faithfully read my Co-Creator's Corner, the whole truth.  If I shared with you the two-page itinerary that I had to create to manage those two weeks, you'd have a better understanding.  My "vacation" included two trips back home to pick up my eldest daughter from the airport, deliver my youngest daughter to her volunteer commitment at a local hospital; a mini-van rental that I drove to deliver my middle daughter, and her bed, to her first apartment in Maryland, several trips to the grocery store involving multiple carts, and so much more!
So...much like the proverbial duck, from my social media pics, I was peaceful and calm; while underneath the water, my feet were paddling like hell.

My hope in sharing this behind the scenes, or under 
the water view of my personal life, is that you remember, not everything is as it appears.  The next time everyone around you thinks you are calm and collected while you are paddling like hell under the water, remember you are not alone.  I too have been there, and appreciate all that it takes to run a successful business, care for your family, and find time for some peaceful relaxation for yourself.

 Much love,
Susan's Signature 
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Do You Know the Three Pillars to Sales Success?

I'm often asked by my clients; what do I need to do to increase my sales?  In most cases, I can speak to the three pillars of sales success that have worked for me and many other business ownersThe three pillars are Networking, Speaking and Making Sales Calls. 

Each of these pillars deserves its own article, so I will provide you with a brief overview this month and will then go into more detail on each of them over the next few months
Pillar One:  Networking - it's about connecting not selling!
  • Consider if your ideal target attends
  • Be prepared with your :30 elevator intro
  • Ask sincere and open-ended questions
Pillar Two:  Speaking - it's about connecting not selling, in most cases!
  • Identify your POV (Point of View) on a topic of interest to your ideal target
  • Write your Signature Talk and always include a CTA (Call to Action)
  • Find places to share your message 
Pillar Three:  Make Sales Calls - it's about selling and you've earned it!
  • A script for guidance is fine; write it, test it, use it as needed
  • Create a plan for tracking your results in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.
  • Consider a virtual cup of coffee vs. an in person meeting

Resource Center

You may have noticed that I've 
updated my headshots.  I felt it was important now that I'm sporting glasses on a permanent basis that the photos you see actually look like me.  Yes, I'm a few years older, but wiser for sure.  

I'd like to give a shout-out and my personal endorsement for two local business owners who created my new look.  Cindy Bell and Holly Piselli are both consummate professionals and made the process not just easy, convenient and stress free, they actually made it fun!
I hope that if you are in our local area, you will look them up and consider hiring them. You can also connect with them on social media by clicking on their photos below. 

Cindy Bell

Focus Studio, Inc.
Holly Piselli

A-List Artistry

A Thought to Ponder  
"It's a rare person who can take care of business

while also taking care of hearts."

- Author Unknown

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Tap Into Your Center - Increasing Sales, Revenues and Profits™ was officially founded by me, Susan Beebe in the fall of 2013. After more than 30 years of being in sales and marketing, of successfully running my own advertising agency, Lighthouse Marketing, I have finally given myself permission and launched the business entity that speaks to my soul.


I believe we are each given unique gifts, talents, skills; that are meant to be shared with others. That is our purpose - it's truly that simple. My gifts include practical skills, such as the ability to sell - to market effectively - to run a successful business - all with the primary spiritual intention of being unconditional love!


If you're responsible for generating new customers for your company - and would like to co-create a customized New Business Development system to generate a steady stream of your ideal customers - then let's connect, and explore how I can put my 30 years' experience to work for you and your company.

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