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June Edition

Welcome to our June Newsletter

Dear subscriber,
Welcome to the June edition of the Migration Solutions newsletter, a publication that will keep you up to date with the changes in immigration. 
In this edition, our two feature articles include an update on the 457 integrity review and information regarding a new temporary visa model that could be brought into Australia as a substitute for the recently closed family-based visa categories. 

Our message from Managing Director Mark Glazbrook discusses the limited places available under the permanent migration program, we have a case study on a dramatic Aged Parent visa application, and as always, all the latest in immigration news.



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Message from the Director


Dear subscribers,


This time of year we know that immigration costs and charges will increase come the 1st of July. In recent years application fees have risen substantially. I remember when I started working in the migration area that the fee for a family of 4 to migrate to Australia was less than $1500.00 - fast forward to today, and it can cost in excess of $8000.00 for a family of 4, not including medicals, police clearances, English-language tests, skills assessments, translation costs or fees payable for professional assistance with the visa application process. Now more than ever it is vitally important to get professional guidance with an immigration application as there is so much to lose - it is important to remember that immigration application fees are non-refundable. 


The Australian permanent migration program will remain at 190,000 for the 2014/15 program year. The migration program runs in line with the Australian tax year, from the 1st of July to the 30th of June. This means that the skilled migration program and state sponsored programs will commence with a new intake from the 1st of July. Immigration SA have announced that changes to the State Nominated Occupation List the SNOL will be made - lets also hope they change the name of the program too. I have been advised that the eligibility criteria will be changed, hopefully these changes will see greater flexibility in the way that Immigration SA assess applications, making it easier for applicants to meet the State's eligibility list. I don't understand why their policy is so difficult, especially given the importance of increased migration and population growth in South Australia. I have seen four cases recently which will be highlighted in next month's newsletter where Immigration SA either refused applications incorrectly, or where their policy was so prohibitive that it is making it virtually impossible for the best and brightest international students to remain in South Australia. This is complicated further by limitations of the 485 Temporary Graduate program, and expiry dates for student visas. 


Something many people don't realise about the permanent migration program is that the 190,000 places offered for the coming year is actually the total number of visas available, not the total number of visa applications. For example, a family of four will take away four places from the permanent program. If we assume that the average application to the Immigration Department consists of approximately 2.5 people, only 76 000  permanent residency applications will be granted in the coming year, and a further 114 000 visas will be issued to family members included in these visa applications. 


South Australia averages around 5-6% of the total permanent migration program, which will result in approximately 3 800-4 560 applications being made by people wanting to live in South Australia, or approximately 9 500-11 400 total applicants. The skilled migration program is the biggest component of these applications, therefore in the 2014/15 program year I would estimate the the skilled migration program in South Australia will see approximately 2 500-3 000 primary applications made which is an exceptionally small number, and something I feel needs to be addressed. 


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Happy reading,


Mark Glazbrook


Feature Stories


What is a 'Super' Parent temporary visa, and why does Australia need it? 
The closure of a number of family-based visa categories has made it significantly more difficult for migrant families to reunite in Australia, a disappointing outcome which is sure to deter potential migrants from choosing to live in Australia. So what can be done to ensure our country remains a desirable destination?

As we write here, the introduction of a 'Super' Parent temporary visa could be a viable option for Australia. Read on to find out more. 

457 Integrity Review Update
With the 457 integrity review currently underway, there are a number of possible changes to the program that could stand to benefit employers and applicants alike. But what are the most likely changes to come out of the review, and when can we expect them to be implemented?
Migration Solutions investigates the current status of the review, including a summary of our suggested recommendations. 

Immigration News
Three additions, no removals from SOL


Three new occupations have been announced as additions to the Federal Skilled Occupations List whilst none have been removed, welcome news for international accountants, engineers and IT professionals alike. 


Click here to read more. 

Key changes to Immigration Policy to be introduced from July 1

A number of new immigration policy changes will be introduced from July 1 2014, including new rules regarding validity of Skills Assessments, an increase to Visa Evidence Charges and clarification surrounding student visa dependents. 

 Click here to read more.

Abrupt closure of family visas 'unfair on applicants and agents'

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection did nothing to enhance its reputation for fairness last month, shutting down a number of family-based visas with less than 24-hours notice. 

Click here to read more. 

New Labour Agreement proposal positive news for regions


A new proposal for a specialised labour agreement program designed to assist local businesses suffering from poor labour market conditions is sure to be welcomed in South Australia, which falls well below the national GDP average.   
Click here to read more.

Australia still ready to receive migrants
An article by acclaimed historian John Hirst describes Australia's migration program as one of the successful in history, particularly during the significant post-war intake that saw many different cultures assimilate into our society. 

Click here to read more.

New survey confirms need for SA to increase population growth


A new survey conducted by South Australia's BankSA has shown consumer confidence to be approaching an all-time low, further evidence of the state's need to increase population growth rate in order to stimulate economic development. 

Click here to read more.

Case Study
L-R: Vanessa with Patricia and daughter Pauline, who only just lodged their Aged parent visa application in time.  

Sudden visa closures nearly costs client PR

The Australian immigration process can be complex and unpredictable during even the most straightforward of cases, as was proved during Pat Leggett's Aged Parent visa application.

The mother of UK-born Australian permanent resident, Pauline Tuft, was nearly a casualty of the Department's abrupt family visa closures last month.

Fortunately their decision to use Migration Solutions meant that they were able to lodge their application before it was too late. 

Top stories

Listed below are the top five immigration stories posted on the Migration Solutions social media platforms this month.


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- Today Tonight
Victoria Williams       
Our staff member of the month this month is Victoria Williams.
Victoria is our Client Service Coordinator at Migration Solutions, working as part of the administrative team to follow-up on matters discussed in consultations and establish positive relationships with clients. 
Victoria migrated from Ireland to Australia herself in 2012, where she worked within the hospitality industry for a number of years. It was this work that enabled her to develop her the personal and communication skills that are now directly transferable to her current work, and make her a professional and warm first point of contact for clients.   
Click here to visit Victoria's staff profile, and learn more about her experience and professional background.                                                  

'My first contact with Migration Solutions was my last chance to stay in Australia after another migration agent left me in serious trouble. Mark provided a professional service with a no mess, no fuss attitude in achieving the main goal with a limited amount of time.

I am still here and I really appreciate the job and effort Mark has gone to. Thanks to Migration Solutions I have a better future now than I would have in my own country.'

- Alex G. (RSMS visa)

Click here for more client testimonials

N.B. The information provided in this newsletter is designed to provide an overview of various options that may be available to migrants, and is not meant to act as a substitute for specific immigration advice. For a more detailed overview of Australia's migration program and visa opportunities, including relevant eligibility criteria, please contact our office.


Sponsorship Obligationsobligations
If you are an employer sponsoring an international worker, you are legally required to comply with various sponsor obligations in order to be allowed to employ that worker. 
For details regarding these obligations, follow the links below.

  Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa - Subclass 457


  Temporary Work (Long-Stay Activity) - Subclass 401


  Training and Research Visa - Subclass 402



For details on sponsorship obligations regarding different visa types, please visit the DIBP website.



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