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May Edition

Welcome to our May Newsletter

Dear subscriber,
Welcome to the May edition of the Migration Solutions newsletter, a publication that will keep you up to date with the changes in immigration. 
In this edition, our two feature articles are centred around the current Federal review of the 457 visa, what some of the likely changes could be, and what they might mean for applicants.

We also have an insightful message from Managing Director Mark Glazbrook, about the need for a population growth debate in SA, an interview with the Civil Contractors Federation, and as always, all the latest in immigration news.



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Message from the Director


Dear subscribers,


Populate or perish, that is the question that faces South Australia now more than ever.


Like it or loathe it, the time has come for our state to have a mature discussion about growing our population. Population growth creates a wide-array of economic benefits and has the potential to enhance job security and create new employment and training opportunities for future generations of South Australians - helping us stop the dreaded 'brain drain' of our state's best and brightest.


In the recent Federal Budget, it was eluded to that future Federal funding to Australian states general hospitals will be based on CPI and population growth. The Australian Bureau of Statistics explains CPI as a measure of inflation of household goods, and as we all know population growth is a measure of the change in population; measuring births, deaths and net migration. 


According to ABS data, South Australia's population growth rate measures at 0.9%p.a, half the national average of 1.8%. This figure makes South Australia the slowest-growing mainland state in Australia, and second only to Tasmania overall (0.2%). Meanwhile, Western Australia's population growth rate powers ahead at an astounding 3.3%, a significant contributing factor to their booming economy. 


South Australian premier Jay Weatherill says SA is going to lose funding as a result of the recent Federal Budget. If the future model for funding distribution is indeed to be based on population growth, he is correct.


So what can we do about it? I believe that now more than ever we need a serious discussion about population growth in SA. Looking at these statistics, it takes South Australia approximately five-and-a-half years to experience the same level of population growth and economic related activity as leading states such as Western Australia experience in just one year. 


As our population growth is half the national average, does this mean we will only receive half the national average when it comes to future Federal funding, and WA will receive twice the average amount? Possibly so.


I have expressed my concern to the Premier and Opposition Leader and will be writing to business leaders outlining my calls for a population debate for South Australia. I will be sure to let you know what response I receive. 


All the best,


Mark Glazbrook


Feature Stories


How changes to 457 visa programme can benefit us all
The Australian migration program is complicated, but for no group more so than trade-based occupation students. After changes were made to crackdown on program rorting in 2010, the new criterion applicants are required to fulfil in order to obtain PR is not just difficult, but in some cases outright impossible.

However as we explain here, one visa option may be a potential solution for international students pending the outcome of a current federal review. 
Union demonisation of 457 program 'must end'
With negative comments surrounding the 457 program once again circulating the media, Migration Solutions is calling for an end to the demonisation of the program. Not only are many of the views and opinions uniformed, but are often published for the sake of enhancing a reputation that isn't deserved. 
In this response, we point out some major holes in the union's argument, and highlight the lack of validity of some of the most recently expressed concerns.   

Immigration News
Skilled migration tops priority list in new Budget


The release of the Federal Budget has confirmed the Australian government's commitment to attracting skilled migrants to our shores, with almost 70 per cent of places being allocated to the Skilled Stream of the program. 


Click here to read more. 

New exemptions announced for International Graduates

A number of new exemptions for international graduates who have studied in South Australia and have a positive skills assessment and an occupation listed on the SNOL. Read on to find out what type of exemptions are included, and whether you may be eligible. 

 Click here to read more.

Closure of certain family visas confirmed

Migration Solutions has learned that a number of Family visa application types are expected to close soon, among them the Non-Contributory and Aged Parent visas as per the announcements made in the Federal Budget.  

Click here to read more. 

New permanent residency pathway announced for SA applicants


A recent announcement by Immigration SA regarding a limited time opportunity to apply for permanent residency has got many migrants excited. Read on to find out whether you may be eligible, and if utilising the pathway is really in your best interests.
Click here to read more.

New English test options to be introduced 
The DIBP has announced that from November this year two new English assessment options will be offered to visa applicants, in an effort to increase competition between providers and options for migrants. 

Click here to read more.

Massive skill shortages predicted for Adelaide's northern suburbs


A recent study by the University of Adelaide has revealed that a number of industries in the State's northern suburbs are set to be affected by an acute skills shortage on the back of the recent closure of the Holden manufacturing plant. 

Click here to read more.

An interview with Migration Solutions
Migration Matters Episode 5 - Civil Contractors Federation
Migration Matters Episode 5 - Civil Contractors Federation

Civil Contractors Federation

In this Episode of Migration Matters, we catch up with Philip Sutherland from the South Australian branch of the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) to discuss the importance of migration to the construction industry.

Among the points raised, Philip refers to the need for a strong and flexible migration program in order to assist his industry's members cope with impending skill shortages.

He also calls on the State Government to do more to attract migrants to South Australia, and in particular regional areas where the potential for development is significant.

Top stories

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Susan Mulder    
Our staff member of the month of February is Susan Mulder.
Susan is our Migration Coordinator at Migration Solutions, and specialises in processing all of our corporate cases here at the company. 
Prior to working at Migration Solutions, Susan was a trained lawyer in her native country of South Africa. She worked in this role for 10 years, with many of the skills she practiced and developed there being directly transferrable to her current work. Susan is mad cricket fan, and loves nothing more than when South Africa beats Australia so she can tease the rest of us around the office about it.
See below to visit Susan's staff profile, and learn more about her experience and professional background.                                                  

'My first contact with Migration Solutions was my last chance to stay in Australia after another migration agent left me in serious trouble. Mark provided a professional service with a no mess, no fuss attitude in achieving the main goal with a limited amount of time.

I am still here and I really appreciate the job and effort Mark has gone to. Thanks to Migration Solutions I have a better future now than I would have in my own country.'

- Alex G. (RSMS visa)

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N.B. The information provided in this newsletter is designed to provide an overview of various options that may be available to migrants, and is not meant to act as a substitute for specific immigration advice. For a more detailed overview of Australia's migration program and visa opportunities, including relevant eligibility criteria, please contact our office.


Sponsorship Obligationsobligations
If you are an employer sponsoring an international worker, you are legally required to comply with various sponsor obligations in order to be allowed to employ that worker. 
For details regarding these obligations, follow the links below.

  Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa - Subclass 457


  Temporary Work (Long-Stay Activity) - Subclass 401


  Training and Research Visa - Subclass 402



For details on sponsorship obligations regarding different visa types, please visit the DIBP website.



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