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March Edition

Welcome to our March Newsletter

Dear subscriber,
Welcome to the March edition of the Migration Solutions newsletter, a publication that will keep you up to date with the changes in immigration. 
In this edition, our two feature articles address the rumours swirling around the removal of accounting, engineering and IT jobs from Skilled Occupation List, and an article outlining some things for Working Holiday-makers to be aware of if they'd like to extend their stay in Australia. 

We also have an article on successful migrant Ian Darbyshire, CEO of Rundle Mall who discusses the reasons he he migrated South Australia, and as always, all the latest in immigration news.



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Message from the Director


Dear Subscribers,


After much anticipation, the State Election was held last weekend, and with no clear winner the South Australian public do not yet know who will form the next Government.  For whoever is successful, I am hoping to see a genuine commitment to streamlining South Australia's immigration policies, which should see improved outcomes resulting in steady population growth - especially in our regional areas. After many years of poor performance in numerous immigration programs, I am hopeful that increased migration outcomes and population growth will be seen as a way to generate economic activity and create ongoing jobs and training opportunities within our local economy.



As you will see in this month's newsletter, the Federal Government's announcement to review the 457 program is a strong signal they are prepared and willing to look at the Australian migration program to as a means of generating increased economic activity. I believe that it is possible to allow greater use of the 457 program, especially to employers in regional and low population growth areas, where it can be demonstrated that genuine vacancies exist that cannot be immediately filled from within the local labour market. However, this must also be paired with greater integrity measure to ensure that this program is not exploited or 457 employees abused.
I will be making my own recommendation to this review and would welcome any comments, criticism or feedback which could potentially be used as part of my submission.  I believe that removing the national minimum salary rate in favour of the relevant award or market salary rates (whichever is the higher) will support the use of the 457 program in regional and low population growth areas. This would also provide a pathway for international VET graduates to be employed once they finish their education in Australian, whilst simultaneously working towards meeting the two year post-study full time work requirement.  
Extending occupations in regional areas to match those available for permanent regional employer sponsored visas will show consistency between the two programs, and further extending the list of eligible occupations to include health care workers (such as carers), farm workers and machinery operators and drivers will greatly benefit the South Australian economy. This will provide greater direct access to workers for employers, rather than forcing them to negotiate a complicated and time-consuming Labour Agreement.
Interestingly, Canada have a very good visa program in the agriculture/horticulture sector which could potentially be adopted in Australia. Such a program would greatly assist agriculture, livestock and aquaculture producers - all key industries in South Australia.


All the best,

Mark Glazbrook
Feature Stories


Accounting, Engineering and IT to be removed from the SOL?
Recent media speculation over the future of certain occupations on the Skilled Occupations List is causing concern to a large number of international students and recent graduates, who fear they won't be able to remain in Australia and work after finishing their studies.

However as we explain here, the chances of occupations being completely removed from the list are slim. See below to find out more.   

How to extend your Working Holiday visa
Each year thousands of young migrants flock to Australia through the Working Holiday Program for a taste of the enviable lifestyle. With a wide-range of occupations to choose from all over the country, it's no wonder many young migrants consider a Working Holiday down under to be one of the best experiences of their lives.

But did you know your stay in the sun doesn't have to be over quite as soon as you think? Read on to find out how you can get the most out of your visa.

Immigration News
BREAKING NEWS: Credit card fees to be passed onto applicants
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is set to introduce a surcharge for VACs paid by credit card from 22 March 2014, though it is yet to release the full details of the new cost. 
Click here to read more. 

Federal government revokes occupational ceilings for certain visas

The DIBP has announced that state and territory nominated visas will no longer be subject to state and territory nominated occupational ceilings, opening the doors for more skilled migrants to apply for Australian temporary residency visas.

 Click here to read more.

Coalition to 'reboot' significant investor visa programme

The Federal Government is planning an overhaul of the Significant Investor Visa programme, as it aims to attract a greater number of wealthy foreign migrants to invest in the Australian economy. 

Click here to read more. 

Government announces review of 457 programme
Senator Cash has recently announced that the government will be conducting an independent review of the 457 programme, after lodgement numbers fell sharply last year. 
Click here to read more.

Bupa to provide Australian visa health checks
Health insurance provider Bupa has been awarded a three-year contract to cover Australian visa applicant health checks, along with a range of other medical and processing services. 

Click here to read more.

DIBP to go ahead with changes despite union pressure
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is expected to follow through on it's promise to revoke the cap on 457 sponsors brought in by the former Labor government, despite unions urging for it to be kept.  
Click here to read more.

Successful Migrants
Ian Darbyshire
Former UK businessman Ian Darbyshire loves living in South Australia so much he says he wishes he'd moved here 20 years earlier.

Having successfully managed a career of high-powered positions such as CEO and Managing Director back in the UK, it didn't take long for Ian's leadership skills to be recognised down under. 
First working as chief executive for prominent real estate agency Toop and Toop, he then headed up the South Australian Tourism Commission for a couple of years before taking on the position of CEO for the newly-redeveloped state icon, Rundle Mall. 
Seven years after making the move to Adelaide to provide his children with a better education, career prospects and lifestyle, Ian still considers the opportunities in Adelaide to be endless. 
Click here to read about Ian's migration process.

An Interview with Migration Solutions
Migration Matters (Episode 4) - SACOME
Migration Matters (Episode 4) - SACOME
South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

In our fourth episode of 'Migration Matters', we sit down
with Jonathon Forbes from SACOME to discuss how the 
reinstatement of a flexible regional 457 visa is needed for mining, oil and gas companies across South Australia.

Jonathon also elaborates on why SACOME are supportive of increasing population growth and economic development in regional areas of South Australia, and the ways in which creating more locally-based positions would assist with this.

Top stories

Listed below are the top five immigration stories posted on the Migration Solutions social media platforms this month.


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Vanessa De Pretis  
Our staff member of the month of February is Vanessa De Pretis.
Vanessa has recently been awarded her certification as a registered migration agent, after having been at the company for four years in a processing role. 
Prior to becoming a registered migration agent, Vanessa specialised in Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Ministerial Intervention submissions for clients of Migration Solutions. She considers her work to be very rewarding, as she loves the feeling of being able to secure a successful decision for a client who otherwise would be forced to leave Australia and start their life over again. 
See below to visit Vanessa's staff profile and learn more about her experience and professional background.


'We found Migration Solutions a very helpful company to deal with. From the very beginning of our application, Mark and all his agents have helped us every step of the way.'

'From the TRA forms right through to our visas. They always kept us up to date with our application, and were quick to answer any questions that we had. They have also been very responsive with emails always replying within 24 hours.'

'We highly recommend Migration Solutions to anyone thinking of migrating to Australia and I don't think we would of done it without them, as the forms can be a little daunting at times. It was good to know that there was help on the other end of the phone or email.'

- J & P Bradley (General Skilled Migration Visa)


Click here for more client testimonials


N.B. The information provided in this newsletter is designed to provide an overview of various options that may be available to migrants, and is not meant to act as a substitute for specific immigration advice. For a more detailed overview of Australia's migration program and visa opportunities, including relevant eligibility criteria, please contact our office.


Sponsorship Obligationsobligations
If you are an employer sponsoring an international worker, you are legally required to comply with various sponsor obligations in order to be allowed to employ that worker. 
For details regarding these obligations, follow the links below.

  Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa - Subclass 457


  Temporary Work (Long-Stay Activity) - Subclass 401


  Training and Research Visa - Subclass 402



For details on sponsorship obligations regarding different visa types, please visit the DIBP website.



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