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February -  State Election Preview Edition

Welcome to our February Newsletter

Dear subscriber,
Welcome to the special February State Election Preview edition of the Migration Solutions newsletter, a publication that will keep you up to date with the changes in immigration. 
In this edition, our two feature articles are a direct address from both the Premier Jay Weatherill and State Opposition Leader Steven Marshall regarding their plans for Australia's migration program as a means to boost the South Australian economy. 

We also have an article and video case study of one of our most successful clients, Michael Goonan, an interview with prominent South Australian businessman and population growth advocate Michael Hickinbotham, as well as all the latest immigration news updates.



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Message from the Director
Dear Subscribers,
Hello, and welcome to our special state election edition of Immigration News!
In this issue we are fortunate enough to have a statement provided to Migration Solutions from both the Premier of South Australia Jay Weatherill and Opposition Leader Steven Marshall on their plans for the future of immigration in South Australia, and its role in boosting our local economy in the lead up to the March 15 election.
To provide a brief overview of the current migration landscape in South Australia, our population growth rate currently sits at 0.9%, half the national average of 1.8%. We make up approximately 7.5% of Australia's total pouplation, yet migration outcomes show that we achieve about a 3% share of the 457 program, 4% of the international student market, 5% of family based migration oucomes and 6% for permanent skilled migration.

In short, South Australia is currently underperforming when it comes to our share of the national migration program - something we believe is having a major influence on our failing economy (as shown in the latest CommSec's State of the States quarterly report).
Mr Weatherill has stated that he wants to 'ensure that the wellbeing of South Australians is enhanced by planning for and balancing the social, economic and environmental impacts of population growth.'
Mr Marshall says that he wants to 'engage with the public through a Population Growth Summit in order to help conceive new ideas as to how South Australia can stimulate economic growth.'
Have a read of what both parties are planning for our State's immigration policy, and let us know your thoughts on which is promising a better future for South Australians through an improved migration program.
For the record, I believe that a targeted and well planned skilled migration or economic migration program will provide an enormous economic benefit to all South Australians, and will create thousands of new jobs and training opportunities in South Australia.
All the best,
Mark Glazbrook
Feature Stories


Jay Weatherill address
Premier Jay Weatherill discusses the importance of keeping South Australia's best and brightest in the State, making SA an attractive destination for overseas migrants, and what his Government has done to improve immigration levels since his tenure began.
Mr Weatherill also draws attention to the importance of efforts to build the skills of local workers and balance community and industry expectations, and how crucial it is for South Australia to maintain fast visa processing times so as to eliminate backlogs as a discouraging factor for migrants considering moving to SA.
Steven Marshall address
Opposition Leader Steven Marshall has big ideas for South Australia's migration program, including an increase of our largest export in international education from 28,000 students to 40,000 over the next 10 years.
Mr Marshall also discusses the need to increase the retention rate of young South Australians by growing our economy through measured population growth, and why we need to substitute our large number of fly in/fly out positions with more locally-based skilled workers that contribute to the South Australian economy.
Immigration News
Government announces new multiple-entry visa type

The Trade and Investment and Immigration Ministers have issued a joint media release detailing plans for a new multiple-entry visa type that will help attract more repeat visits from Chinese business visitors.
Click here to read more.

Rising number of illegal Irish migrants deported

A growing number of unlawful Irish migrants are being identified and deported, according to figures released by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

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DIBP warns students against 'course-hopping'

The DIBP has launched a social media campaign warning students studying at SVP degree-providers that by transferring to a lower course they could be in breach of their visa conditions.

Click here to read more. 

MRT, RRT announce new online lodgement service
The Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal have announced a new online lodgement service for applicants that wish to contest a decision made by the DIBP regarding the approval of their application.  
Click here to read more.

Media calls skilled migration program into question over PR grants 


An article published in Melbourne newspaper The Herald Sun has questioned the integrity of Australia's skilled migration program, after figures released by the DIBP showed that cooks and hairdressers were in the top five jobs that received permanent residency visas last year.


Click here to read more.


Construction industry predicts massive skills shortages

The South Australian branch of the Master Builders Association has predicted significant skill shortages will be felt throughout the sector within two years unless red tape is slashed on skilled migration.

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Successful Migrants
Michael Goonan
Successfully migrating to Australia
Successfully migrating to Australia
Scottish businessman Michael Goonan is a outstanding example of what a migrant can achieve if they are prepared to keep an open mind and take advantage of the significant array of opportunities on offer in South Australia.
Coming from a background of running nursing homes in the UK, Michael never thought he would end up  the Director and owner of the state's largest ice-manufacturing and distribution company - Adelaide Ice. 
His story is not only fascinating, but also proof that businesses don't necessarily need to be run through large or commercially-centred cities in order to be successful.
Click here to read about Michael's migration process.
An Interview with Migration Solutions

Migration Matters (Episode 3) - Michael Hickinbotham
Migration Matters (Episode 3) - Michael Hickinbotham
Hickinbotham Homes

In our third episode of 'Migration Matters', we sit down with Michael Hickinbotham from Hickinbotham Homes to discuss the effect importance of strong and sustainable population growth to South Australia's economy.

As chairman of the Australian Population Institute and member of the Economic Development Board, Michael is an authoritive and prominent voice for population growth and skilled migration as a means of stimulating economic growth. He is also a firm believer in the reinstatement of a regional 457 visa, as a critical measure for enabling South Australian employers to have greater access to skilled migrants.

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Peng Zhang 
Our staff member of the month for February is Peng Zhang.
Peng is a registed migration agent at Migration Solutions, and has been at the company for 4 years. 
Prior to becoming a registered migration agent, Peng accumulated over 10 years of experience working in customs law enforcement and business management in his native country of China. Peng also holds a Chinese Legal Professional Qualification, which enables him to provide advice on legal matters in China, adding to the range of professional services offered by Migration Solutions.
See below to visit Peng's staff profile and learn more about his experience and professional background.

'Obtaining an Australian visa was very important for me and my family, as this application was our only hope of us staying in Australia. All our hopes and dreams were based on the outcome of this application, which was why we entrusted it to the experienced team at Migration Solutions.'


'The staff are professional, experienced, and efficient. My case offiicer was extremely helpful and dedicated towards their work, always kept me updated as to the progress of my application, and was quick to answer my questions by either phone or email.'


'I would highly recommend Migrations Solutions to any of my friends or relatives that were thinking of migrating to Australia


- Sulochana Peter (RSMS visa)



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Sponsorship Obligationsobligations
If you are an employer sponsoring an international worker, you are legally required to comply with various sponsor obligations in order to be allowed to employ that worker. 
For details regarding these obligations, follow the links below.

  Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa - Subclass 457


  Temporary Work (Long-Stay Activity) - Subclass 401


  Training and Research Visa - Subclass 402



For details on sponsorship obligations regarding different visa types, please visit the DIBP website.



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