What is the Certified Seed Advantage and why is it important?


Quality seed is the foundation of quality food. Starting with ingredients made from Certified Seed gives food processors such as millers, bakers and brewers the highest quality ingredients for their products. Certified Seed delivers specific nutritional and baking characteristics and helps ensure consistent product quality and performance to produce that perfect loaf or great-tasting beer.


To ensure products deliver these attributes, grain handlers, millers and food processors select grains and oilseeds grown from Certified seed.

Certified Seed ensures Quality and delivers Traceability and Innovation


Certified Seed delivers three specific benefits  to food processors.


Ingredients and food products made from Certified Seed provide enhanced quality assurance; it allows ingredients to be traced to their original source; and helps develop innovative and differentiated food products.

Certified Seed starts with Canadian Seed Growers


Certified Seed starts with growers and strict production guidelines.


Certified Seed can be identified by the Blue Tag which signifies that it was produced using a process monitored and validated by the Canadian Seed Growers' Association.
Earning the Blue Tag requires lots of extra work on behalf of growers to protect quality. Royalties collected on Certified Seed also make new, innovative variety development possible.
Video Resources   


The Certified Advantage. How
quality food begins with quality


Cereals specialist Peter Johnson explains the benefits
of Certified seed for food
processors, millers and

SeCan's Todd Hyra explains
how Certified
Seed helps deliver
innovation needed for
enhanced baking and
brewing characteristics.
Canadian Grain Commission's Melonie Stoughton-Ens explains
how Certified Seed and
identity preserved systems
deliver unique
characteristics for food


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