May 5, 2016


The American Canyon City Council adopted a Resolution at their meeting of May 3, 2016 easing the current water restrictions from a Drought Emergency Stage 2 to Drought Emergency Stage 1 calling for Voluntary Conservation. 
Public Works Director, Jason Holley, advised the City Council that, although the drought is still on-going state-wide, the City's water supply situation has improved enough to justify returning to Stage 1.  He also reiterated the need to continue conserving as much as possible.  "Water conservation needs to become the new normal.  Dry years will come and go but water-wise habits need to become the way of life in California."
Returning to Stage 1 allows water customers to do the following:
  • Washing vehicles at home is allowed as long as your hose includes a shut off nozzle and water does not flow into the gutter unnecessarily.
  • You may water your lawn on any day of the week but be mindful of how long you're watering - water the lawn, not the street! 
  • The best practice it to water between 8pm and 8am, to eliminate the natural evaporation that occurs when it's warmer.  Don't water with sprinkler systems when it's windy.
  • Use of ornamental fountains is allowed as long as it includes a recirculating pump.
  • You may fill swimming pools.
  • All The City's water conservation programs including turf replacement ("Cash for Grass"), toilet replacement and washer replacement remain available and highly encouraged.  Call Nicole Scott at 647-5327 for more information.
  • FREE recycled water remains available at the City's Corporation Yard for irrigation and similar non-potable uses. 
  •  Keep your plumbing, irrigation and pool systems in good working order and fix all leaks within 72 hours.
  • Report water wasters on SeeClickFix, via the Water Use Concern Form or call (707) 647-5382. 
  • For more information, see our website HERE.
Thanks to the community's significant efforts, city-wide water consumption was down 23% in 2015, exceeding our local goal of 20% and the Governor's goal of 16% conservation. Continuing to conserve and following the guidelines above will help ensure a long-term, reliable water supply for American Canyon.

Note that the $2 per unit surcharge added to your monthly utility bill will remain in effect until a water rate study is completed and the City Council considers a new, long-term rate structure. This study is nearing completion and you will be notified when the public hearing process begins. Although our water supplies have increased, easing the burden on consumers, our costs to purchase, treat and deliver your water remain high. The new, long-term rates, when adopted, will help ensure the water system remains fiscally sustainable.