January 29, 2016
Noel Brinkerhoff_AC Eagle
Today wraps up "Great Kindness Challenge" week at Canyon Oaks Elementary School.  This fun and educational week started off with an assembly to learn about why kindness matters.  All 702 students pledged to perform 50 acts of kindness during the week, and volunteers were available to help the students come up with ideas for being kind.  How inspiring! These kids alone did 35,100 kind things around town this week.  Can you imagine if each of us participated too?  Let's see, 20,090 residents times 50 nice things each...that is more than one million kind acts in a week.  We'd be the nicest, kindest City around!  Great job to the students, staff, families and volunteers at Canyon Oaks. 
Thank you for your kindness! 

On the Agenda...

The next City Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 2nd at 6:30 PM.  In addition to normal business, the Council will consider adopting a new fee charged on new development that will be set aside to provide housing for low- and moderate- income families.  The City currently has a fee that applies only to new residential development; the new fee would also apply to commercial and industrial development.  The Council will also consider a budget amendment that will provide funding to construct several new covered picnic areas in our city parks.  Click here to see the full agenda and meeting packet. 

Since our Last Update...

The City Council had a very full and productive meeting on January 19th.  In a Public Hearing, the Council considered adopting an ordinance that would prohibit shops that primarily sell tobacco or e-cigarettes, or vapor lounges or hookah bars, from opening in American Canyon.  The Council also considered an ordinance increasing the amount of land new residential developers must set aside for parks in their projects.  If you would like to comment on either of these two items, please attend the meeting this coming Tuesday (February 2nd) when the Council is scheduled to take final action.  Also at the January 19th meeting, the Council allocated $18,750 in grants to the following community organizations:  AHI Swim Team, American Canyon 4-H, American Canyon Family Resource Center, Community Action of Napa Valley, and Napa Valley Hospice and Adult Day Services.  Congratulations to these great organizations for their successful grant applications!  Finally, the City Council selected Pacific Coast Farmer's Market Association to operate our new Farmer's Market starting in May.  Look for announcements of the opening day celebration. Click here to watch the meeting video.
On January 26th the City Council held a special workshop to discuss long-term water demand and supply options for the future.  The Council concluded that the City needs to keep encouraging residents to be water-wise regardless of the drought and we will continue to require businesses to maximize use of recycled water.  They also directed staff to study four options for longer-term water supplies:  expanding our water purchases from the City of Vallejo; enhanced use of recycled water, including possible potable re-use; purchasing water from existing lakes that might be available and exploring ground water options in the area.  It was a very informative meeting and I appreciate everyone from the community that attended. Click here to watch the meeting video. 
State of the City

The American Canyon Chamber of Commerce will host the annual State of the City breakfast on February 4th at 8 AM at the DoubleTree by Hilton.  This important annual event is a great opportunity to hear about the City's accomplishments in 2015 and plans for 2016.  We will talk about water, parks, streets, jails, and more.  Many of your city and county leaders will be there and you will have the chance to ask questions.  Registration is available here.  Cost is $20 per person.
City Manager Nextdoor Online Q&A  

Q and A key on keyboard
Have a question you want to ask but don't know how?  The City Manager will host the next online Q&A session on Nextdoor to answer questions on all sorts of topics, 
ranging from leash-less dogs to taking care of the city's older infrastructure. The first session of the year will be held on Tuesday, February 9th from 7 - 8 PM. 
To participate you need to be a member of Nextdoor, click here to sign upLog in at 7 PM on Tuesday (Feb. 9th) evening and look for her post inviting questions, then ask away.  Spread the word and get your questions ready! 

Speaking of Nextdoor... Nextdoor is the private social network for you, your neighbors and your community. It's the easiest way for you and your neighbors to talk online and share information that matters to your neighborhood. And it's free. 
All About Water

It's pouring outside.  Why should we still conserve? 
The rain can easily make us forget a drought exists. These rain storms do help, but we really need the snow in the Sierras to build up during the winter so the rivers can flow into the reservoirs across the State. National Geographic recently published an informative article to help us understand what it will take to end the drought here in California. Click here to read it. Also, the Governor has not lifted the statewide drought restrictions and we are still to reduce jour consumption from 2013 levels.   
Is that Cash for Grass program still available? 
The Cash For Grass turf replacement rebate program saw great success with 208,393 square feet of water guzzling lawn converted into drought tolerant landscaping or hardscape.  211 residents participated, all committing to permanently reducing their use of potable water for irrigation.  You can view some of the completed projects below. Cash for Grass is still available at a rebate of $1 for every square foot of irrigated grass converted to drought tolerant landscaping (max $750).  Mid City Nursery has a variety of drought tolerant plants and California natives to choose from.  In addition, the State has a supplemental rebate program that can be combined with the City's Cash for Grass AND toilet rebate.  Click here for more information about the State's program.

If we are in a drought, why is the City approving new development? 
Several years ago, the City Council adopted a "Zero Water Footprint" policy.  Under this policy, the developer of any new project, residential, commercial and industrial, must provide new sources of water to meet their project demand.  All the projects currently under way, including Napa Junction phase 3, Canyon Ridge apartments, Napa Logistics Park industrial project and the proposed Watson Ranch project will either identify a new water source or reduce water demand elsewhere in the City to "free up" the water for their project.  The projects currently underway, as well as planned for the future, will not use the water currently available to our customers.
Why does my water taste a bit "earthy" sometimes? 
The City gets our raw water from a slough just north of Fairfield.  From the slough, it travels through an aqueduct to our water treatment plant on Jamieson Canyon Road where it is purified and distributed to customers throughout the city.  During certain weather conditions, the water in the slough can generate harmless algae that create that musty smell and taste.  The water is purified at the water treatment plant and is perfectly safe to drink.  It just might have an off taste or smell a couple times a year.  The City is investigating the feasibility of adding carbon filters to our water treatment plant to minimize this effect. 
Traffic Safety

Driving on a Highway at Sunset - poor view caused by heavy rain and  back light
Most traffic collisions don't happen at high speeds, they happen when we are in stop and go traffic and aren't paying attention. Most drivers would never consider using their cell phone when they are cruising along at 65 MPH, but when traffic slows, out come the phones. Something about slower speeds make drivers believe this is safe, but it is not.  It's also raining, so leave those phones alone and increase the distance between you and the car you are behind.  Stay safe! 
Construction Updates

Kimberly Park Project
The parking lot is looking great.  The contractor has been pouring the sidewalks in the parking lot area this week.
Kimberly Park Improvement Project
Kimberly Park Improvement Project

14-inch Water Main Replacement Project
The project to replace the water main along Highway 29 continues to make progress
The final section of pipe has been installed and the contractor is reconnecting fire hydrants and services. Next week we will start testing the last section and hope to make the final connections by February 12th. Paving, hydroseeding and final cleanup will follow with the project completing by the end of February. 

Karrot the Rabbit

Got a carrot you can share with me, Karrot? Named after the treat I love, I am a true fan of all things orange and green. I'm also a big fan of cuddles and love! I'd love for someone to come meet me and see what a nice companion I will be...if I held up a sign it would say, "will love for carrots!" Click here to find out how you can meet me and take me home.
Free Drug Collection Bin

Did you know that we have a FREE drug collection bin in the lobby of the Public Safety Building? Drop your unused or expired prescription medications in the bin and we will have them destroyed. Simply place your medications in a plastic bag and the drop them into the bin. Throw your plastic bottles into your home recycling container. It's easy! NO NEEDLES and NO LIQUIDS. The lobby is open Monday-Friday, from 8:30 AM - 5 PM.
Volunteer Opportunities

Message from ACHS Principal Damon Wright

ACHS relies on fundraising to support academic and extracurricular programs. American Canyon is a small community and our supporters are often approached by multiple high school interest groups  for financial support. The ACHS administration would like to rebuild, reorganize and streamline our fundraising program to address this concern. Please join me at our Coffee with the Principal event on Wednesday, February 10th, at 6:30 PM in room A217 at the high school. I look forward to meeting with you. 
Parks & Recreation News

Upcoming Events:
The Napa Solano Audubon Society is hosting their annual event, The Backyard Bird Count & Bird Walk at the Napa River Bay Trail on Saturday, February 6th. The workshop begins at 9 AM, followed by a bird walk at the American Canyon Wetlands from 9:30 AM until noon. Click here for more information.

Look Ahead:
The Summer Activities Guide will be mailed to homes at the end of February, with registration opening on March 9, 2016!  Get an early start planning your spring and summer activities, to include our fabulous Summer Day Camp, new Middle School trips, and much more.

Click here to view our Fall/Winter Activities Guide with all the classes through March 2016.

Upcoming Activities:

Line Dancing with Evolution Soul Line Dancers
Ages 14 and up
Res: $25/month
Non: $30/month
Recreation Center
The word DANCE printed on clothespin clipped cards in front of defocused glowing lights.     Note  Visible grain at 100 , best at smaller sizes

Senior Trip - San Francisco Orchid Society's 64th Annual Pacific Orchid Exposition
Friday, February 26th
9 AM - 4 PM
$20 (transportation only)

For more information contact us at: (707) 648-7275