August 14, 2015
City Manager's Friday Update

I have heard from residents (more times than I care to recall) that American Canyon is a special place, and we need to be sure visitors know that we are more than just a crowded highway.  We have trails, wetlands, and great parks; we are centrally located to many attractions in the larger Bay Area; and we are a comparatively affordable place to stay if you are visiting the Napa Valley.  But how do we get that word out to potential visitors?  Open a Welcome Center!  American Canyon is the only city in Napa County that does not have a visitor information center, until now.  I am very pleased to announce that the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce will celebrate the grand opening of their new Welcome Center on Thursday August 27 at 5:30 PM. 

The new Welcome Center is located in the Palby's building on Highway 29 at South Napa Junction Road.  This is a tremendous opportunity for American Canyon - I hope everyone takes the time to visit the Welcome Center, and bring your guests along! 
School Starts Next Week
As many of you know, and I suspect many of you are really looking forward to - school starts next Wednesday!  Our Police Chief, Tracey Stuart wants to remind everyone to be patient.  During this time, parents are learning or remembering how to safely drop off their children and the excited children need to be reminded to watch out for cars.  Please allow extra time for drop off and pick up for the first two weeks.  Once everyone gets used to the routine traffic will get better.
On the Agenda... 
The City Council will meet next Tuesday, August 18, at 6:30 PM in the City Council chambers.  There are a couple items on the agenda you may be interested in. 
First, the City Council will consider final adoption of an ordinance limiting the distribution of single-use plastic bags.  The new rules would be very similar to the rules in Napa:  bring your own re-usable bags to the store when you shop, or pay 10 cents to purchase paper bags.  We have re-usable shopping bags available for free - stop by City Hall!  If you are interested in this proposed ordinance, be sure to attend the meeting and let the Council know your thoughts.  If the ordinance is approved, it will be effective no sooner than January 1, 2016.
Secondly, the Council will consider awarding a construction contract to replace a 6,000 long foot section of water main line that is 70 years old and very leaky.  Once this project is complete, we expect to save 200+ acre feet of water a year (more than 65 million gallons).
To view the entire agenda and supporting materials, click HERE.
Since Our Last City Council Update...

The City Council met today, August 14, to hear about the challenges we face in providing affordable housing to our residents.  In the coming months, the City Council will consider updating the requirements we place on new developers to provide affordable housing in their projects.
If you would like to watch today's City Council meeting, see a video HERE
And don't forget that every City Council meeting has a time set aside to hear from the community on any topic of interest.  This public comment time is scheduled very early in the meeting, so plan on arriving at City Hall at 6:30 PM for City Council meetings.  Finally, your Mayor and City Council can be contacted by email or by calling City Hall at 647-4360.  Contact information for all city managers can also be found on the website. 
Water Rate Surcharge Proposed 
As you know, the costs for the City to supply you with water have increased drastically as a result of the drought, primarily because we are paying a premium to purchase "raw" water.  The City Council will be considering imposing a water rate surcharge of $2 per unit of water consumed at their September 1st meeting.  If you want to know more about this, including how you may protest the increase, check the City's website HERE.  Also, we have received lots of questions about how much it costs the City to provide water to our customers.  In 2015, we anticipate receiving $3.52 per unit of water (748 gallons) in revenue.  In contrast, purchasing and distributing water to our customers will cost $5.24 per unit of water this year.   Want to see the data?  It's HERE.  As always, contact City Hall (or reply to this message) with questions. 
New Park and Ride Lot

Mayor Leon Garcia
The new Park and Ride lot next to the library at James and Crawford is officially open for business.  An official grand opening ceremony was held this week to launch the $339,000 project that includes 45 new parking spaces, two electric car charging stations, bicycle storage and a new bus shelter.  Grant funding paid for the majority of the project.
Planning Commission Vacancy 

Apply by September 11th!
Serving on the Planning Commission is a great way to get involved with the City and help guide the future of the community.  Applicants should have some knowledge of land use planning, zoning, economic development and community issues in American Canyon.  Check here for more information.  
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Editor's Note
Please note that the last Friday Update indicated the Drought Surcharge was scheduled for the August 18th City  Council Meeting.  It should have said September 1st.
Coffee with Cops
Wed., Aug. 26th
Shenandoah Park
9:30 - 11:00 AM
Join your neighbors and police officers for conversation and coffee. Click here for the flyer. coffee_blank.jpg
2015 Sales Tax Update
The City receives quarterly reports outlining sales tax activity and trends in American Canyon and throughout the State.  The first quarter of 2015 is attached.
Clear the Shelters

Napa County 
Animal Shelter
935 Hartle Street, Napa

Saturday, August 15th 
10 AM - 4 PM

ALL animals will have adoption fees reduced 50%. Come see us from 10-4 and take home your forever friend! Click here for more info.

A Life Saver on Staff 

On August 6th, one of our Water Division employees literally made the day very special for one of our residents.  David Accurso was investigating why a water meter on Joan Drive didn't seem to be working properly.  He knocked on the door to let the resident know he'd like to use her hose when he heard cries for help.  The resident had fallen and could not get up.  David called 911 and waited until the woman was safely in the ambulance headed for the hospital.  Way to go David!  
Construction in Full Swing 
The new Recycled Water Storage Tank project is steadily moving forward.  
The contractor has competed grading the site, dug the footings and installed rebar in anticipation of pouring concrete next week. Once concrete is complete, the tank assembly portion of the project will begin.  
Another project taking shape at the Wastewater plant is the installation of the new Screw Press
The screw press will extract water from the sludge that is produced during the wastewater treatment process leaving a semi solid material that can be disposed of at the landfill.  Previously we saved the sludge in large ponds and paid a contractor every couple of years to come take it away.  The new process saves time, money and allows us to use the storage ponds for other purposes. 
The finishing touches are being made to the two new Chemical Storage Tanks.  
The potential failure of the containment area is a health and safety concern. The Project will provide the Water Treatment Plant with new caustic and alum tanks and containment area that will meet current health and safety codes.

Newell Drive improvement and widening project continues. During the last several weeks, the  northbound lane has been closed with traffic diverted to one of the southbound lanes.  Beginning on Wednesday morning, August 19th, all three lanes will be open from American Canyon Road to Silver Oak to accommodate back to school traffic.  The northbound lane will be used for school traffic only.  There will be a message board on Newell at the south end of the High School and a Flagger will be on the corner of Newell and Silver Oak to help direct traffic to the elementary and high school.  From Silver Oak to Donaldson Way, the current configuration of 2 lanes, 1 in each direction will still be in place.  The project is scheduled to be completed in late October.  
Kimberly Park Improvements Underway

Informational Open House at the Park
Thursday, August 20,  5:30 - 6:30 PM          
The Kimberly Park Improvement Project is about the begin. The park has been closed and the construction equipment is beginning to mobilize.  Next Thursday at 5:30 PM City Staff, the Contractor and the Landscape Engineer will be at the park to answer questions, provide detailed information and drawings as well as timing of the various components.  The project will include new soccer fields, a restroom, flood control and drainage improvements, a bigger parking lot, a trail around the perimeter and new landscaping.  Construction is scheduled to be completed early Spring of 2016; the contractors have been approved to work Monday - Friday 7 AM - 7 PM but on most days they will be done much earlier than that.  Questions?  Please call Public Works at 647-5324.
FREE Recycled Water - Pick up yours Today!  
The new Residential Recycled Fill Station has been up and running for a couple of weeks now.  We have been happy with the response.  This is a great opportunity to get some free recycled water to hand water your lawn, gardens, vegetables and trees - it cannot be used to drink, play, bathe, cook, wash your car or fill your RV's holding tanks. You will need to bring your own container with a tight fitting lid.  After a brief training, you will be allowed to pick up between 1 and 300 gallons of water, but be careful water is VERY heavy!  Ten gallons of water weighs 80 pounds and a 55 gallon drum of water weighs 900 pounds! The station is located at the City's Corporation Yard,  205 Wetlands Edge Road; the station is open on a drop in basis from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday - Friday. For more information check here. 

Water Conservation Series of Classes Offered
The California Native Grasslands Association is offering a series of classes in September and October designed to help with water conservation.  Descriptions and registration information can be found on their website.

Cash for Grass - a Huge Success!
As of July 1st, 207 Cash For Grass applications were in the hopper, with 78 complete projects. These applications represent the removal of more than 155,000 square feet of turf and nearly 4 million gallons of water savings annually.  Have you considered the program yet?  Check it out!

Parks and Recreation News
Program and Event Highlights 
We hope everyone had a great summer and are looking forward to the start of the school year.  Although this can be a hectic time for parents and kids, we would like to make things a little easier by offering some great after school options, such as "The Hangout" for Middle Schoolers and Coed Basketball.  You can also click here to view our Fall/Winter Activities Guide with all the classes and events happening in September 2015 through March 2016. 
basketball-playing.jpg Jr. Warriors Youth Winter Basketball League (ages 5-14) resident registration is almost here!  American Canyon residents will be able to sign up at the Parks and Recreation office, 100 Benton Way, beginning Monday, August 31st.  Practices are held once a week for each age group beginning Monday, December 7, 2015.  Games will be played on Saturday mornings and are scheduled to begin on Saturday, January 19, 2016.

Upcoming activities:   
Activity Date/Time


Mon 3-5 PM
Wed 1-3 PM


Senior Multi-Use Center
 2185 Elliott Drive


Session I: 
Tue 3-5 PM
Wed 1-3 PM
Thur 3-5 PM  


Community Center Gym

Middle School Dance
Glow in the Dark


Friday, August 21st
7-10 PM


Community Center Gym

For more information contact us at: (707) 648-7275

 Photos from Around Town

Top left: Water Conservation Outreach at the Senior Center; Top right: Loading up the goody bags for National Night Out; Center: National Night Out Block Party at Mosaic Court; Bottom left: Wesley making friends; Bottom right: Councilmembers tending to the garden at American Canyon High School