July 31, 2015
City Manager's Friday Update

Yes, the Citizens Academy is back!  Want to know more about your City government?  Where do we get our water?  Why do we have so much traffic?  When I flush the toilet, where does it go?  Where is the best place to go for a walk? What programs do we have for my 6-year old?  Learn the answers to these questions, plus so much more, by attending the American Canyon Citizens Academy.  Wednesday evenings September 9 through November 4.  This is our second academy, following the very popular spring session.  Don't miss this!  Space is limited, so please apply early.  Application deadline August 24th.  To learn more, go HERE.  To apply, go HERE.   
Join Us At National Night Out 

National Night Out is a very fun way to meet and spend time with your neighbors while also encouraging community - police partnerships and crime prevention.  Have you ever participated?  It's not too late.  Our Community Resource Police Officer, Ryan Woolworth, organizes the event every year and can help you find neighbors in your area that have a party planned or he can help you with ideas  to hold one of your own.  Contact him before Monday by email or call 707-551-0605.  Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel  as well as many City Officials make the rounds to each party - hope to see you then!

On the Agenda... 

The next City Council Meeting will be August 4th at 3:30 PM.  The meeting is scheduled for this special early time so that Council Members and City staff may participate in National Night Out ( see above for more information about NNO).  At this meeting the Council will consider adding a School Resource (Police) Officer (SRO) at American Canyon Middle School.  The SRO will organize and implement programs to promote a safe school environment, alcohol and drug abuse prevention and awareness, violence prevention and early intervention, developing and maintaining healthy and robust community partnerships, investigating criminal law violations and responding to police related incidents, teacher training, classroom presentations, participation in parent workshops and community meetings, and to provide students with law enforcement related counseling, guidance and referrals as needed.  Initially, the position will be funded by both the City and the Napa Valley Unified School District but will transition to 100% District funding in three years.  See the complete staff report here.  

Remember that every City Council meeting has a time set aside to hear from the community on any topic of interest.  This public comment time is scheduled very early in the meeting, so plan on arriving at City Hall at 3:30 PM for this City Council meeting and at 6:30 PM for a regularly scheduled meeting.  Finally, your Mayor and City Council can be contacted by email or by calling City Hall at 647-4360.  Contact information for all city managers can also be found on the website.

Transit System Changes


Beginning on August 17th a brand new service and new schedules will be offered by American Canyon Transit (ACT).  Fixed route schedules will continue during peak school commute hours when there are lots of riders.  The rest of the day will transition to Door-to-Door Services meaning the bus will come directly to you and take you to any destination in American Canyon.  The door-to door and fixed route fares will be $1.00 per adult and $ .50 for youth, seniors and disabled riders.  See the attached flyer for more information or click here.

Kimberly Park Construction Starting Soon

The Kimberly Flood Control, Clean Water and Park Improvement Project will begin in early August and is scheduled to be completed in February 2016.  The park will be closed during construction. There will be a large amount of dirt removed from the site which will increase truck traffic from the park up Kimberly to Elliott then onto American Canyon Road and exiting onto Highway 29. 


Construction will lower the easterly portion of Kimberly Park to form a flood control basin and modify the existing storm drain system. Once complete, flood waters will be stored in the basin instead of the street, thereby reducing the risk of flooding of nearby homes. The existing athletic fields and parking lot will be rebuilt at a new, lower elevation and made available for use during non-flooded times. Additional amenities will include restrooms, gates, lights, flag pole and a sign.  

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Street Sweeping Schedule  

Park and Ride Grand Opening

The new Park and Ride Lot next to the library is complete and ready to use.  The lot includes an electric car charging station, bike storage and a brand new bus shelter.  A grand opening ceremony is planned for August 11th at 11:00 AM, everyone is invited to attend.

The City Just Got a Little Bigger 

On June 29 the Napa County Local Agency Formation Commission approved the annexation of 38 acres into the City limits.  The site is slated for a new subdivision of high-end large lot homes between the Newell Creek Trail and the PG&E Towers east of Newell Drive.  Hearings on the Canyon Estates project should begin this Fall.

Newell Drive 4th Lane

Beginning July 30th and concluding in late October the City will be making improvements on Newell Drive from Silver Oak Trail to just north of Donaldson Way.  Expect minor delays while a second northbound lane is added.  During the day traffic will be diverted to the south side which will result in one lane each direction. Other improvements to be completed during this project include curb and gutter, drainage, fencing, striping and signage.  The City will also be installing 1,700 feet of water line as a pro-active measure to prevent future damage to the roadway.

Got Water?


FREE Recycled Water for You!

Monday, August 3rd the new Residential Recycled Water Fill Station opens.  Located at the City's Corporation Yard,  205 Wetlands Edge Road; the station is open on a drop in basis from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday - Friday.  Recycled water can be used to hand water your lawn, gardens, vegetables and trees - it cannot be used to drink, play, bathe, cook, wash your car or fill your RV's holding tanks. You will need to bring your own container with a tight fitting lid.  After a brief training, you will be allowed to pick up between 1 and 300 gallons of water, but be careful water is VERY heavy!  Ten gallons of water weighs 80 pounds and a 55 gallon drum of water weighs 900 pounds! For more information check here. 


Celebrate Your Golden Lawn

If your front lawn is looking... well... bad - thank you!  You are obviously conserving potable (drinking) water.  To celebrate your golden lawn, signs are available at City Hall, utility billing counter.


Business Customers Conserving Too

Congratulations to Biagi Brothers Trucking Company - our latest commercial customer to convert irrigation to recycled water.  The Napa Valley Register ran a great article about Biagi and their efforts to be environmentally responsible, click here to read it. This conversion will literally save the City millions of gallons of potable water each year.  Thanks also to a couple other businesses that recently converted irrigation to recycled water, Hess Vineyards and Canyon Corners shopping area at the intersection of American Canyon Road and Highway 29.  Every gallon helps! 


July conservation results 

Thanks to all of you, we have all met our conservation goal for the month of July!  Citywide, we used 27% less water in July 2015 than we consumed in July 2013.  Keep up the effort...we need to make our water supply last as long as possible.


City Fixing Leaks 

Our public works water crew has fixed more than 75 residential service leaks in the last two months, saving more than 32 million gallons of potable water!


Proposed Drought Surcharge 

By now you have received a notice in the mail about the proposed drought surcharge on water bills.  While we have tried to avoid the as long as possible, the cost to purchase, distribute and conserve water during the drought has grown and our normal water rates can no longer cover the costs.  The City Council will consider imposing a water surcharge on August 18.  For more information, go HERE. 

Parks and Recreation News

Program and Event Highlights 


Bring your family and join your friends at our last night of Movies in the Park, tonight, Friday, July 31st, for Toy Story 3 (PG).  Thank you to our generous sponsors, American Canyon Orthodontics for providing free snow cones and Foothill Christian Church for having free popcorn and a bounce house. 


Our Fall/Winter Activities Guide is now viewable online and has been mailed to resident's homes.  Participate in our exciting classes and events happening in September 2015 through March 2016.  Program highlights include the return of Seals, Sharks, and Orcas advanced swim classes, and brand new Outdoor and Environmental programs at the Napa River Bay Trail and Newell Open Space.  Fall registration opens on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 (Seals/Sharks/Orcas reg. opens 8/3/15).


Upcoming activities:   




Activity Date/Time




Movies in the Park


All Ages



July 31st

 Toy Story 3 (PG)

Showtime at Dusk





This is our last show of the season! 


Main Street Park

 Seals, Sharks and Orcas Advanced Swim Classes 


Seals 6-12

Sharks 9-12

Orcas 9-18 



Seals: M/W/F

 3:30-4:15 PM

Session I: 


Sharks: T/TH

 3:30-4:45 PM

Session I:


Orcas: M/W/F
4:15-5:45 PM
Session I:



Registration Opens 

Monday, 8/3/15


Seals: $100/Session

Sharks: $125/Session

Orcas: $150/Session 



Phillip West Aquatic Center/100 Benton Way



Baking for Teens



6-8 grade


August 4, 18

September 1, 15

3-5 PM





Senior Multi-Use Center 

2185 Elliott Dr

Youth Tennis Lessons

Jr. Beginner 
Jr. Intermediate 9-15


Jr. Beginner's:

Tues 4:30pm-5:30pm


Jr. Intermediate:
Thurs 4:30pm-5:30pm


Melvin Tennis Courts
19 Melvin Drive

For more information contact us at: (707) 648-7275