May 8, 2015
City Manager's Special Water Update


More about water?   Yes!   I bet you've heard that the City of American Canyon needs to reduce our water consumption by 20% from 2013 levels or face penalties from the State.  Earlier this week we sent out notices in the water bills about new rules that everyone must follow in order to meet this goal.  Since that time, we have received many calls and emails asking good questions.  In this Special Water Update we have included a FAQ document to help you better understand the new policies and the need to conserve water.  Throughout the summer, I will be sending out Special Water Updates every now and then to share the progress the City is making to meet our 20% reduction goal, along with other information you might find useful such as new or revised legislation, various ways the City might be able to help you save water, and projects we are undertaking to save water, as well.  Thanks for reading!


Water Restrictions Effective May 1, 2015
  • Landscape irrigation on the WEST side of Highway 29 is allowed ONLY on Monday and Thursday
  • Landscape irrigation on the EAST side of Highway 29 is allowed ONLY on Tuesday and Friday
  • Landscape irrigation with sprinklers is allowed ONLY from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM
  • Landscape irrigation on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday is prohibited city-wide
  • Landscape irrigation that results in runoff into a gutter, sidewalk or the street is prohibited
  • Water may not be used to wash cars, equipment, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, tennis courts, patios, or other paved areas (except to alleviate immediate fire hazards)
  • Filling a new pool is prohibited but you may top off an existing pool to prevent health and safety hazards
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Free Water-Savings Devices at City Hall! Click here for the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

 the most FAQs by City of American Canyon water customers.
See a water waster? Report it on SeeClickFix
use form on our website or call 647-5382

Dew Drop By!  

Dew Drop By 

Informational Water Event

Saturday, May 9th 

10 AM - 2 PM

Mid-City Nursery

3635 Broadway Street

American Canyon



Our first Water Conservation Outreach event it this Saturday at Mid-City Nursery.  Our Water Conservation Specialist and an Irrigation "Expert" will be on hand to answer questions and provide suggestions.  Have you taken advantage of Cash for Grass yet?  Come learn how we will pay you to remove thirsty turf and replace it with more drought tolerant plants.  We'll have information about the toilet retrofit program too - another opportunity to get paid for becoming more water efficient. 


If this weekend doesn't work with your schedule, plan to stop by our next event.  Our team will be at the Senior Center on Saturday, May 30th .  More information to follow.  Questions?  Give us a call at 647-5382.