March 13, 2015
City Manager's Friday Update


Sometimes we get to do really fun things in local government.  I'm pleased to say that our very first Citizens Academy turned out to be one of those fun experiences.  And useful, interesting and rewarding too!  The Citizens Academy was designed to help the community learn about local government, become better informed and engaged citizens as well as develop future City leaders.  All of these things were accomplished and then some.  We are so proud of our first graduates! These folks gave up eight Thursday evenings and a Saturday morning to participate in the academy.  Each City department provided an evening full of information, illustrations and exercises about what they do, including current issues and future projects and plans.  A tour of city facilities provided first-hand knowledge about how the water plant works, what happens at the wastewater treatment plant and future plans at some of the parks. Our next academy will begin in the fall.  Applications will be available this summer, watch this newsletter for the announcements.  I bet you'll have fun.



On the Agenda

The next regularly scheduled City Council Meeting will be Tuesday, March 17th at 6:30 PM, view the agenda here.  Included this week the City Council will consider a new Food Truck and Ice Cream Truck ordinance.  The ordinance responds to resident concerns that Ice Cream Trucks create a safety hazard when they sell ice cream as school lets out each day.  The proposed ordinance would not allow these sales to occur from 15 minutes before school ends to one hour after school ends each day.  The ordinance also limits Food Trucks to the Industrial areas on a regular basis, and in Commercial areas for special events.  See the complete staff report and proposed ordinance here.  The City Council will also consider adopting an Interim Urgency Ordinance imposing a 45-day moratorium on developing any new establishments related to tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vapor or hooka bars within City limits.  This staff report is available here.

Yard Sale Signs


The weather is warming up and that often means more weekend yard sales!  Please be sure your signs are legally placed when promoting your sale.  The Municipal Code allows for one sign at the residence and one free standing directional sign.  Signs may not be affixed to city street or utility poles of any kind - not only is it illegal it is unsafe too. This brochure provides additional information.


Speaking of yard sales, start thinking about participating in the Community Wide Yard Sale on May 29, 30, 31.  You plan the sale, decide how many days you want to participate and then sign up.  The City will help promote your sale by producing maps and placing ads in the local papers.  Last year 60+ households joined the fun.  Signing up is FREE! Email Deanna Parness for more information or to sign up.



Quick Links
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Fire District News

Click here to read the latest news from the Fire District.


Veterans Resources


On the second Thursday of each month from 9:00 AM - noon Napa County Vet Connect provides local resources and services for veterans all in one place.  No appointment is necessary.


Napa County Health & Human Services

2741 Napa Valley Corporate Drive

First Floor 

Conference Room

More info

Earthquake Survey Results


Did you participate in the door-to-door survey last September about the earthquake?  The California Department of Public Health recently released the final results if you'd like to take a look.

Meet Riff Raff

Riff that what I get into? Is that why they named me that? No way! Trouble? Me? Forget it! I'm a cool rabbit with a fun attitude. I'm a Rex rabbit so my ears are a little longer which is cool because it makes me a little bit taller. My feet are white, almost like socks. What can I say? I'm just a cool bunny and I can't wait to meet you! Click here to find out how you can adopt me!

Welcome to New Members 

Several new Commissioners and Committee Members recently joined our City ranks.  Welcome to each one, we know they will be valuable additions.


Deputy City Clerk Cherri Walton administering the Oath of Office to new Open Space Advisory Committee Member

 Tara McClinton

Parks and Community Services Commissioner Kristin Einberger takes her Oath of Office 

Parks and Community Services Commissioner Karina Servente takes her Oath of Office 

Library Commissioner Patricia Krueger takes her Oath of Office

Leaks Can Run, but They Can't Hide!

Are you ready to chase down leaks? Household leaks can waste more than 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide, so each year we hunt down the drips during Fix a Leak Week. 

Mark your calendars for Fix a Leak Week 2015, March 16-22, 2015, but remember that you can race over to your plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems, fix the leaks, and save valuable water and money all year long. Click here to find out more!


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