October 17, 2014



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...we asked for the community's support in crafting a design for Highway 29 in American Canyon.  Many of you were interested enough to step forward and join in the effort, and we are very grateful.  After much studying and consideration by the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency (NCTPA), the County of Napa, Caltrans, and others; on October 15th the NCTPA Board approved the final plan as recommended by the Citizen Steering Committee.  The final plan includes a 6-lane "modified boulevard" for Highway 29 between American Canyon Road and Napa Junction Road. The additional two through lanes would provide congestion relief, along with new landscaping in the median and sides, a separated bike lane and sidewalks.  

You are thinking right now, "oh great, another plan." This particular effort is important because it has county-wide consensus and Caltrans support. With this plan, we can move forward knowing that our regional and state partners are working with us. The next step, along with seeking funds to construct improvements, is to craft a more detailed plan to consider how the highway will look and how the properties on each side will be used. This effort is underway with a new Corridor Specific Plan.  Several of you have also signed up to be on the citizen committee for that effort. The proposed Specific Plan will envision a new mixed use neighborhood between American Canyon Road and Napa Junction Road with interesting architecture, meeting places, interconnections between properties, and creative approaches to allow pedestrians to safely cross the highway. As the effort gets underway, there will be lots of opportunities to learn more and provide your input.  Watch these updates for updates.


In This Issue

Fire District News


Click here for the latest news from the Fire District.
Street Sweeping Oct-Dec
Food Day

Food Day inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies. Every October 24, thousands of events all around the country bring Americans together to celebrate and enjoy real food and to advocate for improved food policies.

On October 22nd from 6-8 PM, there will be a showing of 
the film "Growing Cities" at the City Hall Council Chambers. This film discusses the topic of urban farming and examines the power that urban farming has to revitalize and transform the food system in America. It also highlights the impact that these urban farms have on the communities' housing them. 

There are many other events for the entire family up and down the valley, click here for more info. 
Celebrate my Drive

What is Celebrate My Drive about? It's about communities celebrating new drivers who make smart driving choices, like 2N2 - 2 eyes on the road, 2 hands on the wheel. And not to mention, maybe winning some pretty epic prizes for our local high school. It only takes a minute of your time and helps to promote teen driving safety. Click here for more info.

Take Time to Check your Irrigation System

Over the past few days we received a nice bit of rain. The 7-day forecast indicates cooler temperatures and a little more rain. This time of year turf begins to go dormant. When dormant, turf requires a lot less water. Under these seasonal conditions, most yards can survive without supplemental irrigation (the small bit of moisture that accumulates on the lawn overnight is enough!) 

Please take this opportunity to examine your irrigation routine. We are still in a drought and the City's water supplies are limited. If you choose to continue irrigating, please be mindful of your lawn's reduced need. If each of us does our part to conserve water, it can make a big difference in the end. Should you have any water use concerns in your neighborhood, please contact the City at 647-5382.

Autumn Leaves.Beautiful Abstract Fall Border

Plan on attending the Fall Festival in American Canyon this weekend presented and organized by a group of local citizens and businesses. This FREE public event combines a vintage car show, a health fair, veterans' services and home-based business information.

Two City outreach teams will be attending to provide helpful (and FREE!) devices and valuable information to help save water and prevent pollution.  Stop by and see us!

Saturday, October 18th
10 AM - 3 PM
Community Center Gym, 100 Benton Way 
American Canyon Poetry 

Each year, American Canyon High School Humanities students are assigned to write a poem about their home town of American Canyon.


Click here to read several of the wonderful poems from this year's talented students. They represent a diversity of styles and viewpoints, which is a true reflection of American Canyon.

On the Agenda...


Our next City Council meeting will be Tuesday, October 21st at 6:30 PM.  The full agenda is available here. At this meeting the City Council will consider final adoption of the new Leash Law.  This ordinance will require dogs to be leashed at parks, schools, playgrounds, sidewalks and all public areas.  Additionally, the Council will review the final step of the Citywide Visioning process.  With extensive input from residents and stakeholders, the Council adopted a new vision statement for the community followed by a mission statement, values, goals and strategies for the City organization to help achieve the Vision.   For the last several months City Staff has worked hard to prepare an Implementation Plan establishing the steps necessary to accomplish the adopted goals and strategies.  We'd love for you to attend the meeting and provide your feedback - this process is very important for the future direction of the City.  The staff report and Implementation Plan are available for review. 

Housing Element Update Workshop

American Canyon is updating its Housing Element. The Housing Element is part of the General Plan and contains the goals, policies, and implementation programs to guide the development of future housing. Please join us for a Community Workshop to share your ideas and learn more about improving housing opportunities in American Canyon. Refreshments will be served. Click here for the meeting agenda.

The Community Workshop will be held on:

Wednesday, October 22nd
6 - 7:30 PM

American Canyon Library
300 Crawford Way

Parks & Recreation News

Charles O. Johnson Memorial Bocce Courts


We would like to invite everyone to join us for the Charles O. Johnson Memorial Bocce Courts Ribbon Cutting and Dedication Ceremony on Friday, October 24, 2014 at 3 PM.  The ceremony will be held at the new bocce courts located at Veterans Memorial Park, 2801 Broadway.  This long awaited project is the result of significant efforts by volunteers, donors and city forces. The two major donors, Mezzetta and Jamieson Ranch Vineyards, will be providing delicious snacks and wine for the grand event.  And, of course, there will be bocce. Lots of bocce. Come check out the new addition to our parks repertoire in American Canyon. Hope to see you there rain or shine

Program and Event Highlights:


We have been busy as ever here at the Parks and Recreation Department.  Our Fall Season is in full swing, and we are already working on our Winter Activities Guide.  It will have all the information about our Winter programming and events.  Check your mailboxes early November.


We need support and participation to help

 our new programs get off ground!

Please register today!


Upcoming activities: 





Activity Date/Time




Middle School Halloween Dance




Friday, 10/24/14

7-10 PM



Residents Only Student ID Required


Community Center Gym

100 Benton Way


Jr. Warriors 

Youth Winter  Basketball League







In office registration only- now open!

Deadline: 11/7/2014


Residents: $65

Non: $85


Community Center Gym

100 Benton Way


Bridging The Gap




10/23/14 & 11/13/14

4-5 PM





 Multi-Use Center
2185 Elliot Drive


Open Gym



12 and Up



8-10 PM


Residents: $2

Non: $3


Community Center Gym

100 Benton Way


R.I.P.P.E.D for Kids





Begins 11/7/14

3-3:30 PM




Community Center Gym

Stage/100 Benton Way


After School Cardio Kickboxing for Teens





Begins 11/5/14

1-1:45 PM




Community Center Gym

Stage/100 Benton Way


Bollywood for






and Adults




13 and up



Begins 11/4/14

Tots 5-5:45 PM

Kids 6-6:45 PM

Adults 7-8 PM


Tots & Kids: Residents: $40

Non $45


Adults: Residents: $50

Non: $55




 Multi-Use Center
2185 Elliot Drive

contact us at (707) 648-7275
100 Benton Way       

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