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October 5th
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September 25, 2014



You're right, this isn't Friday and it's an off week for my normal Friday Update.  But we came up with a handful of reminders that can't wait till next week. Most notably, CalTrans is closing Highway 37 again this weekend.  My suggestion is to stay home, or very close to home! Highway 37 is scheduled to be closed beginning Friday night at 10:00 PM until Monday morning at 5:00 AM.  You can imagine what all this extra traffic will do to Highway 29, American Canyon Road and many of our surface streets. Some of you might know that CalTrans planned a closure for last weekend as well, but re-opened the highway after only five hours.  We are assured by CalTrans that this won't happen again...the highway really will be closed all weekend.  Break out the bicycles!



Full Weekend Closure for Eastbound and Westbound Highway 37


Friday, September 26, from 10 PM through Monday, September 29 at 5 AM. 


Click here for all the details. Visit their project webpage by clicking here.  


Real-time traffic: Caltrans Quick Maps 



Emergency Creek Sediment Removal


Anticipating (and hoping for) a great rainy season this year, the City was successful in obtaining an emergency permit to start removing sediment from beneath the bridges to reduce the threat of flooding to homes in American Canyon.


Field operations began on August 29th and will continue throughout the month (possibly until October 15th), with some temporary street detours. A qualified biologist inspected the area for the presence of our friend the California Red-Legged Frog and Western Pond Turtle (none were observed). Critters that were not on the biologists list were carefully removed and released downstream where they could continue their busy lives.


As you can see in the pictures, thick vegetation and sediment up to 3 feet accumulated under the bridge at American Canyon Creek and Danrose Drive.


The City is aggressively pursuing permits to allow annual maintenance of the creeks but has been stymied by the myriad of agencies that must give approval before beginning work. Permits must be obtained from multiple federal and state agencies, including the Unites States Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish & Wildlife, California Department of Fish & Wildlife and the San Francisco Water Resources Control Board. 



Earthquake Recovery Continues


We just passed the one month anniversary of the South Napa Earthquake.  In many ways it doesn't seem that long ago.  Since most of us are still in "recovery" mode to some degree or another, following are updates and links to resources.


Chimneys and Water Heaters  


If you haven't already done so, it's important to check the outside of your chimney for loose bricks, cracked mortar, or gaps between the chimney and the house.  If you find any of these conditions, you should have your chimney inspected by a licensed contractor who can advise you on repair options.  Attached is a description of many repair options


Hardly anyone thinks about their water heater until it stops working.  In an earthquake, water heaters undergo a lot of force from the earthquake shaking.  Check the water heater to make sure it is securely strapped to the wall in two places;  with one strap located 1/3 of the distance from the top, and the other strap located 1/3 of the distance from the bottom of the water heater tank.  Natural gas combustion from the water heater is vented to the outside through a flue which can get dislodged in an earthquake and become a safety hazard.  Make sure the flue is securely connected to the ceiling or wall and to the top of the water heater tank.


For a limited time, residents can receive free permits and inspections for earthquake repairs to chimneys and new water heaters.  Questions? Please call the Building Division at (707) 647-4581.


Napa Local Assistance Center (LAC)


The LAC remains open to provide information and resources to anyone affected by the earthquake. Their website  is very informative or contact the call center at (707) 258-7829.  Note that American Canyon residents should not attempt to get building information or permits at the LAC, instead visit City Hall or call (707) 647-4581.


Paying for Repairs


There are various resources available to help with recovery.  Here is a brief update, check our website  or LAC for more information.


Napa Valley Community Disaster Fund:  The eligibility criteria and application materials will be available soon.  If you are a homeowner, renter, business owner or nonprofit that has been adversely affected by the quake, and you would like to be notified when eligibility criteria and application materials are available, please contact Karla Márquez at Napa Valley Community Foundation to be placed on their list.  Karla is bilingual and can be reached at by email or at (707) 254-9565 ext. 10. You can also visit their website for the latest information:


Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds:  Designed for lower income residents in owner occupied homes, the State has two programs available to provide funding assistance.  The Emergency Repair Grant Program provides up to $5,000 to repair or remove chimneys damaged in the earthquake.  This program is awaiting final approval by the City Council on September 30th.  To learn more about grant availability, contact our office at (707) 647-4336. The attached letter outlines the income requirements. 


The other CDBG program has existed for many years and provides lower income residents with low interest deferred loans for home repair and improvements.  To learn more about acceptable projects and to receive an application, please contact Joe Wiensek at the City of Napa Housing Authority at (707) 257-9543.


American Canyon Family Resource Center (FRC) The American Canyon Family Resource Center has received funds from the Napa Valley Community Foundation to provide assistance for American Canyon residents who were impacted by the earthquake.  Click here to see the Earthquake Recovery Guidelines and the Checklist for applicants.


These funds will provide emergency financial aid to earthquake victims for critical/household/family needs including the following:        

  •  Short-term rental assistance or security deposits
  •  Food
  •  Utility bills
  •  Essential household items, like beds or vital appliances
  •  Prescriptions, eyeglasses, hearing aids or other medical equipment
  •  Car repairs
  •  Meet insurance deductibles for medical or car repairs due to earthquake 

Contact them at (707) 980-7024 or email for more information. 


Redwood Credit Union (RCU): RCU is offering an interest-free earthquake relief loan of up to $5,000 for 12 months to help with unexpected expenses resulting from the earthquake.  Visit any RCU branch or call 1-800-479-7928 extension 65588.


FEMA:  To date only funds for infrastructure repairs/replacement (such as streets, water tanks, sidewalks, etc.) has been approved.  As soon as FEMA announces whether funds/assistance will be made available for residential damage, we will provide more information. 


Unlicensed Recyclers


We have received many calls from residents who have had negative experiences with illegal recycling companies. These firms are especially interested in electronics and metal.  They often promise to pick up your items but then only take the good stuff and leave you stuck with everything else to dispose of on your own.  Recology is the only licensed, legal firm to pick up recyclable materials in town.  Our contract with them includes this service and they will take everything you leave out, not just what they want.  Using Recology also helps keep our rates lower in the long run - they make money by disposing of these items properly and this income stream is a factor in computing rates. You can arrange a pick by calling Recology  at 552-3110.

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