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                                                                                        August 15, 2014


Every day I hear from residents and business owners with questions, concerns and suggestions to make American Canyon a great place to be.  I enjoy each and every one of these conversations, and I find that they are great opportunities to inform and educate people about how the City conducts its business and solves problems. 


Informed citizens and community leaders make better decisions about the future of our community.  The more residents understand about how city government works, the more our community dialog about issues will be meaningful and productive.  Thomas Jefferson said it hundreds of years ago but it absolutely holds true today - "An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy". 


We are currently planning an American Canyon Citizens Academy.  We envision the Academy as eight sessions, of a few hours each, to educate and explore many facets of city government in American Canyon.  The program goals are:

  • Help participants learn more about local government
  • Encourage participants to become community volunteers and future leaders
  • Develop an ongoing positive relationship and two-way constructive dialogue between Academy graduates and City officials and staff
  • Build a better community by creating well-informed and civically engaged residents

Think it sounds interesting?  We are very excited to create this program, but need input from you to be sure it meets the community's needs.  Please take 5 minutes to answer the attached survey questions and tell me what you think about the concept - would you participate?  If so, what days and times would work for you?  If this fall isn't a good time would you consider signing up for future sessions? 


Thank you for your time.  American Canyon's future depends on people like you who make a commitment to learn about and serve our community.  



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