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Street Sweeping Schedule

All public residential streets in American Canyon are swept every other week on the weekday following your trash pick-up. Sweeping starts at 6 AM so making sure cars are off the street the night before is very helpful.  

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Napa Junction III Apartments



A proposal for a new apartment project at Napa Junction Road near Highway 29 was considered by the City Council at their last meeting. 


After extensive review and discussion of the project, the City Council sent the project back to the applicant for reconsideration on a variety of issues.  Issues that need to be addressed include concerns of traffic, loss of potential commercial uses and the tax generation it would create, the need for affordable housing either as a part of this project or assistance with funding an affordable housing project elsewhere in the city, the amount of water consumption given the state-wide drought, and concerns with providing sufficient parking in the project.  


The applicant is expected to address these issues when the project returns to the City Council on August 19th.



Wolves Football Fundraiser



July 25, 2014



I don't know about you, but I read several newspapers, both on-line and in actual print.  While I enjoy being informed, sometimes all the awful things people do to one another really bother me.  Mother abandons baby at train station.  Spurned lover hires someone to assault former girlfriend.  Sigh.  So, when Jazmine Corpus (a local resident) posted on NextDoor about her recent happy experience at Canyon Café, it caught my attention.  It seems that she was having a meal with her family of six and a stranger picked up her tab, for no apparent reason.  It won't make headlines, but it is worth our attention nonetheless.  Someone randomly did something kind for another person!  On July 15, the City Council declared the week of August 11 as "Random Acts of Kindness Week" in American Canyon.  See the entire declaration here.  During this week, let's all go out of our way to do something nice for someone else, for no particular reason.  Take your neighbor's dog for a walk.  Let someone else have that really good parking spot.  Jazmine has created a Facebook page for everyone in the community to record their experiences with kindness that week, here.  I want to hear your stories! 



On the Agenda


The next City Council Meeting will be Tuesday, July 29th at 6:30 PM.  Many items will be discussed that evening, please see the complete agenda HERE. The Public Works Director will outline new restrictions recently approved by the State Water Board and recommend that the City Council move the City into a Stage 2 Water Alert.  A separate article in this newsletter explains this action in more detail.  The City Council will also be asked to approve funding for a construction project to replace a portion of a leaking water line along Highway 29.



August 5th

5 - 8 PM


National Night Out is right around the corner!  This event helps bring neighbors together and encourages community-police partnerships and crime prevention.  NNO is a very big deal in American Canyon!  Last year 20 neighborhoods had block parties - some small with just a few people and some huge with bouncy houses and music. We can help you with ideas. A convoy of Police, Fire, Ambulance and City Officials will be touring the neighborhoods.  Kids especially enjoy seeing the police and fire vehicles and special guests often show up too.  Please contact Officer Ryan Woolworth at 707.551.0605 or by email.



Plastic Bag Ordinance

Awareness of the environmental impacts of widespread use of plastic grocery store bags appears to be gaining momentum and many communities have adopted an ordinance to ban or limit the use of these bags.  For example, last Tuesday, the City of Napa approved the first step in adopting an ordinance to significantly reduce the use of these plastic bags. 


At next Tuesday's City Council meeting, staff will provide the Council with an update on the City of Napa ordinance and suggest that a workshop be scheduled to discuss the issue at the August 19 meeting.  If direction is given to investigate a plastic bag reduction ordinance, staff will make the ordinance available for review and meet with effected stakeholders prior to bringing the ordinance to the City Council for its consideration. 



New Water Restrictions


The State Water Resources Control Board has issued new requirements to increase water conservation efforts.  Following is a list of the main changes that become effective August 1, 2014.


Activities Prohibited:

  • Use of water for gardening and landscape irrigation between the hours of 12 PM and 6 PM
  • Use of water at any time that causes excess runoff
  • Washing sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, tennis courts, patios, or other paved areas with a hose
  • Washing motor vehicles or equipment without a hose fitted with a shut-off nozzle
  • Operation of ornamental fountains unless the water is recirculated

To read the requirements in more detail, click here.





What is the City doing to Save Water?

The City has some old sprinkler systems, especially in the medians along American Canyon Road and Newell Drive.  The sprinkler heads are not as efficient as newer models, and tend to overspray into the streets.  On American Canyon Road alone we have about 1,000 sprinkler heads to replace.  We are out to bid to be sure we get the best price and will be replacing all of them in August and September with more efficient, precise rotator sprinkler heads.


Many of our parks, including most of Wetlands Edge Linear Park, Kimberly, Veterans, and Gadwall, are watered with recycled water.  Shenandoah, Silver Oak, Community Parks I and II and Tower Park will be converted over to recycled water as funds allow (will cost approximately $250,000).


The City's water conservation efforts this year have saved over 14 million gallons of water annually!  See the list of all our efforts.


Parks & Recreation News
contact us at (707) 648-7275
100 Benton Way       

Keep an eye out, our Fall guide is coming soon! We'll have a link for you on our next update! 

Only two weeks left! Make sure you come out to enjoy the show. Please not that tonight's movie (7/25) was changed from the original schedule.
July 25th - Hotel Transylvania (PG)
August 1st - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (PG)

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