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Street Sweeping Schedule

All public residential streets in American Canyon are swept every other week on the weekday following your trash pick-up.  Residential sweeping starts at 6 AM so making sure cars are off the street the night before is very helpful.  


Election Season Coming Soon


The general election this year is on November 4th.  Two of our four City Council seats are up for election.  July 14th marks the beginning of the 4 week nomination period which is when interested individuals throw their hats into the ring by completing and filing a nomination packet.  To run you must be a registered voter, live in American Canyon and be at least 18 years old.  For more information contact our City Clerk, Rebekah Barr at 647-4352.



 4th of July


BANG! BOOM! OOH! AHH! That's what was heard on the 4th of July! The sounds of laughing children and amazed parents tell us that this was the most enjoyed 4th of July celebration! Tell us what you thought by completing a short survey


Click here to see an overview of the day's events. 


July 11, 2014



Here it comes folks, Dana's semi-annual "buy local" rant, this time restaurant style.  I had lunch at Crave this week and hadn't been there in a while.  The place was hopping!  They have a very cool mix of food options, from fruit teas and shaved snow to fried rice bowls and gravy fries.  Dinner at Tacos Michoacán on Wednesday.  I go there often to fill my carnitas cravings.  But the carne asada is every bit as good.  Then there's Thai Kitchen, Mi Zacatecas, TR2, Allspice, Over the Top yogurt, and Parry's Pizza.  Want a good old-fashion pancake and bacon breakfast?  Can't beat Canyon Café.  And you haven't lived until you've had the polenta at La Strada. Looking for special night out, including entertainment and a bar? The Gaia Restaurant (at the Doubletree) will take care of you.  And I haven't even mentioned the many popular national brand restaurants in town. So what's my point?  Rather than spend way too much money at a restaurant in Napa, or long for the day your-most-favorite-restaurant-ever comes to American Canyon, why not try these local restaurants?  Mexican, Italian, Thai, American,'s here.  One a week is all I ask. 




On the Agenda


The next City Council meeting is Tuesday, July 15th at 6:30 PM.  Among items to be discussed is a new 180 unit apartment complex at Napa Junction, next to the Chevron Station.  This proposed project will include 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units within nine, 3-story wood-framed structures.  To learn more, attend the meeting, check the City's website HERE, or contact planning staff at 647-4348. The meeting will also include an update on the current water situation including availability and conservation efforts.



Wipes Clog Pipes! Re-think what you flush


Disposable does not always mean flushable.  Household cleaning and baby wipes do not dissolve, they get stuck in the sewer pipes and equipment.  Most wipes will claim they are flushable.  Anything is flushable;  star wars action figure,  Barbie heads, hot wheel cars, q-tips, expired medications, dental floss and needles all can be flushed, but would you?  


Toilet paper on a toilet, close-up

Re-think when you see the word "flushable", it can be used for a lot of things.  Only toilet paper is truly flushable.  It is easily broken down into very small particles that will not get bunched together to cause a sewer overflow or get caught in expensive treatment equipment.  Toilets are not trash cans, please throw used wipes in the garbage; better yet use reusable cloths!



National Night Out!


National Night Out is an annual event that encourages community-police partnerships, crime prevention and neighborhood camaraderie.  It sends a message to criminals that your neighborhood is organized, aware and fighting back!  It is also a lot of fun! Registered block parties are visited by police and fire personnel and vehicles, public officials and other surprises too! (Hint, check out this picture!) 


August 5th from 5 - 8 PM you are encouraged to participate in a block party.  Want to host one or see if someone already has something scheduled? 

Contact Community Resources Officer, Ryan Woolworth at 707-551-0605.


Parks & Recreation News
contact us at (707) 648-7275
100 Benton Way       

Lance Corporal Phillip G. West Water Carnival


Time to make a splash and join in the Fun!  Enjoy some games, photo booth, a raffle, food and more. Join us on Saturday, July 19th from 1 PM - 4 PM. Residents $3 ($2 for 12 & under), Nonresidents $4 ($3 for 12 & under).

July 11th - Free Birds (PG)
July 18 - The Lego Movie (PG)

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