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Water News


You've heard a lot about water lately.  Attached is a commentary the City Manager wrote for the American Canyon Eagle last week.  It helps answer some questions about where we get our water, who receives it, and some of the bigger challenges we face.  It's a quick 10 minute read and worth the effort.


2013 Water 

Quality Report


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Our Annual Water Quality Report for 2013 is now available, click here to access it. 

May 30, 2014


For the dedicated budget watchers out there, you will recall that, about five years ago, the City was facing some pretty dreadful fiscal challenges.  The economy tanked and revenues to the City's General Fund dropped substantially.  There were layoffs, city hall closures, and across-the-board reductions in services.  Since then, revenues have slowly increased.   A year ago, after the worst of the crisis had passed, the City entered into a three-year plan to start restoring services gradually as revenue increases allow.  On Tuesday evening I will be presenting to the City Council a recommended budget for the 2014/2015 fiscal year, our second year in this three-year stabilization period, that continues the this steady recovery.  We will be further reducing employee unpaid-furlough days, adding a couple new programs in Parks and Recreation, restoring payments on some long-term obligations, and more.  If budgets are your thing, come on down to City Hall on Tuesday evening and hear all about it.  Or, if you prefer to study the budget from the comfort of your own recliner, you can see the plentiful spreadsheets here. 



On the Agenda....  


Our next City Council Meeting is Tuesday, June 3rd at 6:30 PM.  The full agenda is available here. In addition to the workshop about the 2014-15 Operating Budget (as discussed above) there will be a public hearing to discuss prohibiting the use of tobacco in all City parks. Smoking is already prohibited while on trails and open spaces because of the fire hazard and the proposed ordinance will add all City parks and recreation facilities.  The ban will apply to smoking, use of other tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.



Community Yard Sale this Weekend!  


60+ homes signed up for the Community Yard Sale this weekend.  Go check it out! 


Interactive map:


Maps of each participating location follow:


Friday Map

Saturday Map

Sunday Map

Parks & Recreation 
contact us at (707) 648-7275
100 Benton Way   
Save the Date!
Newell Open Space Preserve to Open June 28th
Photo Credit: Barry Christian



A brief dedication ceremony will occur at 9 AM

at the new Creekside Trail access on Saturday, June 28th. The location is north of the intersection of Newell Drive and Donaldson Way.  Initially, the Creekside Trail will be compacted earth.  Improvements to the trail are minimal including signage, fencing to delineate the trail, a gravel parking lot, and portable restroom.  Future plans call for a hardened "all weather" path.


Nearly 18 months ago, the American Canyon City Council executed a study to determine the best access to the Newell Open Space Preserve.  After reviewing several possible alternatives, a consultant recommended a trail alignment adjacent to the Newell Creek because of ease of access, property ownership, topography and proximity to American Canyon neighborhoods.  While access currently exists, it is by permission only of the Parks and Recreation Department and crosses through two fields on rough ranch roads, less than ideal for regular public access.


The new trail provides access to the 622 acres of the Newell Open Space Preserve.  The Creekside Trail is approximately .5 miles and connects to the main trail into the picnic area which is also .5 miles.  Access to the picnic area in the main valley is an approximately 1 mile hike.  From the picnic area hikers can choose to hike the Loop Trail which is 2.68 miles and climbs 568 feet in elevation.  The Open Space Advisory Committee meets June 18 to finalize operational hours. 

Click here to see the full day of fun for your family on the 4th of July!
Movies in the Park starts Friday, June 6th! 
Click here
 to see the details.

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