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April 21, 2014



Included in this quick special edition of my Friday Update are a few time sensitive items that can't wait until the next update.


During the month of February, the average household used about 10 units of water, or 33 million gallons city wide.  In March, the average household used 7 units of water, or 23 million gallons.  Thanks to everyone for contributing to this tremendous effort!  Saving 10 million gallons of water is huge, and helps ensure we have enough water to get us through the summer.  Keep up the effort!  


With the arrival of May, the weather is warming up and our yards will need watering soon.  Please check your sprinklers to be sure they work properly and don't spray all over the street and sidewalk.  And set your timers only for the minimum needed to keep your yard healthy.  Irrigation controllers can be very confusing to operate.  If you need help, ask a family member or friend or neighbor for help.


And, for those of you are still using much more than the average household (and you know who you are)...time to take a look around your house and yard.  Do you have leaky toilets or faucets?  We still have a plentiful supply of low-flow shower heads, moisture meters, toilet flappers, hose nozzles, and other great devices to help you save water.  Stop by City Hall anytime to pick some up. 




Primary Candidates Forum 



It's an election year and the primaries are fast approaching. The American Canyon Chamber of Commerce encourages you to attend candidate forums as a way to better understand candidate positions prior to voting. As such, we are proud to promote one of our sister Chambers in Napa Valley, the Yountville Chamber of Commerce, who are hosting a forum for local and statewide office candidates this Thursday, April 24th! 


Click here for the details.


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