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DMV Office Closed for Renovations


The Napa DMV at 2550 Napa Valley Corporate Drive will be closed for 6 months beginning March 3, 2014.  Customers are encouraged to take advantage of the online services for vehicle registration renewal, change of address notifications and driver's license/identification card renewal.



It's Raining... it's Pouring...


While we need the rain -and as much as we can get - it does cause some issues around town!


Did you know that when rains are expected our street maintenance crew gets ready by checking storm drains so the rain has somewhere to go?  After the rains they will be busy filling potholes that wash out, cleaning up debris that collects, and fixing signs that the wind blew down.  You may not know that our street maintenance crew only has four workers!  Since they can't be everywhere at once it is really helpful when community members let us know about problems that need their attention.  


You can send us a request or call us at 647-4550. 




Upcoming Projects Around Town...


There are currently several development applications under review. The Community Development Staff is committed to hearing your feedback on new projects in the City. If you have any comments - positive or negative - or questions about a project, please contact us at 647-4336 or by email. To view current development project submittals, click here. 





 Are you an Animal Lover?


If so, this might be right up your alley!  The Napa County Animal Shelter (NCAS) is always looking for volunteers.  They have an orientation scheduled for Saturday, March 15th from 9-10 AM at the Shelter, 942 Hartle Court, Napa. NCAS suggests you read through the volunteer manual and complete an application.  Please give them a call at 707-253-4382 with questions.


Animal Related Calls 

You may also be interested in the 2013 statistics from the Police Department and Napa County Animal Services regarding animal related calls in town.  See the chart outlining this service HERE.  


February 28, 2014


For many years now, the City has held the Healthy People, Healthy Planet event every May.  Originally, the event included health care professionals from many different fields providing health screening tests as well as considerable information about how to get and stay healthy.  The event was held shortly after Earth Day each year, and the City provided information and activities encouraging everyone to change their everyday habits to conserve resources and keep our planet healthy, too.  However, several years ago, during the recession, several health care sponsors pulled out and the event lost its luster and attendance dropped off.  Alas, in 2014, we are not holding the event at all.  Disappointed?  Me too.  With all the feedback we hear from the community about how we value healthy activity and our outdoor spaces, this event could be our signature event!  So...consider this a call to all the health care professionals (including animal health) and friends of the environment out there:  we need a few good community leaders willing to re-invent this event and bring it back.  Interested?  Email me.



On the Agenda.... 


Our next City Council Meeting is Tuesday, March 4th at 6:30 PM.  The agenda is quite light this week but a very important update on water availability will be made by the Public Works Director, Jason Holley.  We know you've been hearing a lot about water and water conservation, but it's incredibly important to all of us here in California! To view the entire agenda, please click HERE.





The Napa County Election Division is seeking BILINGUAL POLL WORKERS with proficiency in Spanish, Tagalog or Chinese to be poll workers during the 2014 Election season.  If you would like to work in a polling place on Election Day, June 3, 2014 (Primary) or November 4, 2014, (General) this may be your opportunity. The County Election Division needs individuals to be Election Inspectors and Election Judge/Clerk.  As an Election Inspector or Judge/Clerk you may perform duties such as supervising polling place operations, picking up supplies, etc.


If you are interested, please review the attached application.  If you have questions, call (707) 259-8312 or toll free 1 (888) 494-8356 or email.



Making Safer Pedestrian Routes


Have you noticed the work being done on Napa Junction Road near City Hall? This project involves the installation of new sidewalk on the south side of the street from the corner of Napa Junction Road and Highway 29 to Napa Junction Road and Theresa Avenue. This will be great for pedestrians in the area as they will have a safer way to get around. 



Every Drop Counts


Our water distribution crew and the parks maintenance division have been working on connecting Kimberly Park to recycled water for irrigation to help make a difference in the efforts to save water. The north half of the park will be irrigated by recycled water which is about 60% of the turf. The connection is expected to be completed in the next two weeks. This change will save an average of 2,494,331 gallons a year! 


In addition to this project, staff throughout  Public Works and all other departments have been working together to help make the most of what precious water we have. If you see anything around town that you think could help in these efforts or you have any suggestions please let us know, please email or call our Water Conservation Specialist, Lou Leet, at 647-4521.  


Chris Morris
Senior Maintenance Worker



Just Say NO!


You may have recently heard that a couple of our local elderly residents were the victims of a financial scam. It's heartbreaking, we agree.   


Do you remember that "Just Say No to Drugs" campaign that was around in the 1980's and 1990's?  If you would like be safer and less likely to become the victim of a scam, here are some situations when you might want to "Just say no...": 

  • Someone asks you to wire them money to get out of jail
  • Someone offers to trade you a large sum of money, in exchange for a lesser amount of money
  • If the deal sounds too good to be true
  • If you are asked to provide your social security number or bank account number
  • When a person tells you that you have won a million dollars, but first you need to give them several thousand dollars to pay the taxes
  • When a person asks you for a ride to your bank, but asks you to park around the corner from the bank
  • If in doubt about the legitimacy of a request for money or personal information, please JUST SAY NO!  
Parks & Recreation News
contact us at (707) 648-7275
100 Benton Way 



Spring/Summer 2014 Guide


Get a head start on planning your summer! Check out the new Spring/Summer 2014 Activities Guide, now available online!  The guide will be mailed to homes next week.  Registration begins March 10, 2014! 


Recognition Ball


The 15th Annual Community Recognition Ball will be held on Saturday, April 5, 2014 from 5:30 - 10 PM in the Community Center Gym at 100 Benton Way.


For information about award nomination criteria and forms please click here. Tickets are $35 per person and are on sale now at the Parks and Recreation office until Friday, March 21st.

Organizations, have you turned in your nominations for the Recognition Ball? 


Upcoming activities:




Register by

Activity Date/Time



Bridging The Gap


Grades 9-12



2nd & 4th Thursday of each Month

Mar 13, April 10, 24


4:00-5:00 pm


$35 residents

$40 non-residents

Tuesday/Thursday Swim Lessons


Ages 3 +

Mar. 3


Tuesdays & Thursdays

Mar. 4-27


5 pm , 5:30 pm, 6 pm


$40 residents

$50 non-residents


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