Art Beat 2015 Newsletter
August 7, 2015
Art Beat
Saturday, August 29th 2015
Along the Streets of Michigan in 
downtown South Bend


Event Coordinator:
Kylie Carter

Day-of Notes


Your booth scene and number will be sent to you closer to the event - on or before August 19. Here are a couple notes to help you plan; more details will come in following newsletters.


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to keep in touch with Art Beat updates, promotions, and contests.
Set up time begins at 8:00 am. Please have your booth ready by 11:30 am.
Tables, chairs, and tents: Artists are responsible for providing their own table and chairs. You are also encouraged to bring  a canopy/tent. A  10x10 canopy can be purchased at sporting goods or large stores like Target and Wal-Mart (Price range: $75-$125)
Rain Plan: In case of severe weather, the event will be delayed 24 hours until Sunday, August 30th, 12 p.m. - 8 p.m. Event organizers will make this call by 5 a.m. on Saturday,

August 29th and notify all participating artists by email as well as post information on the Art Beat website, and DTSB's Facebook and Twitter pages.


Bring a friend or family member to help setup. This will also allow you to take breaks during the day.

For more detailed day of notes from a seasoned Art Beat veteran, check out this post from Dennis Anderson on the Facebook Group page
"The Artists of Michiana... Unleashed!"

It is highly recommended you join this group for some Art Beat advice and camaraderie! Many thanks to Dennis for all his help! 

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Welcome Artists! 

Art Beat 2015 is just around the corner- in 3 weeks from tomorrow! The streets of downtown South Bend will be transformed into a live interactive gallery filled with artists, musicians, dancers, actors, chefs, and more!  


Together we will create a successful event packed full of fun and profit! As coordinators of the event we will keep you informed by sending you weekly newsletters with reminders, suggestions and directions. 
Art Beat will run from Noon- 8pm. We expect all artists to remain open until the end of Art Beat at 8:00 pm. This gives all visitors a consistent experience and you receive the most exposure possible. 
We are thrilled to have you as a part of Art Beat 2015 and look forward to having a great event! 
- DTSB Art Beat Committee

Pre-show Marketing


Now is the time to start inviting your family, friends and customers to come see you at the festival!


Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Update your website with a link to the Art Beat website;
  2. Invite your friends and followers to the Facebook event. Click here to send invites and to confirm your attendance.
  3. Get a mailing list together- a sample newsletter will be sent to you to next week to send to your mailing list.
  4. Mail and/or give flyers. Make your own or stop by the DTSB office to pick some up.
  5. Place posters in your place of business. Make your own or stop by the DTSB offices to pick some up.
  6. Add Art Beat to your favorite community calendar.
  7. Share on your social media. See below for sample Facebook and Twitter posts.

Sample Social Media Posts


When creating a post, add a photo of your work and a link to the website for your followers to reference.


Did you know that you can now hashtag on facebook? Add #dtsbArtBeat to follow all Art Beat posts.


Here are a few examples of Art Beat posts for Facebook and Twitter:

  • Visit me at my booth at Art Beat on Saturday, August 29th from Noon-8pm! #dtsbArtBeat
  • I will be at Art Beat on Saturday, August 29th from Noon- 8pm Visit my booth for special Art Beat deals. #dtsbArtBeat
  • Art Beat is a daylong celebration of the arts along the streets of downtown South Bend. Visit me at my booth to see my newest works of art. #dtsbArtBeat


Use your social media to educate your followers about the event and create excitement. Remember the more people that attend Art Beat the more exposure (and possible sales) for you! 

Special Requests - Please Read and Confirm!

Many of you have requested scenes and electricity. Please check the lists below to make sure that we have received your request! If there is an error, please let us know by emailing

Reminder: If you have requested Electricity or a Scene but have not yet paid for this request, please do so by August 13th by mailing or dropping a check off to:
Art Beat, Downtown South Bend
217 S. Michigan St.
South Bend, IN 46601
(Make checks payable to Downtown South Bend)

Note: All participants who requested multiple booths will be able to receive the number of booths they requested. Booth assignments will be announced on or before August 19th.

Visual Artist Requests    

Artists who requested scene A:

Britanny Herrada
Julia Pflugner
Kyoko Magari-Ball
Jon Kulczar
Cecilia Hess
Debra Neumann
Stefanie Buysse
Amy Beth Payne
Steven Alger
Kimberly Karimi
Jessica Kauffman
Mary Szymczak
Linda Candler
Angie Rice
Joan Tweedell
Ali Oesch

Dodi Oxenrider

Artists who requested scene B:

Andrea Schriver
Marie Stark
J.C. Overgaard
Tina Flanigan
Kathy Strang
Lynne Duvall
Sandra Ridge
Jessica Rohde
Erin VanNamee
Carol Ott
Sharleen Havens
Michelle FitzGerald
Robert Russwurm
Cha Sutton
Susan Sharp
Laura Jozwiak
Sarah Jozwiak
Sheila Reed
Jessica Flores
Ellen Brenneman

Ronda Barbaro

Artists who requested scene C:

Lois Anderson
Katie Way
Daniel Micinski
Elizabeth Keller
Clyde Minix
Mary Harms
Thomas Zuber
Christine Boehner
Melody  Foster               
Laura Sniadecki
Rhonda  Kinney           
Kaylie Bruinsma
Amanda Duddleson
Erynn Rademacher Ziegler
Kelly Kiefer
Anna Kozak
Dennis Anderson
Pat Dillon
Robert Knight
Jennifer Vazquez             
Rosemarie Schar
Kirsten Hagaman
Anastasija Kristala-Urbanski
Silvaan Ruth              

Cassidy Fowler


Artists who requested scene D:

Sarah Dolezal
Karen Nemes
Marcia Yrineo
Cathy Tapia
Ben Koch
Kalyn Pontius
George Zaderej
Sharon Teska
Ritsuko Narasaki
Bonnie DeLoof
Carrie Kobb
Manda Vazquez

Susan Lowe


Artists who paid for electricity:

Andrea Schriver 
Giovanna Sandusky 
Lois Anderson 
Sarah Dolezal 
Karen Nemes 
Anastasija Kristala-Urbanski 
Marie Stark 
Britanny Herrada 
Austin Call 
Katie Way 
Daniel Micinski 
Julia Pflugner 
Brenda McDonald 
Elizabeth Keller 
Carrie Kobb 
J.C. Overgaard 
Eric Unwin 
Marcia Yrineo 
Clyde Minix 

Robin McIntyre




Artists who need more than one booth:

Julia Pflugner
Linda Candler
Dodi Oxenrider
Lynne Duvall
Susan Sharp
Elizabeth Keller
Kelly Kiefer
Marcia Yrineo
Sharon Teska
Bonnie DeLoof
Manda Vazquez
Joseph Chomyn
William Becker
Beth Rems
Maria Isabel Acosta
Lucy Anderson
Jack O'Hearn
Lucy Schultz
Pamela Richardes

Rhea Luczkowski



Performing Artist Requests

The following performing artists requested a booth:

pop patrol 

Spraoi agus Rince
Creative DanceN', Elite Sports Academy
Spanish Heart
Debbie Werbrouck School of Dance & Music
Laura Whidden
Brick House Burlesque
Michiana Writers' Center
B. I. Woolet
Perley Primary Fine Arts Academy
The disDress Dolls
Southold Dance Theater
TidyCat / Austin Lowe
Tom Adamson

Note: Please email if your booth needs electricity or if you have a specific Scene or location that you would like your booth to be in. Each request will be $10, and you can mail or drop off your check (made payable to Downtown South Bend) to:

Art Beat, Downtown South Bend 
217 S. Michigan St. 
South Bend, IN 46601

Please make your request and payment for the request by August 13th.

Performance Schedules will be announced on or before Friday, August 14th.

Nonprofit Requests 


Requesting more than one booth:

Greening the Bend
Saint Joseph High School
Snite Museum of Art
Just Goods
South Bend Museum of Art
St. Margaret's House
Suzuki Music School of Granger
Fire Arts Inc
Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts, IU South Bend

Requesting Scene A:

Stone Soup Community 

Snite Museum of Art 
South Bend Museum of Art 
St. Margaret's House  Fire Arts

Requesting Scene B:

The Vineyard Church
St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty
Just Goods

Requesting Scene C:

Dismas House of South Bend
Study Abroad Club
Ten Thousand Villages

Requesting Electricity

Just Goods
Ten Thousand Villages
Northern Indiana Artists, inc.
Valley Screen Process
Suzuki Music School of Granger


Please email if there is an omission or error in your request. Also, don't forget to make a payment for your Scene or Electrical requests if you have not already done so, by mailing or dropping off a check to:


Art Beat, Downtown South Bend 
217 S. Michigan St. 
South Bend, IN 46601