"Fork in the Road"

and July 4th Holiday Wishes from Wanda Silva!




We recently returned from the 2014 NAPEO Capitol Summit. This conference offered the chance to hear the best legal experts in our industry as well as the chance to see the beauty of DC and to savor the richness of our country's history. What a perfect way to get ready for the July 4th Holiday! For me, this Holiday brings back memories of camping, fishing, family picnics and fireworks! It reminds me to celebrate the independence of our country and the freedom we are afforded. It reminds me to step back and think about things that are really important. It reminds me to be ever so grateful for each of you -- our clients, our family and our friends.


At Silva Capital Solutions, we strive to listen to our PEO business owners and to create solutions that are in your highest and best interest. We put integrity first and we know that all else will follow in perfect order. We learn more every day. 


During 2014 we have listened, and I would call this the "Year of the PEO Fork in the Road." Business owners eventually get to intersections, personally and professionally. The FORK IN THE ROAD occurs when decisions need to be made. Prudent business owners seek the best advice possible in order to make those FORK IN THE ROAD decisions. Here is a sample of what PEO owners are asking Silva Capital --


  • What's really going on in the Outsourced Business Services/PEO/HRO space?
  • Why am I getting so many calls and letters from investors and buyers?
  • What is my company really worth?
  • Should I stay status quo? Grow? invest more??
  • Did PEO XYZ really sell for that much???
  • How does my PEO/HRO compare to others, strategically and financially?
  • What are our strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can we make more money?
  • Where do I turn for Risk Management advice?
  • Who can help with Healthcare decisions?
  • How do I keep up with all the changes?
  • Do I invest more in sales? Technology? 
  • Where am I going with this PEO thing and how do I get there??


"Wanda, we are at a 


 -- can you help guide us down the right path?" 


Our PEO Merger & Acquisition activity has never been busier and in addition to our core service - we have added CLIENT VIP DAYS to respond to the questions you are asking. CLIENT VIP DAYS are custom built strategy sessions geared specifically to your PEO, your shareholders, your business goals, culture and mission. We stay on the journey with you every step of the way. We help you PLAN, EXECUTE, and MAKE IT HAPPEN.


We look forward to working with many of you as we head into the second half of 2014. This is our 18th year as your resource and your advisor ... all the thanks goes to YOU!


Cheers -- Happy 4th of July and I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Wanda J. Silva



                                                  June/July 2014




Pictures from NAPEO's

2014 Legal and Legislative


Wanda Silva with her son Scott E. Silva, Intern, Risk Transfer, LLC




"The mission of Silva Capital Solutions, Inc. is to listen to our shareholders and business owners -- to create solutions. We partner with our clients and honor each person's journey as if it were our own."


Wanda J. Silva





Wanda Silva leads the Associate Member Meeting in Washington, DC










At the PEO Capitol Summit Leadership Reception with NAPEO team members - Pat Cleary, Denise King and photo bomber, Daniel Hill !






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