HI - I'm Harry the Hamster

Do you ever feel like our friend here --
Harry the hamster? Running and running and running but going nowhere -- fast! After 16 years in the PEO industry, we measure the temperature of business owners by the calls we receive. Many of our recent calls go something like this ...

"Wanda -- I'm in a rut -- I'm working harder, longer hours but getting nowhere. My PEO is not growing and it is far more difficult to make a profit. I used to love coming to work -- this PEO business was fun ... Running my company is getting more complex and the risk greater.  How do I get off the treadmill? I feel like Harry the hamster .... HELP!"



Approximately 50% of the US Labor Force & GDP come from privately owned businesses. Many of these business owners will liquidate voluntarily or involuntarily simply because they did not have a PLAN. Do you have a PLAN?

Let's be clear -- it's a seller's market -- multiples are strong -- there are seasoned PEO buyers with capital. These buyers know how to complete solid, accretive transactions that are great for shareholders,  PEO clients and employees. Is it time for you to get off the hamster wheel? Perhaps time to take some chips off the table or perhaps just build a stronger business plan?


If Silva Capital Solutions, Inc. can help you create the future you want for your PEO -- whether a more comprehensive strategic plan or an exit strategy -- we'd love to listen -  to talk about your journey -- and help you make the best decisions possible.

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