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November 2012



Catherine Kobrinsky Evans, WELI Marketing Chair

Kelsey L. Escoto, Hartnell College Foundation

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WELI Scholar Highlights
2012 WELI Graduation
WELI 2011 Scholar Results
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We are proud
to announce
our 2012
WELI Scholars:

Aundria Abad

Ymelda Carrillo

Daniela Covarrubias

Elaine Duran

Sandra Fernandez

Virginia Gallegos

Orfa Garcia

Suzie Garcia

Monica Garnica

Shannon Gattis

Anabel Guzman

Jessica Humildad

Ana Ibarra

Lynn Lingbeck

Renise Mar

Miriam Munoz

Teresa Munoz

Ana Nava

Isabel Nieto

Harriet Oakley

Estefania Palacios

Leslie Rios

Andrea Sharp

Ariel Torres

Soledad Zamora

WELI Committee

Valerie Schlothauer,     WELI Chair
Kelsey Escoto,
WELI Program Chair
Gloria Aguon-Wilgus
Susan Black
Leti Bocanegra
Vivian Brennand
Paulette Bumbalough
Kristina Chavez-Wyatt
Liz Crooke
Gail Delorey
Margaret D'Arrigo-
Tiffany DiTullio
Patricia Donohue
Helen Dunston
Cheryl Indelicato
Catherine Kobrinsky-
Maria Lopez
Tobi Marcus
Rhonda Motil
Linda Moore
Erica Padilla-Chavez
Anne Sanchez
Aline Sanchez
Cathy Schlumbrecht
Jacqueline Steensma
Sue Storm
Monica Tovar
Mary Zeeb

WELI Newsletter


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Valerie Schlothauer

WELI Chair


Congratulations to the 26 graduates of WELI Class 2012. In addition to successful completion of the 20 hour life skills/leadership training and a $1,500 scholar award; these lucky students received the ultimate gift of support from a personal mentor. WELI enlisted 35 community leader volunteers to fill the 26 slots for scholar mentors. Thank you to all the volunteers. Your overwhelming response yet again demonstrates the commitment and generosity of our local community.


Scholars and Mentors will meet monthly for the next twelve months. The goal of the mentor is to inspire, advise, challenge and encourage commitment to higher education, self and community.  


What's in store for WELI? A steering committee is being created to lay out the road map for WELI. WELI is considering holding the program in South County, and expanding the number of classes. WELI is also looking at a possible collaboration with other community colleges.  WELI has a bright future...be a part of it.  



On-Campus WELI Club News
Ariel Torres & Cinthia Estrada

WELI Club Co-Presidents


On September 6, 2012 the WELI Club met for its first 2012 meeting and elected its officers. Sharing the President spot are Ariel Torres (WELI Scholar 2012) and Cinthia Estrada (WELI Scholar 2011). Other Officers include: Treasurer, Harriet Oakley (WELI Scholar 2012); Secretary, Aundria Abad (WELI Scholar 2012); Vice-President, Carolina Zamora; and ICC Representative, Sequoia Lewis (WELI Scholar 2011).


The first order of business for 2012 is getting the word out to potential members. On Club Days (September 26 & 27th), the WELI Club sold fruit cups, passed out literature about the WELI program and talked to people about activities the club will be doing over the next year.


On October 19, Kelsey L. Escoto led a workshop on Resume Creation. On December 5th (12 - 1:30 pm), the WELI Club will hold a "Day-O-Beauty" with guest speaker Tammy Gasperson, a local Mary Kay representative and community partner. It will be a fun way to spend your lunch hour and pamper yourself! Look for information to be coming!


On Wednesday, October 31, the WELI Club joined other clubs for the Hartnell College "Spooktacular" celebration. It was fun to see all the goblins and ghouls "trick & treating."


The next club meeting dates will be November 9, November 30 and December 14th at 12 noon in HCC 132 (Student Center). Please join us and get involved!!! The Club is your opportunity to continue life skills education and try on a leadership role! For more information on the WELI Club and how you can get involved contact Ariel Torres (arielpeletorres@gmail.com) or Cinthia Estrada (estrada.cinthia@yahoo.com).

 WELI Scholar Highlights


Ariel Torres

Ariel Torres, a single mom of a very cute little girl - Noni, was at the point of giving up before she was accepted into the WELI Life Skills Program. Ariel is currently working on her A.A. with an ultimate academic goal of receiving a Masters in Behavioral Science.
Ariel plans to transfer in the Fall of 2013 to either CSU Long Beach, San Jose State or UCLA.  Ariel has also expressed an interest in getting a business degree as well so that "I can run a non-profit organization similar to Rancho Cielo, but specially working with at-risk youth in the community.
 "Before I joined WELI I was at the verge of giving up, I was depressed, unhappy, and troubled. Once I joined WELI it really opened my eyes. "WELI has given me the confidence I needed to keep striving for success no matter what obstacles are in my way. WELI has helped me learn the importance of time management and how important it is to love myself more."


Harriet F. Oakley, completing transfer classes for a degree in Accounting

Harriet Oakley has been a wife and mother for most of her adult years, and has just recently returned to school full time to achieve her goal of a Master's Degree in Accounting. Once done, Harriet plans to work as a tax specialist during tax season, and work in property management the rest of the year. She plans to stay involved with WELI scholars in the years to come.  

"The WELI Workshops were particularly useful to me.  I've learned it all in the past, but now I can compare mistakes and successes and take the workshop information to new levels.  I am very appreciative of everything I've learned."


Aundria Abad, current Secretary of the WELI Club and completing transfer classes.

 Full time student, juggling three jobs, a friend, sister and daughter,and still managing to give back to the community.  Since WELI I have been more involved in school and see my future a lot differently.

"Networking was never something I focused on, but since WELI I have realized the importance of it and see  it as a key to success.  I have gained knowledge that I wouldn't have been able to seek out myself and everyday I try to employ the tips and skills I learned there."

2012 WELI Graduation


On July 26, 2012, twenty-six graduates celebrated their success in completing the WELI Life Skills program and received scholarship checks of $1500 in addition to some words of wisdom. To a rock and roll beat, the WELI Scholars and their families walked the cat walk to pose in front of a WELI back drop to shine in their moment of glory.


Mistress of Ceremonies, Monica Tovar (Sales Manager for Clear Channel Radio) shared her passion for the WELI program and women by stating,
"Empowering women today creates a strong foundation for the betterment of our future community and today is the beginning of that future."


The WELI Graduates heard from some great motivational speakers. New Hartnell College president Dr. Willard Lewallen shared his congratulations and an inspirational message with the Scholars as well as his support of the program.


Key note speaker Sharon Gish, Executive Coach, Motivation Speaker and former President/CEO of the YMCA of the Central Coast, shared her thoughts on becoming a leader. Gentle pressure, relentlessly applied will bring about the change we wish to see.


2011 WELI Scholar Anahi Alcibar spoke about how the WELI Life Skills Program helped her get involved in the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center and Dorothy's Kitchen. She also received a 2012 Jefferson Aware for her extensive volunteer service.

WELI 2011 Scholar Results

By Kelsey L. Escoto, WELI Program Manager


We wanted to share some of the outcomes from the first class of WELI Scholars in 2011.  Excitement has been growing in the community and with Hartnell College students about the value of the WELI Life Skills program and Scholarship. 


The 2011 WELI Scholars enrolled in the fall 2011 semester with an average 16 units.  The average Hartnell College Student generally carries 8 to 10 units per semester.  Most 2011 WELI Scholars will or have transferred to 4 year universities and colleges.  Those colleges on the transfer list include CSU Monterey Bay, San Jose State, CSU Bakersfield, CSU Chico, CSU Fresno, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, UC San Francisco, UC Berkley and Stanford University.


The 2011 class is working towards degrees in medicine, biology, hotel management, business, political science, teaching, math and administration of justice to name a few. 

The 2011 Scholars who participated in the survey of results shared that the WELI Life Skills Program provided them valuable resources in time management, financial management, self-love, and the opportunity to meet and interact with local business women.  They were encouraged by the support of WELI's community partners and grateful for the time they donated.  WELI Scholars mentioned the community resources provided were very valuable as was the information on financial aid and counseling resources at Hartnell.  

WELI Life Skills Program

Finding Your Inner Strength

By Kelsey L. Escoto, MSOD, SPHR

WELI Program Chair


Finding Your Inner Strength!  WELI Scholars were fortunate to meet and hear from Elizabeth "Lily" Hills, award winning author and inspirational/motivational speaker.   Lily's passion is helping women recognize their innate beauty, power and unlimited potential.

Recognizing our inner beauty, power and potential can be challenging when we are pushed and pulled in multiple directions.  Family, children, work, school, society all have ideas of what we are who we should be as women.


Lao-tzu said "If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place."  From the moment we wake up until day is done, a continuous stream of thoughts runs through our minds - "An unbelievable average of sixty thousand thoughts to be precise" (Lily Hills, Feminine Manifesta).  90% of those thoughts are ones you have had before.  Those thoughts are generally negative, self-sabotaging, and the degrading thoughts of our "untamed mind."


The trick is to catch yourself in the act of a disrespectful thought, then tell that "untamed mind" to BE QUIET!  Tell yourself - out-loud that you are a good, kind and compassionate person.  Tell yourself that you are competent and strong.  Choose to NOT believe that "untamed" mind because it does not speak the truth.  Place a positive thought in your head and repeat that over and over.  In time, you begin to recognize the negative untamed mind speaking to you, thereby giving it less power and more power to you!




Gloria Aguon-Wilgus  

Maria Beraz   

Susan Black

Leti Bocanegra

Dr. Carolee Bull 

Paulette and Jerry Bumbalough

Patrick & Vivian Brennand

Carl Christensen &

Jo Ann Novoson      

Elizabeth Crooke

Cheryl Della Mora

Gail Delorey

Tiffany DiTullio

Patricia Donohue

Helen Dunston


Jim and Karen Fanoe

Lisa Fuentes-Intveld

Julie Edgcomb

Kelsey Escoto  


Catherine Kobrinsky Evans

Monterey County Women-  Lawyers Association  Maria Lopez

Stephanie Low

Tobi Marcus

Linda Moore

Rhonda Motil

Erica Padilla-Chavez

Aline Sanchez

Anne Sanchez

Valerie Schlothauer

Cathy Schlumbrecht

Anne Secker

Jacqueline Steensma

Sue Storm 

Monica Tovar

Julie & Wayne Tucker

Kristina Chavez-Wyatt

Mary Zeeb  


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