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News and Dates for Friends of Sedgwick Reserve                                             No. 4                                                                                                      August, 2013
Please Join us for the Santa Ynez Valley Premier of Mike Love's documentary film

Santa Ynez River Wilderness:
A Natural History

Friday September 20th @ 6pm

co-sponsored by the Santa Ynez Natural History Society and the Wildling Museum  
2nd Saturday Hikes
Ecology Lecture Series
will resume in
November 2013.

Whether you are interested in becoming a docent or just want to know more about local ecology, history, flora and fauna, we hope you join us in the classroom or on the trail in a few short months!!

Summer Reading

Lyme disease is subject of interest to anyone who spends time in the outdoors...

Click here to  read a pdf of the article about the latest on Lyme disease from the July 1st issue of the New Yorker
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A Big Thanks!

Speaking of the Vulture Trough...

Flowing water was restored to the trough earlier this summer thanks to herculean efforts by

Boy Scout Troop 42  
Dan Massie 
Grant Canova Parker 
Julie Klapp 
Bow to Your Corner!!
Barn Dance 2013
Thanks to all who came and had a good time at the 4th Annual Sedgwick Barn Dance held on Friday, July 12th - It was a HUGE success!
learning the moves
Link to slideshow to see all the photos taken that night 
Photo Booth
link to Dropbox to retrive your photo taken in the photo booth that night  
Walking Ecology Lecture Series Just Got Even Better!
Last week Jenson Audio-Stereo of Santa Barbara finished installation of a new projector, large format screen and sound system in Clarke Hall... opening a new world of possibility for lectures, public forums, film screenings,  and LCOGT telescope simulcasting.

We are busily planning the 2013-14 Walking Ecology Lecture Series with large format in mind!
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Look who's been showing up in Sedgwick's trail cameras!    Turkey Vulture

Soaring raptors are a common sight in the Santa Ynez Valley. Many a heart leap when visitors catch sight of a large, soaring bird over Sedgwick- hoping it is an eagle or condor. But if it's soaring with its wings raised in a V and making wobbly circles, it's likely a turkey vulture.

Vultures use their long dihedral shaped wings to ride thermals coming off the mountains and posses a keen sense of smell to find fresh carcasses. The part of a vulture's brain responsible for processing smells is particularly large compared to other birds. Its heightened ability to detect odors- it can detect just a few parts per trillion- allows it to find dead animals miles away. Scavengers are a critical part of the ecosystem and we are thrilled to have them here to remind us that its a wild place where the circle of life is constantly turning.

Vultures have developed such an affinity to the trough located in the NE corner of the reserve that we now refer to it as "the Vulture trough". |
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