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President's Message: Deb DeLeers


"Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause." - Elder M. Russel Ballard


The month of August is a bustling time for many families in our community.  It is a month filled with family getaways, barbeques, golf outings, and a variety of other activities best enjoyed in the heart of our seemingly short-lived Wisconsin summer.  August is also a time of planning and preparation, as parents and children alike begin to gear up for the upcoming school year. 


While most families just started planning for the 2014-2015 school year, the members of our Back to School Store committee have been planning for the school year since last October.  Our committee members have spent countless hours over the last eleven months planning, shopping, fundraising, and coordinating hundreds of volunteers, all so that we could hold our 22nd Annual Back to School Store. 


For more than two decades, the women of Service League, together with our loyal community partners and hundreds of volunteers, have made it possible for thousands of children in our community to start the school year with everything they need to thrive and be successful.  This year, we were able to provide 1,331 elementary-aged children with a new outfit, sneakers, socks, underwear, and a new backpack filled with school supplies.  We were also able to provide 1,500 middle school-aged children with a new backpack and their necessary school supplies.  On behalf of our entire organization, I would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to each of our donors and to the 568 volunteers that helped to make this event a success...together, we continue to make a difference!


As the President of the Service League of Green Bay, I am honored not only to participate in this amazing legacy, but also to have the opportunity to continue sharing Service League's mission and positively impact the lives of children for many years to come. 



Deb DeLeers


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Service League of
Green Bay
August 2014 Newsletter


Service League of Green Bay is pleased to announce that our 22nd annual Back to School Store was held on Wednesday, August 6th at Green Bay East High School. We were able to serve 1,331 elementary-aged children by providing them with clothing, sneakers, socks, underwear and a new backpack filled with school supplies. We were able to provide 1,500 middle school-aged children with new backpacks and school supplies as well.

We would like to say THANK YOU to all of our donors and to the 568 volunteers who helped make this event a success. The Back to School Store would not be possible without you.


A Very Special Thank You Also Goes To:

  • VPS Sanitation - Porta Potty
  • Pepsi of NEW - Volunteer beverage donation
  • Kohl's - Getting enough volunteers to qualify us for grant money
  • WPS interns - School supply collections, very generous monetary donation, and having volunteers present at ALL of our volunteer days 
  • Fantastic Sam's/New Style Salons - Discount haircut coupons
  • Goodwill Industries - Discount coupons for our families
  • Prevent Blindness of WI - Providing Vision screenings for the kids
  • All of the DENTISTS who volunteered their time to conduct dental exams for the kids
  • First Merit Bank - Ice Cream truck
  • Encompass - Providing lunch for the SL workers
  • ServPro Donating fans


  • The East High School Custodians



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and Congratulations to our new 2014-2015 Board Members!

 President: Deb DeLeers 
 Class of 2010


Vice President: Crystal Koles

Class of 2012


Secretary: Katie DuBois 

Class of 2010



Treasurer: Tia DeLeers

Class of 2012


Projects Chair: Bridget Erwin

Class of 2011



Fundraising Chair: Mary Zuelke

Class of 2011



Membership Chair: Chris Karman

Class of 2011



Immediate Past President: Joey Liebmann

Class of 2008


Marketing: TBD

We hope to see you are enjoying this beautiful summer!

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