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August 2012  
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REMINDER: Associates and Actives with High School Seniors!

Just a quick note to remind you all that you are eligible to participate in the 2012 Service League Charity Ball!

We are interested in knowing who will partake in this year's event in November. Even if you are unsure if you will participate, please let us know if you have a High School Senior Graduating in 2013 so we can keep our Service League Charity Ball history complete!

Please email Joey Liebmann at
to provide us with this information.


Get to Know Us

Deb DeLeers

Fundraising Chair 


Deb DeLeers joined Service League of Green Bay in August of 2010. At that time, Deb was a first time "mom-to-be" and she wanted to lend her time and talents to an organization that would benefit the children in her community. Soon after joining, Deb became part of the Big Blue Bash Auction Raffle Committee and helped to secure auction items for the 2011 and 2012 events, which in turn helped to raise more than $115,000 to benefit Service League's mission.


Deb was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin and obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. She then went on to obtain her law degree from Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee, WI. After graduating from law school in 2007, Deb returned to the Green Bay area and began her legal career with Stellpflug Law, S.C. in De Pere, WI. Deb enjoys spending what free time she has with her husband of five years, Jim, and her two young children, Colleen (17 months) and Cody (6 months).


Deb currently serves on the Board of Directors as the Fundraising Chair and is also serving as the Chairperson for the Big Blue Bash, Service League's major fundraising event, which will be held on March 2, 2013 (Please Save the Date!).  


Welcome to the August 2012 edition of Service League's electronic newsletter! We just finished our 19th annual Back-to-School Store, and it was a HUGE sucess! We want to extend a big thank you to all of the volunteers, donors, Service League members and everyone else that played a role in helping us once again put on this great event for the children of Brown County! In case you missed it, check out the Green Bay Press Gazette website for the August 9, 2012 story covering the event.

We are also excited to announce that we have updated our website! It's colorful, easy to navigate, and has some new features that will make it very user-friendly. Be sure to check it out at!

As always, please share this newsletter with your friends and family by clicking "Forward" at the bottom of this email. Enjoy and happy reading!
President's Message: Courtney Peirce



"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

 ~Winston Churchill~


It is that time of year again - many of us are scurrying around trying to get our kids ready for school and enjoying the last few moments of summer.  For a minute, please stop and think what it might be like to have to choose between buying food for your family, or a much needed pair of shoes for your child. What if your child's first day of school was filled with anxiety about not being able to see the chalkboard, instead of excitement about seeing their friends after a long summer? Unfortunately, this is a real concern for an alarming number of families in our community.  However, thanks to a huge community effort, Service League of Green Bay's Back to School Store just completed its 19th Annual Store, which provided some much needed relief to these families. 


 The Back to School Store is designed to get kids to school on the first day and aid children in staying in school all year long.  We do this by creating positive self-esteem and enthusiasm about the upcoming school year and learning. We provide each child that comes through the doors a NEW outfit including shoes and underwear. We provide vision and dental screenings, school supplies, a backpack, storybooks and most importantly, we provide each child the opportunity to confidently embrace the joy of a new school year. 


We take for granted how things like new school supplies can aid in a child's school success.  Former Back to School Store Chair Cheryl Guc found a way to dynamically demonstrate the impact that our program can have on a student. She was asked to give a BTSS presentation to a group of college interns (and volunteers) at WPS.  The interns were unaware that she was about to give them a lesson in self-esteem. At random she began to hand out crayons.  Some were given a brand new crayon straight out of the box; tip still pointed, fragrant and bright.  Others were given nubs; almost unrecognizable, little paper left -- pieces of used wax, or nothing at all.  She asked the young adults to draw a picture of their summer and a few minutes after that asked them to explain their pictures. It was like a page out of a book.  The "kids" who were given the proper tools were laughing and excited to explain what they had drawn. Those that were unable to complete the task because they were unequipped were embarrassed and uncomfortable. 


Many of you reading this article have volunteered, financially supported, or even chaired the Back to School store - and know first hand what an emotionally-charged experience it can be.  On August 8th East High School was filled with the sounds of happy kids. 1,352 kids attended the store (1600 + invited), plus an additional 1500 middle-schoolers received backpacks, hundreds of volunteers were there to guide children thru, and countless donations were made!  This year's Store was undoubtedly an absolute success on all fronts! I would like to hear a round of applause for the 2012 Back to School Store team, as well as all of you who have shared in the commitment over the years.  Thank you for making our community a better place to live!


Very Truly Yours,
Courtney Peirce

Associate Corner - Suzy Pfeifer

Service League Class of 1986

A question and answer with Suzy Pfeifer


Q: What years were you in Service League? 

A: I joined Service League in 1986, two years after moving to Green Bay. I had a few friends who were already members and they were wonderful proponents for Service League. As you know, Service League offers the perfect opportunity for meeting other interesting women while working on projects which make Green Bay a better place for families and children.

Q: What was/were your favorite project(s)?  

A: In the late 1980's, our projects included a "Parade of Homes" which offered tours of various homes to the public, and a 10K family fun run. Charity Ball was a major undertaking and a huge event.

Q: Any favorite Service League memories?  

A: The years I was in Service League was a time of change and questioning about our organization. More women were working professionals and simply did not have as much time to spend at meetings or on projects. One of the issues that was energetically discussed was eliminating the age limit. The Service League monthly meetings started around 10:30 or so and always continued until at least 3:00. The executive Board meetings took an entire day.

Q: What sorts of things have you been doing since Service League? (community based, work, family, etc) 

A: As a member of Service League, my "rotation" was to serve on the Board of Directors of Green Bay Day Nursery, which is now called Encompass Early Education & Care, Inc. All the GBDN Board members were from Service League. Not surprisingly, Service League was responsible for much of what happened to the agency back then. Service League helped raise money for new centers, supplied many needed gifts to children and really is responsible for much of Encompass' success today. As a Board member of GBDN, I became the Board President and served for 4 years. In 1991, the name was changed to Encompass because GBDN also had a location in De Pere and the name "nursery" did not really reflect our fine educational programming. After I completed my Board term, I was hired by Encompass to direct its marketing and fund development. Service League set the course for my career. Happily, Service League still plays a large role in Encompass' success. Most people do not know that Encompass (once Green Bay Day Nursery and overseen by Service League) is one of the largest and oldest non-profit child care organizations in North America.  I am also very active in "arts community" and serve on the ARTgarage Board and the East High Fine Arts Institute Board. I have a small business called "Outside the Box" which uses repurposed items to make "artful" objects and are sold in a few galleries. 


Q: Any suggestions for getting people involved in community work and or Service League?    

A: Service League seems to have changed...keeping up with the needs of today's young women and also continuing to do great things for Green Bay. It is really an honor and an opportunity to be a part of such an incredible organization with a long history of making a difference. When you join SL, you meet the most dynamic young women and you really can make a difference in our community. Service League is an important and powerful organization.


**Wondering what your former Service League friends and colleagues are up to now? Send us an email with their name and we will add them to our Associate Corner feature list where they can be highlighted in our newsletter! Feel free to email us directly about yourself too - we'd love to feature YOU!

Project Profile: Rummage Sale




Service League of Green Bay's annual Rummage Sale began as a public service to help equip needy families with quality items. One of the best things about this event is that the proceeds from the sale go right back to the families in need by helping to fund our Service League Projects! In order to make this project a sucess, we need GENTLY USED household items, small appliances, bedding, books, games, bikes, sports equipment, baby items, clothes of all sizes, shoes, purses, coats, furniture, kid's toys and electronics, among many other things. If you are interested in donating your "rummage", please bring it to the East Side Boys and Girls Club on Friday, October 12, 2012 from 8:00am-1:00pm. If you can't wait until October, we have an east and west side drop location for your rummage:  
East Side Location  

Laura Mossakowski    

2555 Continental Court, Suite 4   

Green Bay, WI 54311

Monday - Friday 9am -5pm
Call 920-664-5482 for additional times

West Side Location   
Joey Liebmann                               

2701 Indian Hill Dr.

Green Bay, WI 54313 

If you have larger items such as furniture or sporting equipment, it can be dropped off from 8:00am-1:00pm on Friday, October 12, 2012 at the East Side Boys & Girls Club on 1451 University Ave.
Set up for the sale is on Friday, October 12, 2012 from 8:00am-3:00pm and the sale will be held on Saturday October 13, 2012 from 9:00am-1:00pm at the East Side Boys and Girls Club, 1451 University Ave.
If you are interested in helping with Service League's Rummage Sale please contact Tricia Heeg at Consider bringing a friend to work alongside you! It is a great opportunity to get to know the wonderful women of Service League.

See you at the sale!

Thank you all for your continued support of Service League and all we do. Your dedication to our organization and our mission is what makes it all possible. Warm wishes from all of us at Service League!

Katie DuBois
Marketing Chair

Service League of Green Bay

P.O. Box 372

Green Bay, WI 54305