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December 2011 
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Project Profile: Basic Necessities
Charity Ball Wrap-Up
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Poinsettia Sale Success! Poinsettias
In order to help fund our projects this year, we decided to team up with Schroeder's to have our 2nd Annual Poinsettia Sale fundraiser. We sold 6.5" pots for $10.00, 4.5" pots for $5.50 and gift certificates for $10.00. The members of Service League were able to sell 191 plants and 79 gift certificates, which totaled $620 in fundraising profits! We will be able to use that money to help fund our projects and the annual Back to School Store. We would like to thank everyone who worked hard to sell these plants and gift certificates, and also extend a thank you to those who bought them! 


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Welcome to the December 2011 edition of Service League's electronic newsletter! We hope that you are enjoying the new format and are finding this to be an easier way to keep in touch with us! Please do not hesitate to email us with your questions, feedback or suggestions - we would love to hear from you! Enjoy and happy reading!

Project Profile: Basic Necessities 


Service League's Basic Necessities Program focuses on providing sweat pants, shirts, gloves, mittens and hats for elementary school children. This project provides these items at twelve at-risk schools in Green Bay, four Encompass centers, The Golden House and Green Bay Head Start programs.  


The items we offer through our Basic Necessities Program include: socks, underwear, sweat pants, jeans, sweatshirts, gloves/hats, and snow pants. We do our best to provide these items on an as-needed basis when schools in Green Bay notify us of a need. Already this year Service League members have provided 34 pairs of pants and 4 shirts to schools in our area!

The committee is currently reviewing the program and funding to
determine if we can alter our focus next year to make a bigger impact on schools that have the greatest need.


If you would like to learn more about our Basic Necessities Program, or if you would like to learn how you can help us, please contact us at  

Charity Ball Wrap-up

Charity Ball Invite

The 79th Annual Charity Ball 2011 was held on November 26 at Oneida Country Club.  Charity Ball is a Service League Tradition dating back to 1932.  It is an opportunity to honor our Associates and Active Members and their senior children. We had 6 seniors and their families (out of an eligible 18) participate.  


Austin Bush (son of Nan and Terry Bush) was the recipient of the Service League Charity Ball Scholarship.  All of the seniors that applied wrote exceptional essays on how volunteerism has effected their lives.   


Charity Ball will be held next year on November 24.  If you have a child that will be eligible, or know someone who does, please contact Service League at, so that we can create a complete list - we don't want to exclude anyone!   


Congratulations Charity Ball Class of 2011:
*Austin Bush (Nan Bush), Tim Detrick (Cheryl Detrick), *Natalie Dufek (Amy Dufek), *Nathalia Kohlhase (Julie Kohlhase), Samantha Konshak (Lisa Konshak), Ann Lisle (Bonnie Lisle), Megan McMahon (Tracey McMahon), *Matthew Meyer (Patti Meyer), *Rob, Riordan (Cathy Riordan), Carissa Roberts (Leah Roberts), Bryan Ryder (Bryab Ryder), Carly Schanock (Kim Schanock), *Jacqueline Sehring (Amy Sehring), Mitchell Strand (Sue Strand), Jacob Syndergaard (Barb Syndergaard), Elliot Taillon (Diane Taillon), Connor Van Drisse (Kristin Van Drisse) and Andrew Zimmerman (Kathy Zimmerman)  

*indicates participation

Thank you all for your continued support of Service League and all we do. Your dedication to our organization and our mission is what makes it all possible. We would like to wish each of you warm wishes for this holiday season, and a very happy New Year!

Katie DuBois
Marketing Chair

Service League of Green Bay

P.O. Box 372

Green Bay, WI 54305 



  • December 7th:General Meeting 11:00am at Oneida Country Club. 
  • December 12th: All Giving Tree purchases need to be dropped off
  • December 25th: Christmas Day
  • December 31st: New Year's Eve
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