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April 14, 2017  

State Policy Update
Now that the second funnel has passed, the legislature's attention has turned towards Appropriations bills and looking toward adjournment later this month. 

The House Appropriations Committee has introduced appropriations bills for Education and Federal Block Grants. The Senate Appropriations Committee has introduced the Transportation appropriations bill. More detail on both of these bills can be found in the Legislation section below.

If you're looking for a refresher on the appropriations process, this chart outlines it for you.

Other helpful budget links:
House File 231 Relates to the powers and programs of the economic development authority. Passed the House 95-0, passed the Senate 50-0, and was signed by the Governor. 

House File 473 Makes changes to the administration of and application for high school equivalency programs and assessments. Passed the House 96-0 and passed out of the Senate Education Committee.

House File 535 Authorizes adjutant general of Iowa to waive certain requirements and limitations of national guard educational assistance program. Passed out of House Veterans Affairs Committee, referred to Appropriations Committee.

House File 616 Transportation Appropriations.

House File 642 Department of Education Appropriations. 
Also funds the College Student Aid Commissions, Department for the Blind, and the State Board of Regents. Highlights of the budget include:
  • A $2.8 million decrease to the College Student Aid Commission
    • $500,000 decrease to the Vocational Technical Tuition Grant
    • $3.6 million decrease to the Iowa Tuition Grants
    • $2 million increase to the National Guard Educational Assistance Program
  • A decrease of $56.5 million to the Department of Education
    • An increase of $1.7 million for Community Colleges general aid.
  • A decrease of $10.2 million to the Board of Regents
Senate File 104 Modifies the tax incentives under the high quality jobs program. Referred to Senate Ways and Means Committee and assigned to a subcommittee with Feenstra, Edler, and Petersen.

Senate File 349 Changes the amount of tuition qualified students may receive from the college student aid commission. Passed the Senate 50-0 and was passed out of the House Education Committee.

Senate File 498 Federal Block Grant Appropriations bill.
  • $4.1 million to the Community Mental Health Services Block Grant
  • $52.9 million for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Senate File 509 Justice System Appropriations.

Important Dates
April 28           Target Adjournment Date
100th calendar day of the session and the date per-diem expenses will end.

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