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November 14, 2013
Gallery 2 Greetings!

We would like to introduce 2 new paintings by Thomas Kinkade, 2 by a new artist for us, Robert Finale, and a new painting from the talented artist Abraham Hunter.  In addition we have in the Gallery now, the Snow White serigraph, the first serigraph ever published by the Thomas Kinkade Co., making it extremely collectible.

And, we have 10 new pieces of original art in the Gallery for the weekend.  We hope you will drop by to see these new items and perhaps find some great gift ideas for Christmas.

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"After Thanksgiving" Sale

Robert Holder 
Snow White Discovers the Cottage
Snow White
18"x 27" -  $2,195 
Snow White Discovers the Cottage S/E Edition is the first Serigraph published by the Thomas Kinkade Co. and we have it in the Gallery now.  
This first Serigraph is very special for a couple of reasons.  1)  It is the first Serigraph published of a Thomas Kinkade painting and 2) it is of the first painting in Thom's landmark series, The Disney Dreams Collection.
Serigraphs are treated as original works in the art world since each print is created completely by hand
"Radio City Music Hall"
from Thomas Kinkade Studios
Radio City Music Hall Families arrive in anticipation, dressed in holiday clothes under the bright lights of the hall first opened in 1932 and known as the "Showplace of the Nation".  Families enter the hall under the majestic Christmas tree and find a place where Christmas shines; where wooden soldiers march and Santa flies; where the Rockettes perform and where families step inside a wondrous journey that celebrates the first Christmas of Christ's birth.
12"x 18" Starting at     $750 Framed
18"x 27" Starting at     $995
24"x 36" Starting at     $1,680
28"x 42" Starting at     $2,250
Snowflake Lake
"Sunset on Snowflake Lake"
The second painting in the
Legend of St. Nicholas Circle collection is marked by the  familiar signpost in the foreground that marks the way to other wonderful places and future paintings in this collection.  The snowy wonderland is decorated for Christmas with the town's residents skating, sleighing, making a snowman and enjoying a fresh blanket of snow.
12"x 18" Starting at      $750 Framed
18"x 27" Starting at      $995
24"x 36" Starting at      $1,680  

New From Artist Robert Finale
Regards to Broadway
"Give My Regards to Broadway"
by Robert Finale 
Broadway!  New York City, Times Square!  The lights and sounds of this fantastic area of the city are some of the most romantic in existence.  People pack into the buildings to see a show of their choice with that special someone, performed to perfection.  We are awed by what our senses perceived when entering these theaters and awaiting anxiously for the shows to begin. If you have been there or if you have not, this painting captures the magic you find only in this great part of New York City, USA.

24"x 18" SN  #20/60  $1,150 framed
Canvas giclee hand embellished by the artist

Freedom Tower
"Freedom Tower" by Robert Finale
Stand at the two memorial pools of Ground Zero and gaze upward in awe at the fascinating site...the Freedom Tower soars high above Manhattan at a symbolic height of 1,776 feet (now officially the highest building in the US) as a salute to our Declaration of Independence.  The Freedom Tower serves as a beacon of freedom for the US and the people of New York City. It gives us hope for the times to come and shows our perseverance to overcome any challenge presented. 

This painting serves as a great reminder of the tragedy of September 11th and also of the resilience of our country and our citizens

18"x 27" SN #14/30    $1,150 framed
Canvas Giclee hand embellished by the artist 

Evening Mist by Abraham Hunter
Evening Mist
"Evening Mist"
by Abraham Hunter

My favorite part of fall time is just sitting by the campfire, enjoying the animals, listening to the sounds of night falling, and watching the stars come out. After a long day of fun and adventure in the outdoors, its so refreshing to pause and soak in the end to a perfect day. For me, its a special time to just sit and thank God for His many blessings, and reflect on the amazing gifts He has given us through His creation. I tried to capture those emotions in this painting, and share it with you and it has become my new favorite. So come huddle by the campfire, have a cup of hot cocoa, count the stars, enjoy this quiet time, and give thanks in your heart for this beautiful evening.

~ Abraham Hunter


18"x 24" PP #13/50   $895

Canvas Giclee hand embellished 


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Robert Holder
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