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   In This Issue:                                              January 18, 2013

"Lady and the Tramp"   

Thomas Kinkade Studios capture the timeless Disney tale of courtship and love in "Lady and the Tramp"  

  Lady & Tramp 

               Sizes:  12"x18"; 18"x27"; 24"x36"; 24"x42"; 40"x60"


Lady and the Tramp is filled with family, adventure and new found love. The American Film Institute has recognized the film as one of the top 100 most passionate movies of all time.   The blossoming relationship between "Lady", an innocent and beautiful cocker spaniel and "Tramp", a roguish mutt from "the wrong side of the tracks" is recounted in this 1955 full-length feature production, which was the 15th of Walt Disney's classic animated films.   All of the unforgettable characters and moments in the film are captured for the enjoyment of the Thomas Kinkade collector. Who can forget the moment when they cemented their love for one another? The lights glow as the sun sets on this beautiful Victorian city. The flowered foreground and the explosions of color in the foliage are homage to the romantic realism of the film. The nuanced panorama as a whole will engage the viewer again and again as hidden details are newly found. Thomas Kinkade Studios' Lady and the Tramp, an epic narrative of the classic Walt Disney film, will delight fans of all ages.


Bring it home for Valentines Day! 


-Contact the Gallery right away to reserve this Painting!
Pricing Starts at $750 framed 

Heart Remarque
Place your order by February 15th and your painting will have this special Silk Screen Remarque on the verso side of the canvas

Order a Renaissance Edition and this special unique silkscreen remarque will be added to the back of your canvas along with enhanced Master Highlighting

Order a Studio Proof edition and, in addition to the enhanced       LTSPRemarque
Master Highlighting and gold signature, a Thomas Kinkade master highlighter will add this detailed pencil sketch to the back of your canvas

As with many of Thom's Disney Dreams images some special Disney friends have found their way into the image.  Can you find them?
1.     (4) Hidden Mickey Ears
2.     10 characters from previous Disney Dreams Collections
Did you know?
Lady and the Tramp was the 15th of Walt Disney's classic animated films. The American Film Institute has recognized the film as one of the top 100 most passionate movies of all time.


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