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January 7, 2014

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CVTA Spring Conference
Reminder - CDL/Med Merger
2013 DOT Year in Reveiw
CVTA Members Quoted
Diesel Prices
DoD MOU Partner Institution
Trucking Waivers
Over Driver of Year
Freight Numbers
2013 Year in Review RITA
Foley - FastFax
New Courses Online
Be Ready. Be Buckled
Simulator Systems Int'l
Winter Driving Tips
Office Address Change
Tap on the Glass
Vol. 115

Who Are You?
by Michael Darling

Whenever you isolate many different types of people into one work- space, chances are you'll have some personality clashes. Some behaviors, such as those listed here, are annoying but not necessarily toxic. But what IS important is to not only approach irritating colleagues carefully, but also to remind ourselves to avoid situations that make us difficult to work with. We all have our pet peeves. Do you see your- self in any of these... Continue reading

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Welcome to 2014!  CVTA is proud to announce a new series of Webinars we will be presenting on a monthly basis.  We will be using the talents or our Associate Members to provide training, industry information and news services available for Members.
Our First Webinar will be Professional Drivers - Good Image Good Health  
This complimentary Webinar is presented for CVTA Members Only by TravelCenters of America 
to register please contact Cindy Atwood,  or call the CVTA Office 703-642-9444 
- Mark Your Calendars -
CVTA Spring Conference will be in sunny Saint Petersburg, FL on April 23-25, 2014 at the Hilton Saint Petersburg Bayfront
Reminder: CDL/Med Card Merger: The Deadline is Near - An important deadline is just around the corner for CDL drivers and their motor carriers. As of Jan. 30, 2014, all CDL holders must have supplied information about the type of driving they do... Continue reading
FMCSA looking for input on entry-level carrier testing -The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is holding a listening session Jan. 13 in Nashville, Tenn., to seek input from industry stakeholders and the public at large on the entry level motor carrier testing rule it must craft, stipulated by the MAP-21 highway funding act... Continue reading.
2013 DOT Year in Review-- FMCSA Admin. Ferro: FMCSA Makes Progress in Truck, Bus Safety - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's dedication to saving lives is at the forefront of our daily work, and rising above the challenges we face in truck and bus safety is what FMCSA employees will continue to do each...  Continue reading
Quoteworthy: Hours-of-Service, CSA Led Lively Trucking Debate in 2013 - By Kevin Jones, Published December 30, 2013
Telling it like it is, or was: A topical guide to some of the trucking industry's most re-quotable quotes of 2013

"The agency continues to believe it is inappropriate to sacrifice several months of safety benefits from the timely implementation of the rule."
- Anne Ferro, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator, responding to calls for a delay in implementing hours-of-service rule changes, adding that the industry requests lacked "adequate support."
Continue reading
Diesel climbs 3 cents, finishes 2013 where it started -The national average price for a gallon of on-highway diesel rose three cents in the week ended Dec. 30 to $3.903, according to the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration. That's the highest price in three months, but just below average for the year and within a penny of the first report of 2013...   Continue reading.
DoD MOU Partner Institution Notification of Complaint System - This notice is for information purposes only. Early in the new year we expect the U.S. Government to launch a centralized online reporting system, allowing Service members, Veterans, and their families to provide feedback about educational institutions... Continue reading
Cold Weather Results in Emergency Trucking Waivers - Extremely cold weather in parts of the country has led to some states issuing emergency waivers of federal trucking rules when it comes to hauling different fuels... Continue reading
New Courses Available!
Reminder: "Be Ready. Be Buckled." Art Contest Now Accepting Entries - It's no secret that seat belts save lives. They save lives in passenger vehicles, and they save lives in large trucks. But they can only save lives when... Continue reading.
Trivia Question 

Which of the following is a typical form of defense that emus use to protect themselves from predators?
  1. Climbing a tree
  2. Staring down the predator 
  3. Hiding in underwater hollows
  4. Running in a zigzag pattern 
Scroll Down to Find the Answer!
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We wish to thank the many Associate Members that support CVTA.

This week, we thank Simulator Systems International. Please take a moment to view their website and review the many services provided.
Answer to Trivia Question

Which of the following is a typical form of defense that emus use to protect themselves from predators?

Answer: Running in a zigzag pattern

Emus tend to run in a zigzag pattern when they are being attacked from above by predators such as eagles. When they are being attacked by land predators, they tend to rely on the strength of their legs to deliver their attacker swift kicks. Another natural defense of the emu is its ability to quickly turn 180 degrees while at top speed of around 50 km/h and continue running in another direction which cannot be copied by predators such as cats.
Winter Driving Tips - Before You Hit The Road - Whatever your winter travel plans are, take time to cruise this interactive safety landscape to reveal tips and friendly reminders on safe driving... Continue reading
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