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November 12, 2013

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Transition into Trucking
New CSA Site
Transportation Investments
Medical Certificate
Diesel Dips 1.3¢
Hill Update
Gary Strube
Stevens Transport
Schneider National
CCJ Fall Symposium
Budget Battle Starts Up Again
Closing The Skills Gap
Policy Role on Higher Education
Validity of CSA
Exemption Mileage
Foley - FastFax
CVTA Training Update
J. Smith Lanier
Tap on the Glass
Vol. 109

Working Smart
  by Michael Darling

It's something we're all looking for - that perfect solution that will minimize our work life while still getting the stuff done that we need to get done. Well, that one solution doesn't exist. I looked and looked. But, I think that with a combination of strategies, and someone diligently scouring the Internet for you finding these tips, you can get to where you want to be. Now, none of these tips are going to turn your life around. It's the Internet. Some of you need the... Continue Reading 

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Agency Proposes Changes to Help Military, Vets Transition into Trucking - The FMCSA, in light of an in-house study, says it wants to implement some regulation changes to help former military personnel and U.S. veterans more easily transition to civilian truck driving jobs. The agency says it plans to implement... Continue reading
New CSA Site Available for Previewing, Agency Accepting Public Comment - A redesigned version of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program's Safety Measurement System website with an updated interface and new features was unveiled this week and is currently in a preview mode for 60 days... Continue reading
Transportation Investments Keep Freight, Economy Moving - From Official Blog of DOT Secretary - Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting CSX's Northwest Ohio Terminal with Vice President Joe Biden. It's not our first trip to a key freight hub together. Last month, the Vice President and I visited the Ports of Baltimore, Charleston... Continue reading
Self-certification, Medical Certificate Deadline for Drivers Looms - Truck drivers have until Jan. 30, 2014 to self-certify their operating status and provide medical examiner's certificates to state driver licensing agencies. On Jan. 30, 2012, the FMCSA began requiring CDL holders to identify if they conduct intrastate or interstate commerce... Continue reading
Diesel Dips 1.3 to $3.857 - The average price of a gallon of diesel dipped 1.3 cents to a four-month low of $3.857 last week, while gasoline fell to its lowest level of the year, the Department of Energy reported. Analysts said prices are falling as unsustainably high crude oil prices continue to ease, but strong domestic and global demand for diesel is resulting in smaller declines than for gasoline... Continue reading
Hill Update - Nov 12, 2013  
  • H.R. 3399: Veterans Education Counseling Act
  • H.R. 3442 and H.R. 3413
  • [UPDATE] H.R. 1796: Troop Talent Act of 2013
  • [UPDATE] S. 700 - Troop Talent Act of 2013
CVTA would like to thank Gary Strube, International Schools and CVTA Vice Chairman, for representing CVTA at the NAPFTDS Regional Meeting. This regional event was held at Delmar Community College in Corpus Cristie, Texas. Mr. Strube was there to discuss the Instructor Certification Programs.
Stevens Transport Welcomes Medal of Honor Recipient - The Stevens Transport community warmly welcomed a national hero and recipient of the Medal of Honor: Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta. During an unforgettable event hosted at the Stevens Transport global headquarters in Dallas, TX, Staff Sergeant Giunta vividly described a life-changing event that occurred on... Continue reading
Driver Recruiting and Retention Tactics Highlight Panel at CCJ Fall Symposium - An hour-long session at CCJ's Fall Symposium next month will feature leading fleet and industry executives discussing ways fleets can improve driver turnover and find... Continue reading
CVTA's Executive Director Don Lefeve will be participating on the Panel.
The Budget Battle Starts Up Again - Education groups and others are rallying to demand an end to sequestration. A new report out today from NDD United includes a litany of education cuts that probably seem familiar: lost Head Start seats across the country, the end of TRIO programs at some high schools, cutbacks on services in Impact Aid districts and many more. The Committee... Continue reading
Closing The Skills Gap - About 24 million working adults in the U.S. have low literacy and numeracy skills, making it difficult for them to advance their careers or earn higher wages. In a report out this morning, the Organization for Economic Co-operation... Continue reading
Michelle Obama Edges Into a Policy Role on Higher Education - Michelle Obama, after nearly five years of evangelizing exercise and good eating habits, will begin a new initiative on Tuesday that seeks to increase the number of low-income students who pursue a college degree. The goals of the program reflect... Continue reading
ATA Questions Validity of CSA as a Measure of Safety Risk for Individual Carriers - Playing the percentages is fine for setting enforcement priorities, but should the FMCSA be able to publicly label carriers as unsafe based on statistical probabilities? The American Trucking Associations has doubts, and expressed them in a CSA-focused session at the recent... Continue reading
CARB Cutting Carriers a Break, Upping Low-use Exemption Mileage - Fleets who are only occasionally in California may be able to benefit from a California Air Resources Board rule change for 2014, as the state is reportedly upping its low-use mileage exemption from 1,000 miles to somewhere in the neighborhood... Continue reading
Next-generation Driver Training, Part 2: Hooked on E-learning - On Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013, a group of 26 drivers started a training program at Maverick Transportation. All were hired with less than six months of driving experience. Similar groups have been coming to Little Rock, Arkansas, since August, 2005, when Maverick... Continue reading
Trivia Question

When given a name that means "brave power," one might expect a great leader. This man did not disappoint. Despite spending little time in the country he ruled, he was a beloved king. What king had a nickname that echoed the meaning of his name?
  1. Richard the Lionheart
  2. Louis the Lion
  3. William the Conqueror
  4. Ethelred the Unready
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Answer to Trivia Question

When given a name that means "brave power," one might expect a great leader. This man did not disappoint. Despite spending little time in the country he ruled, he was a beloved king. What king had a nickname that echoed the meaning of his name?

Answer: Richard the Lionheart

Though he was King of England for less than ten years, Richard the Lionheart was one of the most beloved kings in the country, perhaps helped by the fact that his successor was King John, famously depicted as a villain in the Robin Hood legend. Richard, perhaps using the "brave power" inherent in his name, played a key role in the Third Crusade after putting down a revolt against his father, Henry II..
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