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November 5, 2013

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Safety Data Website
Greg Winfree, Administrator of RITA
Diesel Dips 1.3¢
Fall 2013 Conference
Hill Update
Capacity Crunch
Driver Shortage
Diesel Prices
Truck Accident Fatalities
ATA's Political Stance
Foley - FastFax
Vocational Recovery Solutions
Tap on the Glass
Vol. 108

The Path to Enlightenment
  by Michael Darling

So, I find myself with some extra time on my hands these days and while cleaning my office the other day - (an odd thing in itself) - I came across something even more arcane or unusual than the thought of me actually cleaning anything; It was a DISC behavioral template that I worked through back in the early 90's.

Yes, the 90's. I told you that I wasn't prone to throwing things away. Deal with it... Continue Reading 

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FMCSA Test-Drives Improvements on Safety Data Website - The FMCSA is test-driving an improved version of its Safety Measurement System website. The SMS site is where carriers and the public go to get the safety performance data the agency uses to determine which carriers pose a risk and need to be investigated... Continue reading
Greg Winfree Sworn in as Administrator of RITA - Congratulations are in order this week to Greg Winfree, who was sworn in on Monday as the new Administrator of our Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA). Though prior to Monday... Continue reading
Diesel Dips 1.3¢ to $3.857; Gas Slips 2.9¢ - Diesel's national average price dipped 1.3 cents to $3.857 a gallon, the second straight decline and the lowest price in four months, the Department of Energy reported. Gasoline, meanwhile, fell 2.6 cents to $3.265, its eighth downturn in nine weeks and the lowest price this year... Continue reading
If you missed the Fall 2013 Conference Wrap Up yesterday, the presentations can be accessed at -
Hill Update - S. 1637: A bill to better connect current and former members of the Armed Forces with employment opportunities by consolidating duplicative Federal Government Internet websites into a single portal, to conserve resources by merging redundant and competing programs, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Sen. Joe Manchin III [D-WV], introduced Oct 31, 2013.
Cosponsors: Kirk, Mark [R-IL]
Status: Referred to Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee.
No Text Available Yet.
Weighing Demand for Drivers, Part 1: Shippers Prepare for Capacity Crunch - Carriers are becoming increasingly anxious about finding good drivers. Good drivers want to know why they are not being rewarded better. And shippers are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping trucks will continue to be readily available... Continue reading
Is There Really a Driver Shortage? - The exception to the driver shortage rule could be small carriers, says David Owen, president of the National Association of Small Trucking Companies. "We don't have a driver shortage yet, but if the end result of CSA is to imply that 35 percent of drivers are always fatigued, unsafe... Continue reading
Diesel Prices at Lowest Level in Four Months - The U.S. Energy Department reports a decline of 1.3 cents over the past week for a national average of $3.857 per gallon. The price is 15.3 cents lower than the same time a year ago. Prices fell in all regions of the country, with the largest recorded in the West Coast region... Continue reading
Truck Accident Fatalities up Slightly in 2011, but Down 25% in Last Decade - Although trucks were involved in 3 percent more fatal accidents in 2011 than the previous year, this category declined 25 percent 2001-2011. The FMSCA most recent analysis of large truck accidents indicated 3,608 trucks were involved... Continue reading
CSA is a 'Whim,' 'Abandonment of Duty' by Regulator, Transport Law Expert Says - Almost three years since its launch, Compliance, Safety, Accountability remains a source of confusion and an object of contention for the American trucking industry. Indeed, the federal government's latest regulatory scheme.... Continue reading
ATA to Review Political Stance - Weary of another year of political gridlock, trucking industry leaders meeting here vowed to make more critical assessments before offering support to lawmakers and to take a more cohesive message directly to the public... Continue reading
Trivia Question

Julia McWilliams' World War II assignments took her to several places overseas. She was posted to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and then to China in 1944, where an event took place that would change the course of her life. What happened?
  1. She was taken prisoner
  2. She met her future husband
  3. She became very ill
  4. She was sent home  
Scroll Down to Find the Answer!
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Answer to Trivia Question

Julia McWilliams' World War II assignments took her to several places overseas. She was posted to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and then to China in 1944, where an event took place that would change the course of her life. What happened?

Answer: She met her future husband.

Julia met Paul Cushing Child while both working for the US spy agency. He was a high-ranking OSS official, and she worked cataloging highly classified documents. Paul Child was a sophisticated gourmand, artist and poet who had spent time living in France. They married in 1946. He introduced Julia to French food, and she often told the story of the meal they shared that first awakened her desire to learn the art of French cooking, a meal that included oysters, Sole Meunière and some fine wine.
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