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October 15, 2013

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Vol. 106

Leaving a Legacy
  by Michael Darling

I sat munching on a sandwich as I read through my blogs the other night and this phrase, uttered by an (at the time) 80 year old public speaker named Allen Tate, who is a Realtor in North Carolina, struck a these blogs are prone to do. Allen Tate's materials has been on the web for a long time. What a great example for most of any us out there battling the dragons every day! Especially for anyone in the sales profession. We can all learn from his example and it brought to mind several other wonderfully descriptive phrases that could act as moral compasses in our ... Continue Reading 
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CVTA Fall Conference Dates
 Wed. Oct 16 - Fri. Oct 18
Hyatt Regency, Crystal City, VA right outside of DC
Our speakers include but are not limited to:
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Diesel Price Slides, Private Surveys Show - Diesel's national average price fell between 0.6 cent and 1 cent from a week ago to about $3.83 a gallon, according to private surveys. The U.S. Energy Information Administration - closed as of this week... Continue reading
White House, Senate Democrats Reject House Republican Proposal on Debt Limit - The White House and Senate Democrats this morning quickly rejected the proposal by House Republicans intended to reopen the federal government and raise the debt ceiling. President Barack Obama has said repeatedly that members of Congress don't get to demand ransom for fulfilling their basic responsibilities, said White House deputy press secretary Amy Brundage... Continue reading
Cass Freight Index up in September, but Don't Expect Strong Q4 - Freight costs continued to rise in September, showing the largest month-to-month increase since March, but it's not due to a raise in rates. Meanwhile, North American shipment volumes also rose for the second month in a row, according to the Cass Freight Index. The Cass Freight Index measures trends in North American shipping activity based on $22 billion in paid freight expenses in 2012 for Cass' customer... Continue reading
Diesel Forecast to Average $3.76 in 2014 - A new forecast is calling for lower fuel prices, due in large part to lower prices for crude oil.
The U.S. Energy Department's Energy Information Administration's new Short-Term Energy Outlook projects diesel, which averaged $3.97 per gallon in 2012, will average $3.93 per gallon... Continue reading
Freight Index Tracks Change in Q3 Seasonal Patterns - A shift in seasonal trends drove spot market freight volumes down 5.3% in September, as reported by the DAT North American Freight Index. Freight volumes remained stable throughout much of the third quarter, instead of a more typical decline in July that is followed by mixed trends in August and September. Compared to August, September load availability declined 1.6% for vans and 4.6% for flatbeds, but increased 1.1% for... Continue reading
ATA's Safety Management Council Announces 2013 Award Recipients - ATA's Safety Management Council announced its 2013 award winners at its Safety & Human Resources National Conference & Exhibition in Sparks, Nev. last week. The ATA President's Trophy recognizes the three companies whose... Continue reading
FMCSA Encouraging Carriers to Update Their Registration - The FMCSA is reminding carriers to update their registration information with the agency. It notes that all companies under FMCSA jurisdiction are required to perform the update every two years as part of the new Unified Registration System, even if nothing has... Continue reading
Sleep Apnea Bill Receives Final Congressional Approval, Awaits President's Signature - Despite the feud between Republicans, Democrats and the Obama administration that has resulted in a partial shutdown of the federal government, the U.S. Senate came together late Friday to give approval to legislation... Continue reading
Trivia Question

What British Actor first recorded the song MacArthur Park?
  1. Richard Burton  
  2. Michael Caine
  3. Richard Harris
  4. Christopher Lee
Scroll Down to Find the Answer!
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Answer to Trivia Question

What British Actor first recorded the song MacArthur Park?

Answer: Richard Harris

"MacArthur Park" is a song by Jimmy Webb, originally composed as part of an intended cantata. The song was initially rejected by The Association. Richard Harris was the first to record it, in 1968; the song was subsequently covered by numerous artists. Among the best-known covers are Donna Summer's disco arrangement from 1978 and Waylon Jennings's version recorded in 1969 and his recording of the song from 1976. Maynard Ferguson,[2] Stan Kenton and Woody Herman all performed big-band jazz arrangements, and "Weird Al" Yankovic parodied it in his 1993 "Jurassic Park".
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