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June 18, 2013

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A Tap on the Glass
Foxx's Nomination
Driver shortage
Big Labor Shortage
Top Rookie Contest
Werner Enterprises
Renewal of Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification Form
Hill Update
ATRI Report
Congress to hear HOS
Court Rules in ATA's Favor
Port of LA to Spend $400M
FMCSA at odds over CSA
CSA Enhancements
CSA's Crash Flaw
Large Tax Penalties
Oil Rises to Nine-Month High
Diesel Prices Slip
DOE Revises Diesel Price
New Economic Indicators
DOT Infrastructure Plan
Foley FastFax
Careers in Gear
Health News
Tap on the Glass
Vol. 89
Keeping the Saw Sharp

Do you ever get so caught up in the rush of your crazy-busy-life that you forget to stop and reflect a little? Wait, don't answer that - I'm going to go ahead and assume you said "YES!". I mean let's be honest here - when was the last time you actively pursued an activity that was:
- Somehow related to one of your big dreams, or....
- Actually made you feel really alive or most yourself, or in contrast...
- just plain wasn't part of your busy-list?

If you couldn't think of the answer to at least one of those right away, I think it's safe to assume that it has probably been longer than it should be
... Continue Reading 
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Commerce Sends On Foxx's Nomination to Full Senate for Confirmation Vote - The Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation voted unanimously Monday to send the nomination of Charlotte, N.C., Mayor Anthony Foxx to the full Senate for confirmation as secretary of transportation. The committee... Continue reading
Driver shortage garnering national attention - It's not the first national news outlet to give coverage to the looming driver shortage analysts predict the trucking industry will endure in the coming years, but it is the latest: CNN Money published a story... Continue reading
Truckers face big labor shortage - New rules, set to go into effect
July 1, will mean truckers cannot drive more than 70 hours in 7 days. Truckers had been allowed to drive 82 hours under the former rules. Trucking companies hired about 40,000 workers over the past 12 months, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics... Continue reading
Rookie of the Year Trucking's Top Rookie News  

Deadline for submission is
June 21, 2013
There is a standardized nomination form, which can be completed online at Top Rookie Brochure between May 15 and  June 21, 2012.

CVTA Board Member Gary Strube will represent CVTA at the awards ceremony.

Congratulations to CVTA Carrier Member, Werner Enterprises. Werner has been named 2013 APSCU Employer of the Year. - Watch Video
Renewal of Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification Form - The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has approved the attached Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification form (Self-Certification form) under OMB Control Number 1845-0101 with no substantive changes from the earlier version of the form. The expiration date of the form is 5/31/2016 and replaces the previous version with an expiration date of 2/28/2013... Click here for more information regarding new private loan certification.
Counsel's Corner 
Hill Update - June 18, 2013 - This week's Hill Update includes:
  • H.R. 2253: Higher Education and Skills Obtainment Act
  • H.R. 357: G.I. Tuition Fairness Act of 2013
  • Foxx Approved by Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation
  • Transportation Spending Bill to Move Forward for Markup this Week
  • Teamsters Petition for Rehearing in Program Allowing Mexican Trucks
  • Canada to Closer Emulate U.S. Environmental Policy
New Research Identifies Significant Flaws in 34-Hour Restart Benefit Cost Calculations - The ATRI today released the findings of its assessment of the Regulatory Impact Analysis used by the FMCSA to justify changes to the 34-hour restart provision, which are scheduled to take effect July 1, 2013... Continue reading
Congress to hear hours-of-service testimony June 18 - Trucking representatives and federal officials will testify at the House highways and transit subcommittee committee hearing titled "Impacts of DOT's Commercial Driver Hours of Service Regulations." FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro will offer testimony on the revised... Continue reading
Supreme Court Rules in ATA's Favor on Los Angeles Port's Parking, Placard Requirements - The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the Port of Los Angeles cannot require trucking companies serving the port to display placards on trucks that have the proper permits and to submit parking plans before being allowed to... Continue reading
Port of Los Angeles to Spend $400 Million on Improvement Projects - The Los Angeles Harbor Commission said it will spend almost $400 million on improvement projects at the Port of Los Angeles. The improvement funds were approved with the... Continue reading
Risk and Reward: Industry, FMCSA at odds over CSA - FMCSA insists that its system is not biased against any carriers. The ASECTT (Alliance for Safe, Efficient and Competitive Truck Transportation) coalition of trade associations, carriers, brokers, shippers and other service providers that has taken the agency... Continue reading
CSA committee to discuss 'enhancements' to program - A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration subcommittee will meet this week to talk potential enhancements to the agency's Compliance, Safety, Accountability program, with topics centering... Continue reading
CSA's Crash Flaw: Enforcement, Accident Rates Do Not Mesh - - The largest truck fleets show crash rates well above that of one-truck carriers, yet the megafleet trucks and drivers are inspected at only a fourth of the rate of the single-truck operations, according to Commercial Carrier Journal and Overdrive's analysis of federal data... Continue reading
Fleets Could Face Large Tax Penalties From Health Care Law, Expert Warns - Trucking companies could face hefty tax penalties if they are not prepared for provisions of the federal health care law that go into effect next year, a financial consultant warned... Continue reading
Oil Rises to Nine-Month High, Over $98 a Barrel - The Department of Energy will release its weekly survey of diesel and gasoline filling stations Monday afternoon in Washington... Continue reading
Diesel Dips 0.8 to $3.841; Price Is Lowest Since July - Diesel fell for a fourth week, dipping 0.8 cent to $3.841 a gallon, the lowest price since July, while gasoline fell for the first time in three weeks, the Department of Energy said Monday. Trucking's main fuel has... Continue reading
DOE downwardly revises diesel price forecast for 2013, 2014 - The DOE in its monthly Short Term Energy Outlook has again downwardly revised its forecast for the price of diesel for 2013, now projecting that diesel will average $3.88 a gallon this year, based...  Continue reading
New Numbers Show Economy May be Better Than Earlier Thought - While not all the recent numbers that measure the health of the U.S. economy are glowing, they are not as bad, and in some cases much better, than analysts were expecting during this second quarter. Consumer confidence dipped this month from... Continue reading
LaHood Signals 'Bold' Infrastructure Plan Is Forthcoming From President Obama - Outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said President Obama will soon announce a sweeping infrastructure funding plan. "Sometime this year - either midsummer... Continue reading
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Which Roman emperor first conquered present-day Romania?
  1. Trajan
  2. Nero
  3. Augustus
  4. Caligula
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Answer to Trivia Question

Which Roman emperor first conquered present-day Romania?

Answer: Trajan - Nero and Caligula were psychopaths of the first order, inveterate cowards and unwilling to exert themselves in war.
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