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As the California Business Alliance approaches its five-year anniversary in July, it's important to look back on why this network came together. In mid-2009, the only voices speaking out about clean energy were business interests that were opposed to policies like California's landmark AB 32 law or clean tech businesses that supported the direction the state was taking to address clean energy and climate. There was no small and mainstream business voice for the clean economy, and so the California Business Alliance was born.
Now, almost five years later, we have more than 1,275 businesses, associations and chambers of commerce within our ranks. Our members hail from all over the state - from Indio and Riverside, to Carpinteria and Ventura, to Concord and San Jose, to Truckee and Mammoth Lakes, to Santa Rosa and Ukiah, to Sacramento and Nevada City, to Escondido and Chula Vista, to Bakersfield and Visalia. The Alliance's core purpose remains the same - to amplify the business voice in support of policies to move California toward cleaner and more efficient energy.
We have accomplished a great deal but our work isn't done, as those same business interests in 2009 that were opposed to clean energy are still actively fighting implementation of AB 32 and related policies today. Let's keep the network growing, so please invite colleagues and friends to sign-up to join the Alliance. And make sure to visit our Facebook page and Twitter Feed for regular updates.
Lastly, I wanted to flag a new report, hot off the presses, called "California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard: Compliance Outlook & Economic Impacts." Read about how the state's clean fuels standard is delivering cleaner fuels, insulating us from gas price spikes, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, all while keeping California's economy strong.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


~Susan Frank
Director, California Business Alliance

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Member Event Profile

2nd Annual Silicon Valley
Energy & Sustainability Summit, June 13


The Silicon Valley Leadership Group is hosting its 2nd Annual Summit on June 13th at Oracle. This year's theme is "Building a Sustainable Enterprise in an Era of Climate Risk and Water Scarcity." The summit will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to learn how to employ the latest technologies and practices to create value and build resiliency in your business and to learn what you can do on a practical level to prepare for a changing landscape. 

The Summit brings together more than 300 businesses, nonprofit, and public sector leaders to share best practices, lessons learned and practical solutions.


For more information and to register for the event, click here to visit the 2014 event website 

Featured Announcement
Energy Upgrade California
Announces Climate Credit


Millions of Californians will see a savings on their electricity bill - in April and October for residential customers and monthly for small businesses - from a state program to fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The Climate Credit is designed to help all of us in California fight climate change and clean the air. You don't need to do anything to get the credit, but you can use the savings to save even more money and help the environment by investing in energy saving home upgrades, including more efficient lights and appliances.


To learn more about the Climate Credit and Energy Upgrade California, click here.
Small Business News

SBA is Helping Small Businesses
Grow Through Green Efforts


The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) helps small businesses find solutions to make their operations run efficiently. That's why SBA encourages organizations to incorporate a green office environment and helps entrepreneurs build on green ideas to turn them into successful businesses.


To learn more about this SBA program, click here.
Other News

EPA Seeks Small Businesses' Input on Lead Paint for Public and Commercial Buildings

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is inviting small businesses to participate as consultants for a Small Business Advocacy Review (SBAR) Panel as the agency considers steps to reduce lead-based paint exposure from the renovation, repair, and painting of public and commercial buildings as required by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).


To learn more or apply, click here.
Featured Awards
Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles 
Achievement Awards 
Congratulations to all of the Sustainable Business Council (SBC) of Los Angeles Industry Achievement Awards recipients and finalists, many of whom are Business Alliance members including:
-Ann Gentry, Founder and CEO, Real Food Daily - SBC Lifetime Achievement in Sustainability Award (Individual)

-Spencer Brown, Founder and CEO, Eco Mattress Bags (and Rent-a-Green Box) - SBC Sustainable Small Business Award

-Tom Bowman, President, Bowman Design Group - SBC Best Public Advocate for Sustainability Award (Individual)
-Janabai Owens-Amsden, Co-Owner and Lisa Riley, General Manager, Rawvolution - SBC People's Choice Award: Sustainable Restaurant
The Business Alliance was a proud co-sponsor of the SBC event, which took place on April 22 in Santa Monica, and Susan Frank (director) and Ruben Aronin (assistant director) both served as judges for different award categories. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists.


To learn more click here.
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Susan Frank
Director, California Business Alliance for a Green Economy



May 1

Spring Green Expo 

(Los Angeles)


May 5-8

Act Expo 2014 

(Long Beach)


May 17-20

Climate Ride California 2014 

(San Francisco to Sacramento)


May 18

World Fest 

(Lake Balboa)


May 19-21

Fortune Brainstorm Green: Sustainable Solutions 

(Laguna Niguel)


May 28-30

California Energy Summit

(San Francisco) 


June 13

SVLG Energy and Sustainability Summit 

(Redwood City)

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Aug. 19-20

2014 Adaptation Forum



Sept. 10

Women in Green Forum

(Los Angeles) 


Sept. 23-24

Water Innovation Summit 2014



Oct. 6-7

LACI Global Showcase 

(Los Angeles)


Dec. 2-4 

Renewable Energy Markets 2014 



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