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The Business Alliance had a productive May. In addition to promoting our members' activities and interests statewide,
I was pleased to comment about the latest scientists warning about climate change risks and co-author a Sacramento Bee op-ed with Business Alliance Member Holly Smithson, President and COO of CleanTECH San Diego, about the importance of investing AB 32 auction proceeds now.
As always, you can check out the latest news and op-eds from Business Alliance members and other opinion leaders by reading this recap of op-eds. You can also look at past issues of the eNews here

Thank you for your continued membership in the Business Alliance, which is now bigger than ever with more than 1,260 members throughout California.


~Susan Frank
Director, California Business Alliance for a Green Economy

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Viewpoints: Brown Should Not Retreat From Investing Cap-and-Trade Money


By Holly Smithson, President & COO, CleanTECH San Diego and Susan Frank, Director, California Business Alliance for a Green Economy
May 22, 2013


We had such high hopes in April.


California recently collected nearly half a billion dollars under its new emissions trading system, which "caps" industrial greenhouse gas emissions and requires firms to obtain pollution permits for every ton of carbon they emit. The state's unenviable next task was to choose among all the worthy options to meet the law's requirement to invest those proceeds in projects that further the goals of AB 32, the state's landmark clean energy law.


On the table were a host of impressive near- and long-term projects to advance clean and efficient energy; more bikeable, walkable communities;mass transit; the weatherization of low-income homes; and the all-important job-training programs to enable low-income Californians to take part in our growing clean energy economy.


Then came last Tuesday's announcement that these investments will likely have to wait. Continue reading here.

Featured Op-ed




Reader Rebuttal (Levin & Ryan): California's Cap-and-Trade Program


By Mike Levin, VP, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Flex Power Generation and Hank Ryan, Board member and Immediate Past Executive Director, Small Business California
May 12, 2013


As part of that community, we would like to offer a different perspective. An April 25 Register editorial ["Oh, Canada, may we emit?"] that criticized California's pioneering energy law, Assembly Bill 32, and the related market mechanism known as cap and trade, purported to represent "California's business community."

In reality, the political history of cap and trade traces back to free-market conservatism. In the 1980s, the Reagan administration first advanced discussion of "emissions trading," which promoted cleaning up the environment by letting people buy and sell the right to pollute. During the 1980s and 1990s, emissions trading helped to phase out leaded gasoline and acid rain with positive results. 


Read the rest of the op-ed here.

Featured Story and Report



Heeding Call to Shout 'From the Rooftops,' Researchers Warn

Earth's Tipping Point is Near


Anne C. Mulkern, E&E reporter

Friday, May 24, 2013


Climate change and other environmental strains are pushing the planet toward a tipping point of irreversible harm, a group of 520 scientists warned yesterday in a paper seeking to "sound the alarm."


The researchers from 44 countries signed a "consensus statement" that calls for global action on climate disruption, species extinctions, loss of ecosystem diversity, pollution and population growth. Changes must start today, they said, "for humanity's continued health and prosperity." 

But political analysts and those who have worked for action on climate in California said gaining action on the global issues will be challenging. "There are vested interests that will oppose changes," said Susan Frank, director of the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy.


Check out the full story here and read the consensus statement here.

Proclamation from the Governor




May 17, 2013  


"This month, we reaffirm our commitment to helping California's small businesses thrive and prosper," said Governor Brown. "The Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development, along with key agencies of state government, works to facilitate economic growth through collaboration with small businesses. Supporting small-scale private- sector job creators is among our most promising strategies to enhance California's human capital, expand job opportunities and increase our competitive advantage in the global marketplace."

"As the single biggest business sector of our state, California's small businesses have been the foundation of our state's continuing - and accelerating - recovery," said Small Business Advocate Barbara Vohryzek. "As California's Small Business Advocate I am proud to serve and support these dynamic business owners across the Golden State."


Read the full proclamation here.

Featured Event

"Driving Innovation Through Leadership"

August 28, Los Angeles 


Join the 2013 Women In Green Forum (WIGF), the premier network and conference series for women in the environmental industry. This year, the forum will expand to both coasts of the U.S with events in Los Angeles, California, and Washington, D.C.  The WIGF brings together an international audience of environmental leaders ranging from corporate sustainability officers to academic researchers to technology developers. The WIGF also appeals to regulatory agencies involved in developing the policies and legislation which will further the development and propagation of green technologies on our roads, in our homes and at our schools.


WIGF West Coast - August 28, 2013

WIGF East Coast - September 25, 2013


Take advantage of a 10% registration discount by following these instructions: visit the Women in Green registration page by clicking HERE for WIGF West Coast and HERE for WIGF East Coast. When prompted to "Enter Promotional Code" under the "Ticket Information" section of the registration page, please enter "EndorserCBAGE" for your registration discount. 

WIGF encourages everyone to register as soon as possible. Given the conference has an international reach, it is expected to reach capacity prior to the day of the event.


For more information, go to www.womeningreenforum.com or email info@womeningreenforum.com.


ORG by vioŽ Featured Member Profile


ORG by vioŽ stands for Organic Rainforest Goods and spells GRO backwards, by vio is an acronym for Violeta and Indigenous Organizations. ORG by vioŽ, which joined the Business Alliance in May and is based in Idyllwild, California, sources beautiful sustainable fashion, eco jewelry and earth friendly products handmade by artisans from the Amazon Rainforest for planet lovers who live, love, play and work around the world.


The ORG by vioŽ brand was created as an umbrella for promoting Amazon culture, protecting the rainforest and providing quality eco fashion handmade by indigenous Amazon artisans. They work in partnership with artisans in the Amazon who want to sell their traditional artistry, and develop designer collections made with rainforest materials as a source for a sustainable economy and as an alternative to extractive industries in their territories.


Each piece is handmade, crafted with love, care and precision by highly skilled artisans whose talents have been passed from generation to generation for centuries. Each is a beautiful work of art to be worn and to be collected.


Check out the collection here.

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Susan Frank
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